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Starting a new base:When starting a new base, concentrate on mostly Mass and not Energy. Energy can be created easily since advanced engineers do this job well. Build at least six Tech 3 Mass fabricators quicker to build and provide more mass then extractors. This should ensure you have enough Mass and at least four Tech 3 Fusion generators to create enough power.Defensive hints:-Concentrate on defenses as the enemy uses fast attacks. First, build five Tech 1 defenses at entry points to your base to protect from flanks. Build Tech 2 and 3 level defenses later.-UEF has the best shield generators, which is only second to Aeon.-Cybran defenses are capable of tracking and will follow its target till destroyed, unlike UEF or Aeon defenses.-When building Tech 3 Structures use about 20 engineers and your ACU to build it faster. Note: When building Tech 3 structures your Mass and Energy will depleted very quickly. Keep an eye on the resources.Offensive hints:-Air units 30 (mostly bombers) are recommended against ACU or Commanders.-Use ranged weapons against enemy defenses outside their range. This should ensure your attacking units are covered.-Build two Tech 3 strategic missile launchers (Nuke Silos), then put them on auto build. Launch two nukes at a time by selecting both silos. This is becauses the enemy will build one anti-nuke defense. This will guarantee a hit.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKFinish UEF Campaign Easy (20 points) – Finish UEF Campaign on Easy.Finish Aeon Campaign Easy (20 points) – Finish Aeon Campaign on Easy.Finish Cybran Campaign Easy (20 points) – Finish Cybran Campaign on Easy.Finish UEF Campaign Medium (30 points) – Finish UEF Campaign on Medium.Finish Aeon Campaign Medium (30 points) – Finish Aeon Campaign on Medium.Finish Cybran Campaign Medium (30 points) – Finish Cybran Campaign on Medium.Finish UEF Campaign Hard (40 points) – Finish UEF Campaign on Hard.Finish Aeon Campaign Hard (40 points) – Finish Aeon Campaign on Hard.Finish Cybran Campaign Hard (40 points) – Finish Cybran Campaign on Hard.Finish Tutorials (20 points) – Finish Tutorials.Supreme Armourer (10 points) – 1000 Ground Units Built.Supreme Aeronaughtics (10 points) – 1000 Air Units Built.Supreme Shipwright (10 points) – 1000 Sea Units Built.Hail Storm (10 points) – 1000 Air Kills.Earthquake (10 points) – 1000 Ground Kills.Typhoon (10 points) – 1000 Sea Kills.Raiser (20 points) – 500 Building Destroyed.Economy of Scale – Power (20 points) – 1,000,000 Energy Produced.Economy of Scale – Mass (20 points) – 1,000,000 Mass Extracted.Economy of Grand Scale – Power (30 points) – 100,000,000 Energy Produced.Economy of Grand Scale – Mass (30 points) – 100,000,000 Mass Extracted.Cherry Picking (30 points) – Beat Easy AI Skirmish All Maps.Holding Your Own (30 points) – Beat Medium AI Skirmish All Maps.To The Grave (30 points) – Beat Hard AI Skirmish All Maps.Hunter Killer (20 points) – Killed 100 ACUs.Supreme Engineer (10 points) – 1000 Buildings Constructed.DaVinci (10 points) – Build 1 experimental unit for each Team.Project X (40 points) – 100 Experimental Units Created.Nuclear Wind (10 points) – 10 Nukes Fired.Firestorm (20 points) – 100 Nukes Fired.Mouse trap (10 points) – 100 Point Defense Turret Kills.Fly Swatter (10 points) – 100 AA Turret Kills.Supreme Assassin (30 points) – Win on all Assassination Skirmish Maps any difficulty.Supreme Annihilator (30 points) – Win on all Annihilate Skirmish Maps any difficulty.King of the Hill (30 points) – Win on all King of the Hill Maps any difficulty.Controlling Presence (30 points) – Win on all Control Point Maps any difficulty.Battle Commander (30 points) – Win 10 Multiplayer Games.P.O.W. (20 points) – Capture 50 enemy units.War of Attrition (30 points) – Capture 100 enemy units.Theater of War (50 points) – Win on all Multiplayer maps.Supreme Commander (60 points) – Finish all campaigns on all difficulties.

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