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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKGold Wing (35 points) – Beat Arcade mode on Hard.Silver Wing (25 points) – Beat Arcade mode on Normal.Bronze Wing (15 points) – Beat Arcade mode on Easy.Perfection (20 points) – Win a perfect match on Hard in Single-Player mode.Power Trip (20 points) – Score 8 points in a single match using Power Shots in single-player mode.Fear Of Heights (15 points) – Win a match without jumping on Normal or Hard in single-player mode.Pacifist (15 points) – Score 8 points using Short Shot in a single match in single-player mode.Defender (15 points) – Return 20 Power Shots in a single match (Arcade mode only).Signum IV (10 points) – Defeat Signum IV on Normal or Hard.Survivalist (10 points) – Hit the bird 15 times in a row in single-player mode.Anger Management (10 points) – Smash 8 shots in a row in single-player mode.Practice Complete (10 points) – Complete the Practice Mode.

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