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Rorschach’s ultra combo:To perform a powerful combo, get Rorschach’s knockdown ability, area attack, and fast area attack. Then, press Heavy, Light, Light, Heavy, Heavy, Heavy.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKPsycho (36 points) – Beat in Rorschach mode.Hero (36 points) – Beat in Nite Owl mode.Teamwork (36 points) – Beat in co-op mode.Thief (15 points) – Find all abilities and pickups in Rorschach mode.Detective (15 points) – Find all abilities and pickups in Nite Owl mode.Untouchable (11 points) – Go unharmed for an entire level, without restarting from a checkpoint.Turbo (11 points) – Beat in less than 80 minutes in one session, without restarting from a checkpoint.Vigilante (8 points) – Eliminate 20 bad guys in 101 seconds.Shield (8 points) – Dodge or block 25 incoming attacks.Strong Arm (8 points) – Knock 100 people over, by throwing other people into them.Retaliator (8 points) – Perform 200 counter attacks.Exterminator (8 points) – Perform 250 finishing moves.

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