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Alternate story mode paths:Unlock the alternate story mode paths for the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:CHARACTER – STORY MODE PATHAsley – Taunt coyori.Cedric – Adjust your glasses five times against marco.Coyori – Throw freed at five times.Deathbringer – Finish watson with final inferno.Dokurod – Taunt after defeating coyori.Donvalve – Use hip-de-don against coyori and finish with a super.Face – Use texas knee five times against urs.Freed – Use magnum jetter five times against marco.Marco – Finish olivia with dyna rush.Olivia – Hit coyori with a D attack ten times and finish the match with one.Urs – Win by timeout over olivia.Watson – Finish cedric with hip-de-bunny.Unlock alternate costumes:Unlock the following alternate costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:COSTUME – HOW TO UNLOCKFirst alternate costume – Complete story mode with 50% of the characters.Second alternate costume – Complete story mode with 90% of the characters.Play as The End Of Deathbringer:To play as The End of Deathbringer, get a 100% game completion for every character in Story mode. Select Vs. Two Player, Vs. CPU, or Practice mode. Highlight Deathbringer, then hold LT and press A.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKA Hero Appears (10 points) – Play a ranked match on Xbox LIVE.A Hero Battles The World (30 points) – Win 30 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE.A Hero Challenges The World (20 points) – Win 10 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE.A Hero Conqueres The World (60 points) – Win 60 ranked matches on Xbox LIVE.Apprentice Hero (10 points) – Beat arcade mode.Basilisk Master (10 points) – Get a 30 hit combo with Urs.Battler (20 points) – Win 20 consecutive times in survival mode.Born of the Hero (20 points) – Beat arcade mode on the hard.Bringer of Presage (20 points) – Beat Deathbringer’s main scenario in story mode.Cedric, Teacher of Magic (20 points) – Beat Cedric’s main scenario in the story mode.Color Collector (40 points) – Collect the hidden colors for each character.Don’t Eat Me (10 points) – In single-player arcade mode, kill Watson with Donvalve’s throw.Epic Gallery (15 points) – Unlock 75% of the gallery.Exciting! (10 points) – Outside of training mode, use Urs’s taunt repeatedly to enter Heat Up mode.Executive Decision (20 points) – Beat Donvalve’s main scenario in story mode.Express Hero (40 points) – Beat time attack mode in under 6 minutes.Fantasiac (40 points) – Win 30 consecutive times in survival mode.Fastest Hero (20 points) – Beat time attack mode within 8 minutes.Final Strike! (10 points) – In the single-player arcade mode, end a battle with Deathbringer’s Final Strike.Finishing Blow (50 points) – Defeat the End of Deathbringer in single-player arcade mode without Heating Up.Gallery of a Hero (5 points) – Unlock 25% of the gallery.Gallery of Heroes (10 points) – Unlock 50% of the gallery.Gattling Magnum (10 points) – Get a 20 hit combo with Freed.Here I Come! (10 points) – Get a 40 hit combo with Watson.Highspeed Hero (10 points) – Beat time attack mode in under 10 minutes.I’m In Love (20 points) – In the single-player arcade mode, end a battle with Olivia’s Shall We Dance?Introvert (10 points) – Kill Olivia with Ashley’s Steal Your Heart in single-player arcade mode.Is This Love? (20 points) – Beat Odile

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