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Prequel bonuses:You will receive a code to unlock the following items after you complete Bionic Commando: Rearmed and the corresponding tasks:ITEM – HOW TO UNLOCKPrototype Weapon – In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, find the floating FSA icon in Area A located behind an electrical barrier you must go back to after removing.Purple Matrix – In Bionic Commando: Rearmed, go to Area 0. After collecting all 12 Yashichis, enter the Yashichi door and collect the “Purple Matrix” inside.Retro Costume – Download Bionic Commando: Rearmed.Retro costume:To unlock the Retro costume, complete the game.Upgrades:Unlock the following upgrades by performing the corresponding tasks:UPGRADE – HOW TO UNLOCKAmmunition Upgrade 1 – Kill a grunt with a grenade.Ammunition Upgrade 2 – Kill an enemy with a death from above.Faster Reload 1 – Defeat a Biomech to increase reload rate of the Yelena.Faster Reload 2 – Kill 15 grunts in the air using the kite ability to increase the reload rate of the Yelena.Firestorm – Kill three Grunts with a bulldog shot to increase the blast radius for the bulldog.Hip Shot – Kill 10 frunts to increase shot accuracy for tungsten.Hollow Point – Destroy a Polycraft to increase tungsten damage.In Your Face – Kill two grunts with a single hiker shot to increase the rate of fire on the hiker.Light Armor – Kill a grunt in hand-to-hand combat to increase how much damage you can take.No Clipping – Defeat the Mohole to increase ammo capacity for the SJMG.Precision – Shoot an enemy while zoomed in with the pistol to decreases the bullet spread while zoomed-in with the tungsten.Red Matrix – Defeat the mohole to allow red matrix doors to be opened.Reloaded – Kill two grunts with the bulldog while swinging to decrease the bulldog reload time.Six Shooter – Destroy the buraq. The tarantula can lock on to six targets at the same time.Sledgehammer – Kill three grunts with the hiker while swinging to increase hiker damage.Super Charges – Kill a grunt with a whip spin attack to increase tungsten damage.The Bullet Hoser – Kill three biomechs in hand-to-hand combat to increase the rate of fire for the SJMG.White Matrix – Defeat the Constructor to enable opening of White Matrix doors.Challenges:Complete the following challenges by performing the corresponding tasks:CHALLENGE – TASKArm and Wire Action: Leap Up! – Perform a leap up.Arm and Wire Action: First Swing – Perform a swing.Arm and Wire Action: Hand-To-Hand – Kill a grunt in hand-to-hand combat.Arm and Wire Action: Kick In The Back – Perform two zip kicks.Arm and Wire Action: Reel In – Reel in three times.Arm and Wire Action: Speed Swinger – Perform five speed swings in a row.Arm and Wire Action: Swinger – Perform three consecutive swings in a row.Arm and Wire Action: Train Block – Pull down the vehicle that is blocking your path.Arm and Wire Action: Train Wreck – Pull down three train cars.Enemy Combat: Blood Trial – Kill 10 grunts.Enemy Combat: Headshot Bonanza – Kill 50 grunts with a headshot.Enemy Combat: Nemesis – Kill 350 grunts.Enemy Combat: Slayer – Kill 25 grunts.Weapon Usage: Close up – Shoot an enemy while zoomed in.Weapon Usage: Kaboom – Kill a grunt using a grenade.Weapon Usage: Two Hit Wonder – Kill two guards with a one hiker shot.Hidden message:After completing the game and after the credits, a screen will with red morse code will appear. It translates to “CONSENT. IMPLEMENTATION OF PHASE TWO PREPARED. ACTIVATE PROJECT ALBATROSS.”.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAir to Surface (20 points) – Beat “Air to Surface” challenge.Barrage (15 points) – Beat “Barrage” challenge.Biomech Sweeper (25 points) – Beat “Biomech Sweeper” challenge.Bionically Challenged (50 points) – Beat all challenges in the game.Blood Trial (5 points) – Beat “Blood Trial” challenge.Can you dig it? (40 points) – Beat “Can you dig it?” challenge.Close Up (5 points) – Beat “Close Up” challenge.Come Out and Play (20 points) – Beat “Come Out and Play” challenge.Cracker (15 points) – Beat “Cracker” challenge.Crowd Control (20 points) – Beat “Crowd Control” challenge.Down To Earth (10 points) – Beat “Down To Earth” challenge.Drive-by (20 points) – Beat “Drive-by” challenge.End Game (50 points) – Beat the final mission.Explosive Delivery (10 points) – Beat “Explosive Delivery” challenge.Fair Fight! (10 points) – Beat “Fair Fight!” challenge.Feel the Beat, Y’all! (25 points) – Beat “Feel the Beat, Y’all!” challenge.Headshot Bonanza (25 points) – Beat “Headshot Bonanza” challenge.I got Hard (75 points) – Finish the game in Hard mode.I went Commando (100 points) – Finish the game in Commando mode.Incoming! (10 points) – Beat “Incoming!” challenge.Jabber Man (10 points) – Beat “Jabber Man” challenge.Kaboom (5 points) – Beat “Kaboom” challenge.Kick In The Back (10 points) – Beat “Kick In The Back” challenge.Leap Up! (5 points) – Beat “Leap Up!” challenge.Let the Dog Out (15 points) – Beat “Let the Dog Out” challenge.Man Locked Up (5 points) – Beat “Man Locked Up” challenge.Nemesis (25 points) – Beat “Nemesis” challenge.Out of the Bush (30 points) – Beat “Out of the Bush” challenge.Poly Cruncher (25 points) – Beat “Poly Cruncher” challenge.Pull! (15 points) – Beat “Pull!” challenge.Receiving End (10 points) – Beat “Receiving End” challenge.Rocket Man (10 points) – Beat “Rocket Man” challenge.Shellshock (25 points) – Beat “Shellshock” challenge.Shoot ‘Em Up! (15 points) – Beat “Shoot ‘Em Up!” challenge.Slayer (10 points) – Beat “Slayer” challenge.Spence is in the Air (10 points) – Beat “Spence is in the Air” challenge.Stroke of Luck (5 points) – Beat “Stroke of Luck” challenge.Swinger (5 points) – Beat “Swinger” challenge.The Collector (50 points) – Find all collectibles in the game.The Pinball Effect (10 points) – Beat “The Pinball Effect” challenge.The Pitcher (25 points) – Beat “The Pitcher” challenge.The River (10 points) – Beat “The River” challenge.Torn Into Pieces (10 points) – Beat “Torn Into Pieces” challenge.Train Wreck (5 points) – Beat “Train Wreck” challenge.Two Hit Wonder (10 points) – Beat “Two Hit Wonder” challenge.Whip ‘Em Good (25 points) – Beat “Whip ‘Em Good” challenge.Whoo-paah! (10 points) – Beat “Whoo-paah!” challenge.Worthy Foe (10 points) – Beat “Worthy Foe” challenge.Choke on that (50 points) – Kill Groeder.

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