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Bonus run:You will get a bonus run when the top right corner reads “X4” and is blinking.Fireworks:To unlock the following fireworks, explode the rocket on the corresponding songs on the specified difficulties:FIREWORK – SONG/DIFFICULTY LEVEL8-ball – William Tell Overload on Easy.Apple with arrow – William Tell Overload on Hard.Bat – Valkyries Rising on Hard.Bizarre Creations pumpkin logo – Toccata and Funk on Medium.Butterfly – Rave New World on Medium.Cactus – William Tell Overload on Medium.Cherries – Game Over Beethoven on Medium.Cleff – Carmen Electric on Easy.Club Card – Rave New World on Easy.Crescent moon – Tail Light Sonata on Hard.Crown – Carmen Electric on Hard.Diamond card – Hall of the Mountain Dude on Easy.Dragon – Hall of the Mountain Dude on Medium.Dual musical note – Tail Light Sonataon Easy.Flower – Smooth Operetta on Hard.Guitar – 1812 Overdrive on Hard.Heart – Game Over Beethoven on Easy.Heart Card – Smooth Operetta on Easy.Jellyfish – Hall of the Mountain Dude on Hard.Llama – Valkyries Rising on Medium.Rocket ship – 1812 Overdrive on Medium.Saxophone – Rave New World on Hard.Seahorse – Game Over Beethoven on Hard.Single musical note – Toccata and Funk on Easy.Skull – Toccata and Funk on Hard.Smiley Face – Smooth Operetta on Medium.Snowflake – Tail Light Sonata on Medium.Spaceship – Carmen Electric on Medium.Spade card – 1812 Overdrive on Easy.Spider – Valkyries Rising on Easy. The following fireworks require the bonus downloadable content:
FIREWORK – SONG/DIFFICULTY LEVELBee – Sting of the Bumble Bee on Hard.Cannon – Cannon in D on Medium.Flame – Explode to Joy on Hard.Four leaf clover – Cannon in D on Easy.Heart with wings – Eine Kleine Rochtmusik on Medium.Helmet – Sugar High on Hard.Horseshoe – Cannon in D on Hard.Hot Air Balloon – Sting of the Bumble Bee on Medium.Raining Cloud – Sugar High on Medium.Scorpion – Sugar High on Easy.Shark – Eine Kleine Rochtmusik on Easy.Tea Pot – Explode to Joy on Medium.Teddy Bear – Sting of the Bumble Bee on Easy.Top Hat – Explode to Joy on Easy.Windmill – Eine Kleine Rochtmusik on Hard. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBonus, Schmonus (5 points) – Activate the bonus run.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Award (50 points) – Get an “A” rating on 10 songs on medium.Curtain Call (10 points) – Complete 10 songs with any rating.Honor Roll (15 points) – Get an “A” rating for any song on medium.Johnny 3 Fingers (5 points) – Unlock your first firework type.Johnny No Fingers (25 points) – Unlock all firework types.Pyro (10 points) – Achieve 100% hit ratio on any song.Sore Thumb Award (30 points) – Beat 5 laps in an endurance game on hard.Speeding Ticket (5 points) – Beat 3 laps on an endurance game on medium.Suma Cum Laude (20 points) – Get an “A” rating for any song on hard.The “C” Student (15 points) – Get a “C” rating or above on 10 songs on any difficulty.The Easy “A” (10 points) – Get an “A” rating for any song on easy.

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