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Mission select:To unlock mission select, go to the mission selection screen. While holding LB RB press Left(2), Right(2), Y(2).Infinite ammunition:To get infinite ammunition for a certain weapon, kill an enemy or ally with that same weapon. Pick up their gun(if you have full ammo then fire a few shots). When you try to pick up the other of the same gun you will continually receive more ammo for it, and it will remain on the ground.Dead or Alive enemies:To determine if an enemy is dead or alive, aim your crosshair at them. If the crosshair turns red, then the enemy is still alive.Kak 98:The Kak 98 is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. There is a scoped-Kak 98 in the final level “Dragon’s Teeth” located in buildings second bunker.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKComplete training mode (50 points) – Complete training modeVeteran Of Crossing the Rhine (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of Crossing the RhineVeteran Of D-Day (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of D-DayVeteran Of El Alamein (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of El AlameinVeteran Of Fortress Stalingrad (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of Fortress StalingradVeteran Of Hill 400 (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of Hill 400Veteran Of Rommel’s Last Stand (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of Rommel’s Last StandVeteran Of Stalingrad 42 (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of Stalingrad 42Veteran Of the Battle for Caen (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of the Battle for CaenVeteran Of the Tank Squadrons (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of the Tank SquadronsVeteran Of the Winter War (60 points) – Complete Veteran Of the Winter WarWon The War (150 points) – Beat the game War Hardened (200 points) – Beat the game on Hard or Veteran

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