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Unlock Duke:Complete Arcade mode without losing a game as a male tennis player. A special match message will appear instead of an exhibition match. Defeat Duke to unlock him as a selectable character.Play “The King”:In World Tour Mode, if you complete the fourth tour with over 750 stars (Ultimate Star ranking), you will be invited to a special bonus tour. In this tour is a very difficult match against a well dressed Brit in a regal, baroque style ballroom/tennis court.Maximum score on Arcade Mode:In Arcade mode, your score is based on the amount of points you score on your opponent. Kicking your opponent’s butt will actually earn you less points than if you force a deuce (tied 40-40) and keep going back and forth for as long as possible.Tennisman:After reaching the ranking of Tennis Hero (600 stars), you unlock a t-shirt of a tennis playing super hero, Tennisman. If you win a tournament while wearing the shirt, Tennisman himself will send you fan mail.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKMoneybags (30 points) – Collect 1000 coins in Coin Match. Wind Master (20 points) – Pop 3 balloons in one Wind Match. Wall Whiz (10 points) – Hit a wall 5 times with the ball in one Wall Match. Hat Tricker (20 points) – Score 3 goals in a row in Ace Striker. Poker Face (30 points) – Get 10 royal straight flushes in Royal Poker. Bomb Fiend (10 points) – Detonate 20 bombs in the opponent’s court in Bomb Match. Accomplished (30 points) – Become – Accomplished. Ultimate Star (50 points) – Become – Ultimate Star. Good Partner (20 points) – Acquire 3 doubles partners. World Debut (10 points) – Participate in the World Tour. World Tour Cleared! (20 points) – Clear the game. Famous (20 points) – Become – Famous. Doubles Grand Slammer (20 points) – Clear Doubles Mode. Great King (30 points) – Defeat the King in Arcade Mode Singles. Arcade Star (10 points) – Achieve a player score of 5,000,000 points. Arcade Beginner (10 points) – Clear a stage in Arcade Mode. Doubles Beginner (10 points) – Clear a stage in Arcade Mode Doubles. Grand Slammer (20 points) – Clear Singles Mode. Exhibitionist (10 points) – Play 10 Exhibition Matches. Great Sniper (10 points) – Achieve a 5x Combo in Clay Shooting. Mother Hen (20 points) – Deliver at least 10 chicks simultaneously to their mother in Egg Collector. Arcade Hero (20 points) – Achieve a player score of 7,770,000 points. Medal Collector (20 points) – Earn three Points Won medals. Balloon Popper (10 points) – Pop 30 balloons in Practice Mode. Endless Rally! (20 points) – Sustain a rally for 30 shots. Super Player (40 points) – Hit 100 super shots. Crowd Pleaser (10 points) – Hit a running shot. Big Hitter (40 points) – Hit 250 MAX Serves. Pushing it to the MAX! (20 points) – Hit four consecutive MAX serves. Power Smash! (50 points) – Hit 250 smashes. Swing Machine (20 points) – Swing 5000 times. Best Stroker (20 points) – Win 100 points with ground strokes. Volley Master (20 points) – Win 100 points with volleys. All-Out Player (10 points) – Hit a diving shot. Rocket Server (10 points) – Hit a serve at 200km/h (124.3mph) or faster. Marathon Runner (20 points) – Run 42km (26mi). Tycoon (20 points) – Earn 1,000,000 in total prize money. Shopaholic (20 points) – Purchase 50 types of items in the Kit Catalogue. Online Debut (10 points) – Play online with a customised character. My Style (10 points) – Acquire a play style. 100 Stars! (20 points) – Earn 100 stars. 20 Awards! (30 points) – Earn 20 awards. Online Master (50 points) – Reach Rank A. 10 Wins! (10 points) – Win 10 matches. Loving It! (20 points) – Win 10 Love games. First Online Victory (20 points) – Win a Ranked Match. Online Streak (20 points) – Win three consecutive Ranked Matches. Online Veteran (30 points) – Log 10 hours of online play time.

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