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Free NOD Shadow Squads:Pause game play while playing as NOD, then press Left, Right, Up(3), Down, RB, LB(2), B. Note: This does not work in Skirmish or Career mode.Alternate endings:During the last GDI campaign mission you have to choice to use Boyle’s Liquid Tiberium Bomb. To view the “bad” ending, use the bomb. To view the good ending, do not use the bomb.Unlockables:Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:BONUS – HOW TO UNLOCKNod campaign – Complete the GDI mission “Washington DC” in Act 1.Scrin campaign – Complete the GDI and Nod campaigns.All GDI movies – Complete the GDI campaign.All Nod movies – Complete the Nod campaign.All Scrin movies – Complete all of the single-player campaigns.GDI Easy wins:Use the following attack combinations in Skirmish missions.PitbullPredator TankAPC with a Grenadier Squad inside3 or more Rifleman Squads3 or more Missile Squads2 APCs with Rifleman Squads inside2 APCs with Missile Squads inside2 Grenadier Squads2 Rifleman Squads2 Missile SquadsNote: This works best in Skirmish mode. Get fifteen Predator Tanks and get the Rail Gun upgrade at the Tech Center. Get an Airfield if you do not already have one. When you have about $5,000 highlight all of your Predator Tanks. Call in Ox Transports to carry the tanks to the entry of your enemy’s base.Build a War Factory near the place you want to defend. Then, build Mammoth Tanks and have them hold position in the area of the War Factory. They will get repaired every time they are damaged and will increase in rank. When it is time to destroy your opponent, send in your ranked up Mammoth Tanks.GDI Sledgehammer squadron:As you start the game, gain the ability to build both Mammoth Tanks and Juggernant Walkers at a fast pace (about three War Factories) and get a massive array of base defense turrets. Build nine Mammoth Tanks and three Juggernants (three Mammoths and one Juggernant per factory). You can also use the Shock Trooper Drop pods to bolster the anti-infantry capabilities. This squad will be able to easily level any enemy base in about three minutes. It is recommended to destroy the superweapon first as in any battle. NOTE: This is best done in Skirmish mode on the Unfair Advantage map starting from the top.NOD Easy wins:Use the following attack combinations in Skirmish missions.2 Militant Squads2 Militant Rocket Squads4 Raider Buggys2 Flame Tanks2 Scorpion Tanks4 Raider Buggys2 Attack BikesScrin Easy wins:Use the following attack combinations in Skirmish missions.4 Buzzers4 Disintergrators3 Seekers (combined with Buzzers)3 Gun Walkers (combined with Buzzers)Croatia Easy Completion:This is the mission where you do not have enough power to activate all buildings. First, power down the Barracks so you have enough power for all ground defenses. Next, build about ten Predators and destroy the War Factories of the northeastern Nod base. This will put down the enemy armor coming from that direction. Sell the Guardian Cannons and use the surplus power to activate the Barracks and the AA Guns. When you go for the reinforcements, put APCs to the roads on the western edge of the map to prevent Militant Rocket Squads from garrisoning the buildings on your way back. When the MCV reaches your base, you have essentially won the mission. Of the remaining Nod bases, the southwestern trains infantry only and is thus of relatively little threat. The southeastern base attacks with aircraft. The cliff itself is impassable to ground units (cannot use Mammoth tanks) and also is heavily defended by SAM Turrets (cannot use Orcas). Nod will build about a dozen Venoms with laser cannons which will run through Predators fairly quickly. Also the base is also defended by Stealth Tanks. The best tactic is to build a Surveyor. Fly it to the northern undefended part and deploy it with a group of AA Guns. Then, lure out the Venoms. When they have been destroyed, raze everything to the ground, starting with the Air Towers.Kane’s Tower Easy completion:This mission becomes a lot easier when you capture the Scrin base. The tactic to do this is when GDI sends its main attack force to the base consisting of the Mammoths, Predator tanks, Pitbulls, etc. Wipe these out with the Juggernauts or use the super weapons or bombers. When they are destroyed, they leave the Scrin base with no defenses which is perfect for you. Send in the Emissionary and start to deploy and set up your own Nod defenses. Also try capturing the Scrin airfield to the left and build the Scrin Construction yard. Use both Scrin defenses and Nod defenses to repel the GDI attacks. Use this tactic on the hardest setting and the mission becomes very easy. You will get control of the tower and will be able to withstand the attacks. Leaving the Scrin in control means the GDI will walk into the area and destroy the tower. You are now able to deploy Nod and Scrin units, making assaulting the GDI bases easier.Rush tactic:This trick is useful for versus online multiplayer with 10,000. Play as Nod or GDI and place a Crane. Then, build a Power Plant from each and place them. Once this is done, build two Refineries and place them. Next, sell one and build another. Then on the other, build queue. Start building a war factory. Place it and start to build another one. Make sure you have placed your second Refinery. Then, build two Harvesters from your War Factory. In the meantime build Refineries and a Comm Center. The moment your Harvesters are done, start building as many Scorpion Tanks as possible. Place other War Factories and Power Plants as well to boost production. It is also helpful to place an anti-infantry base defenses near your MCV to stop the “Engineer rush” tactic. This uses power however and is not necessary. This tactic works best on Redzone Rampage, as the blue Tiberium each player starts with boosts resources. Nod is the fastest, as it has the quickest build speeds. Also instead of Scorpions, build Predators. As soon as possible also place Tech Center and upgrade tanks with either Laser Capacitors or Rail Guns. This will not always work, especially when you face upper level players in the higher ranks. However it is possible to finish a battle in less than ten minutes with this tactic. It works best with 10,000, but can be done with more however it is harder as the opposition will have stronger weapons than you. It works well with 20 as you can use shortcuts and an extra Crane to boost production and speed of rush.Building in Thunder Storm (Scrin):To place a building within a thunder storm when playing as Scrin, power down the Storm Tower.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKGDI Bronze (20 points) – Beat the GDI Campaign with a Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon.Nod Bronze (20 points) – Beat the Nod Campaign with a Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon.Scrin Bronze (20 points) – Beat the Scrin Campaign with a Bronze medal and Bonus Ribbon.GDI Silver (25 points) – Beat the GDI Campaign with a Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon.Nod Silver (25 points) – Beat the Nod Campaign with a Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon.Scrin Silver (25 points) – Beat the Scrin Campaign with a Silver medal and Bonus Ribbon.The McNeil Legacy (100 points) – Beat the GDI Campaign with a Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon.You Can’t Kill the Messiah (100 points) – Beat the Nod Campaign with a Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon.GAME OVER! (100 points) – Beat the Scrin Campaign with a Gold medal and Bonus Ribbon.Something to Write Home About (220 points) – Beat all of single player campaigns.Dr. Moebius Award (20 points) – Gather 100000 tiberium in MP games.Rookie No More (20 points) – Beat Boot Camp Mission.No life (100 points) – Play MP for 100 hours.Nod Unleashed (5 points) – Beat the GDI TOW Washington D.C.Simon Says you LOSE (0 points) – Lose a single-player game 3 times in a row.The Golding Rule (0 points) – Lose 5 MP games in a row.Mister NO it all (0 points) – Skip the Tutorial suggestion from SP.Losing Face (0 points) – Lose to someone Ranked 20 places under you in a MP Ranked Game.GDI Campaign (80 points) – Beat the GDI campaign.Nod Campaign (80 points) – Beat the Nod campaign.Welcome to 2047 (20 points) – Press the A button 2047 times which is the year the game takes place.The Truth (20 points) – Beat the GDI and Nod campaigns.

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