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Unlockable Ships:Unlock the following ships by performing the corresponding tasks:SHIP – HOW TO UNLOCKA-17 Broadsword Behemoth – Win Ranked Free-for-All. A-17 Broadsword Executioner – Reach Wave 5 in Gauntlet mode. A-17 Broadsword Warpig – Get 4 kills in Ranked Duel mode. Darket Raptor – Get 10 kills in Melee mode. Darket Stalker – Get 15 kills in Melee mode. Dralthi IX Rhino – Get a kill in Ranked Free-for-All mode. Dralthi IX Shank – Reach Wave 5 in Meteor Storm mode. F-27 Arrow Eclipse – Get 10 kills in Melee mode. F-27 Arrow Guardian – Get 15 kills in melee mode. F-44 Rapier II Cavaier – Unlock the “Navigator” achievement. F-44 Rapier II Vanguard – Reach Wave 5 in Meteor Storm mode. Paktahn Mauler – Destroy a capital ship. Paktahn Phantom – Reach Wave 5 in Gauntlet mode. Paktahn Tusk – Earn the “Hibernation” achievement.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKHot Dog (20 points) – Complete each Ring Game difficulty level.Commando (10 points) – Earn the Commando Tattoo.Dogfight (10 points) – Shot down first pilot in a Xbox LIVE game.Ace (20 points) – Defeat 5 ships in a Ranked Xbox LIVE match without respawning.Untouchable (20 points) – Reach wave 10 in Gauntlet without ever taking damage to your hull.TCS Tiger’s Claw (10 points) – Compete in a 16 player Capital Ship game.Hibernation (20 points) – Reach a streak of 5 in a Bearpit game.Gunfighter (20 points) – Win a Ranked Duel with each ship type.Navigator (10 points) – Travel through every gold jump gate in the game.Retro (10 points) – Reach wave 20 in Meteor Storm.Paladin (30 points) – Shoot down 1000 pilots on Xbox LIVE.Deathstroke (20 points) – Place 1st in a Ranked Free For All match.

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