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Weapons:Unlock the following weapons by scoring the corresponding numbers of Hunters Points in African Safari mode:WEAPON – HUNTERS POINTS.44 custom handgun – 5,000 points12 gauge custom shotgun – 12,000 points.410 over under custom shotgun – 15,000 points.300 custom rifle – 19,000 points.five0five custom rifle – 25,000 points.243 custom rifle – 32,000 points.416 custom rifle – 40,000 points Animal awareness:The white circles around the colored dots are the animals awareness. The larger the circle becomes, the more aware the animal is of your presence. To make the circle smaller you must crouch and slowly move forward. Pausing for a moment will also help the circle decrease in size. Avoid making sudden movements or making too much noise which will cause the circle to grow larger. If the circle becomes too large, the animal may run away or attack you.Animal dots:The following colored dots signify the corresponding animal types:COLOR – ANIMAL TYPEGreen dot – The animal you are currently huntingYellow dot – A harmless animal and not your current target.Red dot – A dangerous animal that will attack you if get too close. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKSafari Hunter Learning (10 points) – Beat all the tutorial lessons.First Blood (10 points) – Kill an animal in Safari Hunt.Hunter Super Sense (15 points) – Get two game kills in the same use of Hunter Sense ability, except in Wing and Herd missions.Super Adrenaline (15 points) – Beat a mission using only Adrenaline mode to hunt.Fast and Perfect (20 points) – Take a perfect shot in less than 1 minute of playing.Super Long Shot (20 points) – Take a Trophy from over 1five0 yards.All Game modes Unlocked (20 points) – Unlock all game modes from the Main Menu..44 Custom Handgun Unlocked (30 points) – Unlock the .44 Custom Handgun..243 Custom Firearm Unlocked (30 points) – Unlock the .243 Custom Firearm..300 Custom Firearm Unlocked (30 points) – Unlock the .300 Custom Firearm..416 Custom Firearm Unlocked (30 points) – Unlock the .416 Custom Firearm..five0five Custom Firearm Unlocked (30 points) – Unlock the .five0five Custom Firearm..410 O

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