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Bat Out Of Hell cheat:To unlock the Bat Out Of Hell cheat which allows shots to race the boundary with increasing speed, score 1,000 runs in a one day match by batting first in an ODI of at least ten overs.Cheat mode:The following codes can be unlocked through online purchase or by completing the corresponding tasks:Note: You have to call a phone number to purchase the cheat codes. The codes cannot be disclosed because they are profile specific. When you call that number, you will have to accept the phone charges, select the system and game, then enter in the special number that comes with your profile at the cheat screen. You can then select the code you want to purchase and carefully make a note of it when it is revealed over the phone.CHEAT FUNCTION – HOW TO UNLOCKHeat Seeker (Lock on to middle stump and bowl with 100% speed) – Take 10 wickets with a single bowler in an ODI.Bat Out of Hell (Shots race to the boundary with increasing speed) – Score 1,000 runs in a 1 Day match.Perfect hands (Fielders never drop catches) – Purchase online.Mad Skills (Max out your fielding batting and bowling) – Purchase online.Extra Tools (Unlocks tutorial tools) – Complete ALL of the tutorials (batting, bowling and fielding).All Unlocks (Unlocks everything). – Purchase online.Easy “Heat Seeker” cheat:Use a second controller to face an easier lineup. Create a custom team with bowlers with bad batting stats, then set the game to anything over ten overs. When you play against this team, set the field to a hard field with hot or normal weather; even if you lose the toss, the opposite captain will choose to bat. Using your team’s fastest bowler as the number one bowler, try to get him out LBW or smash the stumps for as few runs as possible. When he is resting, bowl a maiden over with a fast medium bowler aiming the off stumps, but swinging away from the stumps. If there are catching opportunities, drop them. When the number one bowler is back on again, you can continue the assault. Once your bowler took ten wicket, just be patient and chase down the totals. You will get that cheat, a few new photos, two ODI bowling trophies, all Kittnex bats and a pair of sunglasses. For this cheat or for other cheats, you are not allowed to skip overs or innings.Easy “Slinger” cheat:The only man with a slinger motion is Shoaib Aktar, and not Lasith Malinga.Knock the camera out:The camera is located in front of the leg stump of the right-handed batsman or off stump of the left-handed batsman. When you have bowled the ball to that stump, either by knocking the bails or completely uprooting the stump, watch the entire replay to see the camera being smashed.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBeat Batting Tutorial (10 points) – Beat the Batting Tutorial.Beat Bowling Tutorial (10 points) – Beat the Bowling Tutorial.Beat Fielding Tutorial (10 points) – Beat the Fielding Tutorial.Half century (15 points) – Score a half century (50 runs) with any batsman.Century (25 points) – Score a century (100 runs) with any batsman.Double century (50 points) – Score a double century (200 runs) with any batsman.Six fours in a row (35 points) – Hit 6 fours in a row with a single batsmanSix sixes in a row (50 points) – Hit 6 consecutive sixes in an over with a single batsmanScore over 200 runs (25 points) – Score over 200 runs in a 1-day international match.Score over 500 runs (50 points) – Score over 500 runs in a test match.Hat-trick (50 points) – Take three wickets from three consecutive balls.Dismiss in less than 20 overs (50 points) – Dismiss an opponent in less than 20 overs.Dismiss in less than 10 overs (75 points) – Dismiss an opponent in less than 10 overs.Pair (25 points) – Get a batsman out twice for nought in the same match.King Pair (50 points) – Get a batsman out twice first ball for nought in the same match.Win at all stadia (85 points) – Win a match at every stadium in the game.Win an ODI with every team. (100 points) – Win a 1-Day International with every team in the game.Win test match with every team (100 points) – Play and win at least one test match with every team in the game.Win ICC CWC 2007 (85 points) – Win the full ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 in County or Test modeWin ICC CWC 2007 with 8 teams. (100 points) – Win the full ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 in County or Test mode with at least 8 teams.

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