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Unlockable difficulties:To unlock Chaos difficulty, beat the game on Hard. To unlock Hell difficulty, beat the game on Chaos.Extend duration of elemental ammunition:To extend the duration of your elemental ammunition for any Gunrod, simply switch to a different Gunrod. When you need the elemental ammunition Gunrod, simply switch back.Stage select:Complete the game to unlock stage select.Concept missions (downloadable content missions):Complete the game to unlock the “Concept Missions” option and access to all of the missions that you have downloaded from Xbox Live.Easy points:To easily gain points, frist complete Stage 1. Choose your upgrades, continue, then quit the game at the start of Stage 2. Press Start, load your saved data, and select “New Game” at any difficulty setting. When the new game starts you will have the upgrades previously available at the start of Stage 2 in your previous session. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Note: This do this same process between any 2 stages, so if you get bored of playing through one stage, you don’t have to keep playin that stage to do this. An overall “S” rank under the Easy difficulty setting is worth 180 points; under the Normal difficulty worth 250 points; and under the Hard difficulty setting woth 350 points. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKStage 1 Cleared (10 points) – Beat stage 1.Stage 2 Cleared (10 points) – Beat stage 2.Stage 3 Cleared (10 points) – Beat stage 3.Stage 4 Cleared (10 points) – Beat stage 4.Stage 5 Cleared (10 points) – Beat stage 5.Stage 6 Cleared (10 points) – Beat stage 6.Easy Difficulty Mode Cleared (50 points) – Beat all stages in Easy.Normal Difficulty Mode Cleared (100 points) – Beat all stages in Normal.Hard Difficulty Mode Cleared (150 points) – Beat all stages in Hard.Chaos Difficulty Mode Cleared (250 points) – All stages completed in Chaos.Hell Difficulty Mode Cleared (1 point) – All stages complete in Hell.Total Play Time of 15 Hours (99 points) – Play the game for 15 hours.All Stages Cleared (140 points) – Beat all stages.Full Power-Up Completed (150 points) – Collect all power-up elements

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