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Cheat mode:Click Left Analog-stick Right Analog-stick while pressing Back Start during game play. A menu with various cheats, including extra money, 100% tourism rating, rebel uprising, and other options will appear.Tourism hint:Once you have the infrastructure (like a transportation system), develop tourism. In order to set up a successful tourism industry, you must build a tourist dock, some tourist accommodations, and at least a couple attractions. A high service quality in these buildings will ensure that more tourists leave happy from your island, providing an increase to your tourism rating. The higher your tourism rating, the more tourists will spend their vacation on your island. Also, consider that different types of tourists prefer different attractions.Foreign relations hints:-Since your island cannot be isolated from the rest of the world, you must balance your foreign relations between the US and the USSR. This can be difficult but, if you manage to get on their good side, you can receive a substantial amount of money in the form of foreign aid. Building a Diplomatic Ministry will help you to improve your foreign relations and will grant you access to new edicts.-Be careful when your island enters debt, because your relations with the foreign superpowers start to worsen rapidly. Be mindful of this as maintaining bad relations with one superpower for too long will provoke them to invade your island, which puts an untimely end to your regime.-Often the foreign relations with one superpower can take turn for the worse even when you have no debt. Building a military base owned by the other superpowers will prevent the invasion.Starting hint:First, focus on builders, teamsters and dockworkers. These professions may not be very prestigious but are the backbone of your island’s economy. Make sure you always have citizens employed in these positions as their absence will have adverse effects on your economy. Raise the salary in the corresponding building when necessary. After organizing your workforce, establish a stable cash flow early on in the game. You accomplish this by building a few farms, mines or logging camps. Be careful though as your workforce is limited to the number of citizens on the island and you can end up with a banana economy. If you end up short on workers for your buildings you can construct an Immigration Office in order to attract immigrants from abroad.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKEl Prez 101 (5 points) – Learn how to run a Banana Republic.Presidente for life (50 points) – Prove your governing skills on 15 different islands in Campaign mode.Frequent Flier (10 points) – Build an Airport.Call me Tropifeller (5 points) – Build a Skyscraper Hotel.License to Kill (5 points) – Issue 5 kill orders in a game.Generous Leader (10 points) – Bribe 10 citizens in a game.You Saw Nothing (15 points) – Arrange 15 “Accidents” in a game.A little something (10 points) – Have $20,000 in your Swiss Bank account.Pension Fund (20 points) – Have $50,000 in your Swiss Bank account.Filthy Rich (30 points) – Have $100,000 in your swiss Bank account.Tropican Fiesta (40 points) – Complete a game with overall Happines of your citizens above 70%.Viva la Revolucion! (10 points) – Complete a “Rebel Yell” Sandbox game..Tropico Tycoon (20 points) – Construct 3 different industry buildings in one game.Bureaucrat (30 points) – Issue 200 edicts.My People Love Me (20 points) – Win 80% of the votes in Elections.Nephew Sam (10 points) – Make an alliance with the US.Comrade Presidente (10 points) – Make an alliance with the USSR.Curse of the Llama (40 points) – Survive 10 Hurricanes and Earthquakes.Coup de Grace (20 points) – Suppress a Military Coup.Red Wire, Green Wire (20 points) – Deal with a bomb threat.The Negotiator (10 points) – Resolve a hostage situation.Agent 00 (10 points) – Establish Secret Police.It’s Just a Flesh Wound (20 points) – Survive an assassination attempt.In the Ivory Tower (10 points) – Address the people from the balcony of your Palace.Honest Politician (20 points) – Fulfill an Election Promise.Black Gold (35 points) – Earn $100 000 from Oil export.Fruitas LTD CEO (10 points) – Become a leading exporter of tropical fruits.El Commandante (30 points) – Complete your mandate on 5 different islands in Campaign mode.Let There Be Light (10 points) – Build a Power Plant.Homes for Everyone (30 points) – Have population of over 250 and no Shacks.Maximum Security (20 points) – Arrest 20 citizens in one game.Man of the People (40 points) – Complete a game with respect of all factions above 70.Accomplished Dictator (40 points) – Lead 10 different islands to prosperity in Campaign mode.Tropican Utopia (5 points) – Complete a Sandbox game in God mode.Tropico and Beyond (20 points) – Complete an online Challenge.Free Elections (10 points) – Complete a “Free Elections” Sandbox game.Elitist (50 points) – Construct 1337 buildings.Top Exporter (30 points) – Earn $1 000 000 from industry in a single game.Viva El Presidente! (20 points) – Win a battle against the Rebels.Iron Fist (30 points) – Suppress an uprising.Architect (10 points) – Rush the construction of 5 buildings.Guest of Honor (15 points) – Make 10 official visits to buildings.High Praise (10 points) – Praise yourself in an Election Speech.Heavy Traffic (30 points) – Construct at least 1000 meters of roads and 4 Garages.Distinguished Service (10 points) – Decorate a soldier with a medal.Metropolis (25 points) – Construct 200 buildings on one island.Militarist (20 points) – Have more than 20 soldiers and generals in one game.Paradise Island (40 points) – Earn $1,000,000 from tourism profits in one game.Tourist Resort (10 points) – Build all Tourist Attractions on an island.

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