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Unlockable Bumper Cars:To unlock the Pink Bumper car, win the Bump Master Classic.To unlock the Purple Bumper car, win the World Bump Tournament. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCK World Bump Champion (15 points) – Win the World Bump tournament.First Victory (10 points) – Win a game on Xbox Live.Slippery Like Eel (10 points) – Survive 30 seconds without losing health in Last Man Standing.Mine! (20 points) – Play Own The Puck online for over 10 minutes.Outclassed! (20 points) – Win an online gaming without using boost.What happened? (20 points) – Win a hockey game where the only goal you scored was by the other team.Knockout King (20 points) – Get 100 knockouts.Striker (20 points) – Score 100 goals.Not Playing Anymore! (20 points) – Complete an online Own the Puck level with 0 points.Hat Trick (20 points) – Score three goals in online hockey.Win the Bump Master Classic (10 points) – Win the Bump Master Classic.Charge!! (15 points) – Drop off 100 points of charge.

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