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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKGoing Green with a Hybrid (30 points) – Land on the green from over 175 yards away using a Hybrid.Live from your couch (25 points) – Play in a Live Tournament.Tigers have FIR (30 points) – Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent FIR. FIR = Fairway in Regulation.That was GIRrrreat! (15 points) – Complete an 18 hole round with a 100 percent GIR. GIR = Green in Regulation.No Handouts Please (10 points) – Actually get a hole in 1 in the 1982 First Hole in One event in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Shouting at Amen Corner (10 points) – Complete Amen Corner (Augusta 11,12,13) with a birdie or better on each in a single round.It’s a Start (15 points) – Master 1 Course.Now we’re talking (30 points) – Master 8 Courses.Like a Boss (60 points) – Master 16 Courses.So Much Easier than Putting (30 points) – Make a hole in one.From the Ladies Tees (15 points) – Complete an 18 hole round using the Red Tees.When do we get paid? (15 points) – Compete in an amateur championship.Never leave home without it (15 points) – Earn PGA TOUR card.Top 50 Countdown (15 points) – Break the top 50 in EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.Top 10 Hits (30 points) – Break the top 10 in EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.King of the Hill (50 points) – Become #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.Don’t quit your day job (15 points) – Win the Masters as an amateur.It’s all in the Hips (15 points) – Sink a 40ft putt.Like a Homing Pigeon (15 points) – From the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 150 yards out.I Own this Place (25 points) – Defend your title in any Major.Small Tiger, Big Bite (15 points) – Complete an 18 hole online head-to-head match with toddler Tiger.Play Date (15 points) – Play a Four Player online match with all players using toddlers.Can you give me a Boost? (15 points) – Play an 18 hole round with Boost Pins equipped.Toddler Years (15 points) – Complete Toddler Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Early Years (15 points) – Complete the Early Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Junior Years (15 points) – Complete the Junior Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Amateur Years (15 points) – Complete the Amateur Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Rookie Years (15 points) – Complete the Rookie Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Tiger Slam (20 points) – Complete the Tiger Slam in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Pro Years (20 points) – Complete the Pro Years in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Present Day (30 points) – Complete the Present Day in Tiger Legacy Challenge.The Future (30 points) – Complete the Future in Tiger Legacy Challenge.Dig Deep (15 points) – Land within 1 yard of the flagstick from a bunker.He’s going the distance (30 points) – Hit a drive over 400 yards.Like a Metronome (15 points) – Complete 10 perfect Tempo Swings with TOUR Pro Difficulty or better.Check out my Custom Settings (15 points) – Complete an 18 hole round using a Custom Difficulty.I Finally Belong! (15 points) – Create or Join a Country Club in Game.Members Only (15 points) – Play in a Country Club Tournament.I Need a Commitment (15 points) – Earn a Four Day loyalty Bonus.Internal Conflict (15 points) – Compete with a teammate in a head-to-head match launched from the Clubhouse lobby.Putt from the rough (15 points) – Make a putt from the rough.One Small Step for Mankind (35 points) – Win the Green Jacket in Career Mode.Unstoppable! (75 points) – Win the Green Jacket for a Record 7 times in Career Mode.Swing and a miss (10 points) – Whiff the ball.Child’s Play (15 points) – Complete an 18 hole round with toddler Ricky.That was Easy (30 points) – Beat the course record of 63 at the Masters (In Career Mode).

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