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Cheats Codes:Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the specified locations:CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODEAll missions – Press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, B while in a park.All parks – Press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, X while in a park.All rides – Press X, B, Y, X, B, Y(2) while in a park.All Party Play mini-games – Press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, Right while in a park.$50,000 – Press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, A. while in a park.500 Thrill points – Press B, X, Y, B, X, Y, X. while in a park. 10,000 Power for current park area – Enter “Globo Joy” as a name at the high score screen.Everyone vomits – Enter “Mortimer” as a name at the high score screen.Everyone on coaster crashes at same time – Enter “Crash and Bash” as a name at the high score screen.Unlimited money and power – Enter “Thrillville Thrillville Thrillville Rules Let’s Go Go Go Go Get The Girls And Flirt Flirt Flirt” as a name at the high score screen. Easy Thrill Points:To easily gain Thrill points, pick up shiny signs from shrapnel to an anti-Thrillville ad. You will advance to the next managerial level after earning enough thrill points.Auto Mission completion:To automatically complete a mission, go to a park and press X, B, Y, X, B, Y, B. Then, go to the mission selection screen and press C to automatically complete the highlighted mission. To reverse the automatic completion of a mission, highlight a mission and press B. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKSmooth Move (10 points) – Get a 60 note combo in the entertainer mini-game.Crackshot (10 points) – Get a X5 combo multiplier in a shooting gallery.Flippin’ Great (10 points) – Perform a 720 backflip in Stunt Rider.Whoa (10 points) – Finish a coaster using a whoa piece.Putt putt power (10 points) – Design a minigolf course.Coaster Boaster (10 points) – Design a rollercoaster.Thrillville Otherworlds (40 points) – Unlock Thrillville Otherworlds.Thrillville Giant (40 points) – Unlock Thrillville Giant.Thrillville Explorer (40 points) – Unlock Thrillville Explorer.Thrillville Holiday (60 points) – Unlock Thrillville Holiday.Thrillville Talent (20 points) – Reach park owner level 2.Thrillville Sensation (40 points) – Reach park owner level 5.Thrillville Phenomenon (60 points) – Reach park owner level 10.Fore! (10 points) – Beat a round of timed mini golf on hard.Propaganda (10 points) – Collect all the anti-Thrillville propaganda boards.The Rainbow (10 points) – Collect all the Nano Paint Sprayers.Disc Jockey (10 points) – Collect all the Hypnodiscs.Teamwork (10 points) – Beat a minigame in coop mode.Winner! (20 points) – Successfully win 20 multiplayer battle games.Party Dude (10 points) – Play 20 party games with your friends.Party Host (10 points) – Beat a four player battle or co-op game in party play.The Green (10 points) – Find all Mortimer’s cash drops hidden in all parks.Critics (30 points) – Beat the ‘Bribery 101!’ mission in Thrillville Stunts.Robots (30 points) – Beat the ‘Clearance Sale’ mission in Thrillville Otherworlds.Hypnosis (30 points) – Beat the ‘Trance-Cendtal’ mission in Thrillville Giant.Sabotage (30 points) – Beat the ‘Alien Antics’ mission in Thrillville Explorer.Traitor (30 points) – Beat the ‘Traitors Arena’ mission in Thrillville Holiday.Sparkling Secret (10 points) – Discover all the secret areas on Sparkle Quest level 1.White Knuckle Ace (10 points) – Build all WHOA pieces.Casanova (10 points) – Become sweethearts with 10 park guests.Challenge Champ (10 points) – Win 10 challenges with park guests on any minigames.Money Maker (10 points) – Achieve a combined park value of $100,000 .Coaster Dropper (10 points) – Build a coaster with a drop height of over 300 ft.Coaster Speedster (10 points) – Build a coaster with a top speed over 80 mph.Chatter Box (10 points) – Fill your MyCrowd list.Karting Krazy (10 points) – Come 1st in 20 races.Lunar Lunatic (15 points) – Beat Event Horizon 2 on hard difficulty.Perfect Clearance (15 points) – Pocket all the balls in one turn at the table.Spoon Time (15 points) – Get 30.000 points in 3 moves on Trampolines.UFO Survivor (15 points) – Survive without being knocked out of the arena in Saucer Sumo on normal difficulty.Sprint King (15 points) – Get a best lap time under 4’90” seconds on the first track on Autosprint 2.King of the Ring (15 points) – Win a match by knockout on Robo K.O. without losing any health.Thrillville Superstar (50 points) – Rank in the top ten on any online leaderboard for Thrillville – Off the Rails.Games Master (40 points) – Beat all arcade games.Sideshow Superstar (20 points) – Get a 5 star rating score on all sideshow games.Bandito Beater (20 points) – Beat Bandito Chinchilla.Stunt Rider! (20 points) – Beat Stunt Rider.Squadron Ace! (20 points) – Beat Squadron Ace.Super Sparkler (20 points) – Beat Sparkle Quest.Tank Commander (20 points) – Beat Tank Frenzy.

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