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Xbox Cheats Title – Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

Unlock cheats:Complete the following missions within the indicated time to unlock cheats:Camera Flip: Finish mission 11 less than 3:10.Concept Art Video: Finish mission 9 less than 3:45.Early Test Anamatic Video: Finish mission 5 less than 3:25.Extra Cameras: Finish mission 6 less than 3:45.Fisheye View: Finish mission 10 less than 3:15.Green HUD (Heads Up Display): Finish mission 2 less than 3:35.Hover Spy: Finish the entire game.Inversion Camera: Finish mission 8 less than 3:05.Making Of Video: Finish mission 13 less than 2:15.Night Vision: Finish mission 4 less than 3:15.Puke Camera: Finish mission 12 less than 3:30.Rainbow HUD (Heads Up Display): Finish mission 7 less than 3:10.Saliva Spy Hunter Video: Finish mission 1 less than 3:40.Saliva Your Disease Video: Finish mission 3 less than 2:40.Tiny Spy: Finish mission 14 less than 5:10.Hover Spy: Finish the entire game.Super Spy (infinite ammo and invincibility): Finish all 65 objectives .To activate the above cheats, go to the “System Options”, after select “Extras”, and “Cheat Grid”. To play the unlocked movies in the cheat menu, select the “Movie Player” option that is above “Cheat Grid”.Cheat codes:Select an agent at the beginning of the game and choose an empty slot.Enter the following codes as name. If the cheat codes are accepted,you should hear a clucking sound. After, type your own name and begin the game.Unlock classic Spy Hunter mini-game: Enter “OGSPY” as a name. Watch the Spy Hunter Theme Movie: Enter “GUNN” as a name. Watch the Spy Hunter Concept Art Movie: Enter “SCW823” as a name. Watch the Test Animatic Movie: Enter “WWS413” as a name. Watch the Saliva: Your Disease Movie: Enter “SALIVA” as a name.Watch the Making Of Spy Hunter Movie: Enter “MAKING” as a name. You can watch the above movies in System Options/Extras/Movie Player option.

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