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Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale In Mexico Cheats

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Xbox Cheats Title – Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale In Mexico

Activate the cheat mode:Hold L White R Black click Left thumb-stick Right thumb-stick for minimum 3 seconds during the game play.Maximum rewinding:Activate cheat mode, after push R, Black, White, A for maximum rewind.All weapons available:Activate cheat mode, after push Y, L, Black, X to select any weapons.All Loco moves available:Activate cheat mode, after push B, B, White, Black to get access to all Loco moves.Full health:Activate cheat mode, after push A, X, B, Y buttons to restore health.Unlock Ram as playable character:Finish The Good Son mission to paly as Ram. Unlock Ram’s brother as playable character:Finish The Father mission. Infinite ammo:Find the indicated number of weapon icons:Collect 60 weapon icons: Unlimited grenadesCollect 70 weapon icons: Unlimited hand gun ammunitionCollect 80 weapon icons: Unlimited sawn-off shotgun ammunitionCollect 90 weapon icons: Unlimited grenade launcher ammunitionCollect 100 weapon icons: Unlimited rocket launcher ammunitionDEA and military vans appear:Finish the mission Make Elvez Sing mission.

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