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Cheat Codes:Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes at the “Options” menu:CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODEPerfect grind – “grindXpert”Perfect manual – “2wheels!”Perfect skitch – “h!tchar!de”Always special – “uronfire”Jason Ellis – “sirius-DJ”Lil John – “hip2DHop”Mat Hoffman – “the_condor”Mindy – “help1nghand”Moon gravity – “2them00n”Cheat mode:To unlock the “Always Special”, “Moon Gravity”, “Perfect Manual”, “Perfect Rail”, and “Perfect Skitch” cheat options, get a 100% gap completion. To unlock the “Full Stats” cheat option, beat all Sponsor Challenges.Unlockable Characters:Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKJason Ellis – Beat Story mode on Normal difficulty.Mat Hoffman – Beat Classic mode on Hard or Sick difficulty.Mindy – Beat Story mode on Easy difficulty.Baller – Get a 100% completion in Story mode.Barber – Beat all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces.Billy Joe – Beat Classic mode on Normal difficulty.Boone – Beat Classic mode on Normal difficulty.Boone in briefs – Get a 100% gap completion.Camera Guy – Get a 100% completion in Story mode.Carnival Worker – Beat all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces.Cholo – Get a 100% completion in Story mode.Dogtown Guy – Beat all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces.Dogtown Guy 2 – Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.French Man – Beat all Skate Ranch missions and get all 43 Skate Ranch Pieces.Graffiti Dude – Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.Hard Hat Worker – Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.Iggy – Beat Story mode on Normal difficulty.Jimbo – Beat Story mode on Hard or Sick difficulty.Lil’ John – Beat Story mode on Normal difficulty.Master Zen – Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.Mega – Beat Story mode on Hard or Sick difficulty.Murphy – Beat Story mode on Hard or Sick difficulty.Oil Rig Worker – Get a 100% gap completion.Performer – Get a 100% gap completion.Police Man – Get a 100% gap completion.Robo-Tony – Beat Story mode on Easy difficulty.Useless Dave – Beat Clasisc mode on Hard or Sick difficulty.Welder – Get a 100% completion in Story mode.Unlockable Movies:Unlock the following movies by performing the corresponding tasks:MOVIE – HOW TO UNLOCKAmerican Wasteland Final movie -Beat Story mode on Normal difficultyNeversoft Skates movie – Get a 100% completion in Classic mode.Pro Bails 1 movie – Beat Classic mode on Normal difficulty.Pro Bails 2 movie – Get a 100% completion in Story mode.Avoiding crashes:To avoid crashing when doing a trick off a ramp, get off your skateboard while in the air.Air conditioner soccer in Beverly Hills:Go up on a roof with AC units and kicone off of the building. Then, kick it to the place where the guard was when you had to skitch the dog. Get a friend to join you and you can play soccer. The walls are the goals.Becoming a club member faster in Beverly Hills:In Beverly Hills, go to the ranch and learn the following: Wall Plant, Sticker Slap,Wall Ride,Wall Run,Wall Flip, Back Flip, Front Flip, and Nada Spin. Then, go back to the ranch and talk to Mindy or that girl that tells you to do things. Go to the man with long black hair with sunglasses and finish the tricks he tells you to do in a combo. You will have skipped two tasks and become a club member.See Chavez in Downtown:Chavez can be seen by the giant fence in the southwest corner of the map.See Iggy in Downtown:When the businessman pulls out his bazooka during the mission on how you get downtown, look at the person being blown down the escalator to notice that it is Iggy.Run through clothes in East L.A.:Go to the clothes shop to run all around the store and through the clothes, unlike in the other shops.Wheel Of Torture in East L.A.:Inside the casino on the ground floor are several slot machines that have scrolling massages across the top of them. Most will say “Wheel of Torture…” in bright yellow text.Construction worker trying to levitate goat in Hollywood:-At the bowl on the roof near the skate shop, go on the second rail going towards the skate shop wall and sticker slap. Jump on the third (and top) rail, then jump off towards the wall you are going towards. Dismount to be in an apartment. If you look near the bed in story mode, there is a construction worker attempting to levitate a goat.-Enable the “Moon gravity” cheat and go to Hollywood. Then, go to the pool behind the billboard above the skate shop near the bus. If you go high enough on the corner of the pool opposite to the one facing the bus, there will be a ledge you can land on. Notice the crack on the wall. Walk into that wall to enter a hotel room with a construction worker facing a goat on a bed.Aerial moves in Hollywood:After getting the spiral piece from the radio tower, you can get a major combo on it by standing in the middle and doing a manual. Whenever you are about to fall, just jump and you will be launched straight up into the air. You can do some awesome aerial moves. Then, when you land, continue to manual. Top of level in Hollywood:Find the dog and the Cello restaurant, then wall run up the quarter pipe and front tuck onto the catwalk above. Turn left and follow the walkway to the old wood building to find a arched doorway. Get on top of the arch and turn to your right, then jump onto the building in front of you. The building should have a bowl on its roof. Walk until you find a series of fire escapes, then wall all run into each of the escapes individually. When you get to the top escape, wall run and front tuck on the taller roof then enjoy the view.Tony Hawk’s Underground easter egg:In Hollywood, during the mission when you have to get a 2,000 point, 5,000 point, and 10,000 point combo, bus that hits after the dinosaur comes down has “THUG” on the front, which refers to Tony Hawk’s Underground. However, if you check the front of the bus after or before the mission, it reads “THAW”, referring to Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. Falling Down easter egg:The man that helps you by using a rocket launcher on the escalator is a reference to D-Fens, the main character of the movie Falling Down.Get onto the stage without touching the ground in Santa Monica:During the mission where you must get onto the stage without touching the ground, grind the rail to the right and round the corner. Sticker slap the wall and get off your board in mid-air, then grab onto a rail with a blue window on top. Immediately get up, caveman onto the rail, and grind around. Boned ollie onto the top of the stage and shimmy off the edge to drop down. Quickly run to the person, as you will be running out of time. This requires a few shots.Slow motion in Skate Ranch: Go to the left hand side into the dirty green water to enter slow motion mode.Electrocution in Van’s Skate Park:Go around to where the sign that says to dismount is located to find an electrical box that serves as a ramp. Climb up to the top and get off your board. There is a pole on top that you can see electricity flowing through. Hit it with your board to see your character get shocked, and you will restart on the ground.Bathroom in Van’s Skate Park:On the lowest level there is a door in a corner. Sticker Slap it and go up the quarterpipe. You will come down on another quarterpipe and the message “Yuck!” will appear at the top of the screen .Powerade in Van’s Skate Park:Go up to the upper deck where the bleachers, air hockey tables, and drink machines are located and find a Powerade machine. Stand in front of it and hit it with your board to make a Powerade pop out.Find pigeon during Pigeon Hunt:After getting the telescope for the Skate Ranch, it should be on a barren solid concrete arch, on a wooden stand. Easy points hint:While on your board, Natas Spin (Y RT) and go into special mode (click Left Analog-stick) while doing continuous trick mods until you max out your special time for that combo.To get a very easy high score, Rail Stall or Natas Spin. Do as many trick mods as you can before falling. Before you fall, activate Focus mode to make it easier to balance. While in Focus mode, keep doing trick mods until you reach the maximum time limit. When you leave Focus mode, immediately jump off as you will most likely fall if you do not. It is possible to get over 2,000,000 points by doing this.Shreding your board:At Iggyz place nearthe entrance, there is a wood shredder (as seen as you first get into the skate park). It reads “Trespassers enter here” Throw your board into the mouth to see it come out in shreds.Switch off board:While standing, tap RB(2) to make your character switch his board to the other hand.Slomo hint:In single player and story modes, when you have your special, click the Left Analog-stick to do slomo Bike tricks:While on your bike, it i possible to do tricks that you have not learned yet any time.Avoid wipeouts on bikes:On the bike, start a high score run and, if yuu are about to wipeout, press Start and go to “End High Score Run”. If done correctly, you will start again and you will not wipeout. See underwear:Choose a female skater or create one with a skirt. Enable the “Perfect manual” code and do a manual, then do a handstand and position the camera so you can see up her skirt. All women in the game wear red underwear.Flames and sparks without the cheat:Do a Primo Handstand. When your skater is doing the handstand, quickly press RT. He will land the trick and there should be flames/sparks coming from his board. Note: This may require several attempts. Also, you cannot do grinds, grabs, or anything to do with airing out of a half pipe.Developer appearance:The person riding the cow during the sequence when you rescue Boone from the Black Widows is Joel Jewett from Neversoft.Das Oath-Awesome R***:To hear a very small portion of Awesome R***, play Dead Kennedys-Uber Alles and wait a couple seconds after the track is finished. You should hear about a half a second of the introduction.Look like Hyde from That 70’s Show:Go to the barber and get a brown afro and the gottee/mustache combo. Then, get tight pants and the Hawk Thunder shirt. Finally, get your black boots and your dark (but not too dark) aviator glasses. Fat Albert The Movie easter egg:The Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel are from Fat Albert.The Karate Kid easter egg:When meeting Master Zen for the second time, your character will make a comment saying “Is this a wax on, wax on thing?”Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBeverly Hills Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Beverly Hills.Casino Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Casino.Chicago Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Chicago.Classic Mode 10 goals (30 points) – Beat 10 goals in Classic Mode.Classic Mode 20 goals (30 points) – Beat 20 goals in Classic Mode.Classic Mode 30 goals (30 points) – Beat 30 goals in Classic Mode.Classic Mode 40 goals (30 points) – Beat 40 goals in Classic Mode.Classic Mode 50 goals (30 points) – Beat 50 goals in Classic Mode.Classic Mode 100% (50 points) – Beat Classic mode 100%.Complete (100 points) – Clear all difficulty settings in Story and Classic modes and get all gaps.Downtown Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Downtown.East L.A. Record (10 points) – Get a high score in East L.A.Hanging with Alva (50 points) – Complete Bomb the Hill with Tony Alva goal.Hollywood Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Hollywood.Iggy’s Out of Jail (50 points) – Beat the Smash Into The Casino goal.Kyoto Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Kyoto.Live in Beverly Hills (10 points) – Play online in Beverly Hills.Live in Casino (10 points) – Play online in Casino.Live in Chicago (10 points) – Play online in Chicago.Live in Downtown (10 points) – Play online in Downtown.Live in East L.A. (10 points) – Play online in East L.A..Live in Hollywood (10 points) – Play online in Hollywood.Live in Kyoto (10 points) – Play online in Kyoto.Live in Minneapolis (10 points) – Play online in Minneapolis.Live in Oil Rig (10 points) – Play online in Oil Rig.Live in Santa Cruz (10 points) – Play online in Santa Cruz.Live in Santa Monica (10 points) – Play online in Santa Monica.Live in Skate Ranch (10 points) – Play online in Skate Ranch.Live in The Mall (10 points) – Play online in The Mall.Live in The Ruins (10 points) – Play online in The Ruins.Live in Vans Park (10 points) – Play online in Van’s Park.Meet Iggy at the Ranch (50 points) – Beat the Impress The Skate Ranch Regulars goal.Minneapolis Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Minneapolis.Oil Rig Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Oil Rig.Party at the Ranch! (50 points) – Beat Story mode with all the Ranch pieces.Rally the Pros (50 points) – Beat Keep The Repo Man Away From Mega goal.Santa Cruz Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Santa Cruz.Santa Monica Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Santa Monica.Skate Ranch Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Skate Ranch.The Mall Record (10 points) – Get a high score in The Mall.The Ruins Record (10 points) – Get a high score in The Ruins.The Snake Run (50 points) – Beat Get Off The Oil Rig goal.The “”New You” (50 points) – Beat the Change Your Look And Style goals.Vans Park Record (10 points) – Get a high score in Van’s Park.Won the AM-JAM (50 points) – Beat the Win The Tony Hawk AM-JAM goal.

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