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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKTeam play (20 points) – Make four passes in a match.Solid-gold Thrower (35 points) – Make four passes in a match with one player.Interceptor Captor (25 points) – Get three interceptions in a match.Pass Buster! (30 points) – Get two interceptions in a match with one player.Anyone for six ? (20 points) – Score 6 touchdowns in a match.9 for the fun of it! (25 points) – Score 9 touchdowns in a match.A star is born (30 points) – Score 3 touchdowns in a match with the same player.Hero of the supporters (35 points) – Score 5 touchdowns in a match with one player.Simply the best… (30 points) – Win a competition using the “Blood Bowl Championship” Classic rules.That’s done! (45 points) – Free-up all the tournaments in Campaign mode.Team development (20 points) – Gain at least 25 SPPs for the team in one match.Explosive advancement (35 points) – Gain at least 40 SPPs for the team in one match.Showtime! (10 points) – Cause five opposition casualties in a match.For the fans (15 points) – Cause 10 opposition casualties in a match.Veni, vidi, vici! (30 points) – Cause 15 opposition casualties in a match.Bad luck (10 points) – Cause three opposition casualties in a match.No messing about! (15 points) – Cause six opposition casualties in a match.No quarter (10 points) – Cause two opposition deaths in a match.Survival of the fittest (25 points) – Cause four opposition deaths in a match.Soft skulled (10 points) – Cause six KOs in a match.Cracked skull (25 points) – Cause 12 opposition KOs in a match.Three’s a crowd (15 points) – Start a competition match with the services of a Pogoer, Looney and Fanatic in your team.The Art of Bribery (30 points) – Use Bribery three times in a game.Foul play! (20 points) – Have five players sent-off by the referee and win the match.There will be blood (25 points) – Get a Star Player to join your team.Didn’t hurt a bit (30 points) – Prevent three players from being taken-off too soon with the Apothecary.Thanks, I took it easy (30 points) – Win a competition in Easy mode.Thanks, I didn’t break sweat (40 points) – Win a competition in Normal mode.Thanks, I did that with one arm (50 points) – Win a competition in Difficult mode.Discovery (10 points) – Finish 1 match on Xbox LIVE.Starter (25 points) – Finish 10 matches on Xbox LIVE.Experienced (25 points) – Finish 20 matches on Xbox LIVE.Devotee (30 points) – Finish 50 matches on Xbox LIVE.Pro (35 points) – Finish 100 matches on Xbox LIVE.First of many ? (10 points) – Win 1 match on Xbox LIVE.The start of a long series ? (25 points) – Win 10 matches on Xbox LIVE.A road paved with victories (25 points) – Win 20 matches on Xbox LIVE.Any challengers? (30 points) – Win 50 matches on Xbox LIVE.A born winner (45 points) – Win 100 matches on Xbox LIVE.

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