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Unlockable Wrestlers:Unlock the following Wrestlers by performing the corresponding tasks:WRESTLER – HOW TO UNLOCKAntonio Inoki – Beat the NJPW storyline in Drama mode.Great Muta – Beat the AJPW storyline in Drama mode.Masked Devilock – Beat the Free storyline in Drama mode.Tiger Mask – Beat the NOAH storyline in Drama mode.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCK5-Crowned Champ (150 points) – Get five titles and/or trophy cards.Grand Slam (150 points) – Get all title cards.Heavy Hitter (200 points) – Beat Drama mode with full charisma.Iron-man (150 points) – Get 30 wins in Survival mode.Master Of Wrestling (150 points) – Get 50 wins in Exhibition mode.Rookie King (100 points) – Beat Drama mode.The Absolute Champ (100 points) – Beat Drama mode without losing.

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