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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKOne Small Bite for Mousekind (10 points) – Beat a stage with a rank of A or better.Gastronomy Graduate (20 points) – Beat the single player campaign.Ultimate Gastronomist (25 points) – Beat all stages with S rank.Gourmet Duo (15 points) – Win a match in Live Team Match.Chomp Champion (15 points) – Take 10000 bites in the single-player campaign.Crikey! (20 points) – Use boomerangs to make a 3-combo-hit on your rival in single-player campaign.Chubby Mouse (15 points) – Build a 100 Bite Chain.Crazy Skill (15 points) – Beat Stage 16 by eating up all 3 foods without using any item.Satiated (15 points) – Score 3500 points in a single player level.Champion (15 points) – Place 1st in a tournament match.World Food Party! (20 points) – Complete 50 Live multiplayer matches.The Sweet Taste of Victory (15 points) – Place 1st in a ranked match.

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