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“Winning Streak” achievement hint:You must win ten hands in a row. That means you cannot fold your hand within those ten rounds. An easy way to do this is by repeatedly raising your bets until every other opponent folds their hand. However, this will not always work as the opponent may have an excellent hand. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKPoker King (15 points) – Beat all of the scenarios in Single-Player Scenario mode.Tournament Expert (15 points) – Finish in first place in all Single-Player Tournaments.Chunk Of Change (15 points) – Build one of your bankrolls up to $100,000.Millionaire Club (20 points) – Build one of your bankrolls up to $1,000,000.Poker Initiation (10 points) – Win 10 hands.Winning Streak (20 points) – Win 10 hands in a row.Tournament Pro (20 points) – Enter and win a Competitive Tournament comprised of 8 players.Luck Of The Draw (10 points) – Get one of every type of hand from High Card to Royal Flush.Gutsy Move (15 points) – Place a bet of $50,000 or more.I’m All In! (10 points) – Win an “All In” bet.Lucky Day or Crafty Bluffer? (25 points) – Win with a High Card hand of 9 or less.Card Shark (25 points) – Play 1,000 hands.

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