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Easy goals:An easy way to score goals is to get into the opponent’s box. Get close to the keeper and when he comes at you, Hold LT and press B until the power bar is about half way full. You will lob the ball over the goalkeeper.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKWin Streak 60 Games (50 points) – Record a 60 game Winning Streak on Semi-Professional difficulty.10 Goal Match Wonder (15 points) – Score 10 Goals in a match on Semi-professional difficulty.300 Game winner (30 points) – Win 300 games in all competitions.Defender Man of the Match (35 points) – Win Man of Match for a Defender 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.Midfielder Man of the Match (35 points) – Win Man of Match for a Midfielder 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.Striker Man of the Match (35 points) – Win Man of Match for a Striker 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.Goal Getter (35 points) – Get an average of 4 goals per game over 50 game on Semi-Professional difficulty.Undefeated (15 points) – Remain undefeated for 50 games in Semi-Professional difficulty.Fair Play Award (15 points) – 20 Games without a card being shown in Semi – Professional difficulty.Card Trading – Send a card (10 points) – Trade a card away and have it accepted by another player.Card Trading – Receive a card (5 points) – Accept a posted trade offer for your Ultimate Team.Collectors Album – Fill a country (30 points) – Fill all of the pages of one country in the Collectors Album.Collectors Album – All Balls (30 points) – Complete the ball collection in the Collectors Album.Collectors Album – Complete (100 points) – Fill every page of the Collectors Album.Golden Ticket (75 points) – Win a Golden Ticket by creating an Ultimate Team and progressing through all five levels.Win the UEFA Champions League (125 points) – Guide your favorite club to the Ultimate Stage and win in the final.Badge of Honour (200 points) – Win the Champions League Badge of Honour by winning the Champions League three consecutive times.Complete a Challenge (5 points) – Complete any of the Champions League Challenges.Buy a Silver Pack (5 points) – Buy a Silver Card Pack.Win an Online Match (5 points) – Win an online ranked match.Buy a Gold Pack (5 points) – Buy a Gold Card Pack.Collectors Album – 1 Squad (5 points) – Complete a squad in the Collectors Album.Win Streak 10 Games (10 points) – Have a 10 game winning streak.Win Streak 30 Games (15 points) – Have a 30 game winning streak.CL Challenge Qualifying Round (10 points) – Complete Qualifying Round Challenges.CL Challenge Group Stage (10 points) – Complete Group Stage Round Challenges.CL Challenge Quarter Finals (15 points) – Complete Quarter Finals Round Challenges.CL Challenge Semi Finals (15 points) – Complete Semi Final Round Challenges.CL Challenge Final Round (30 points) – Complete Final Round Challenges.5 Goal Match Pro (15 points) – Score 5 goals in a Professional Match.Extra Time Pro (15 points) – Win by 2 goals in Extra Time in Professional.

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