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Xbox Cheats Title – SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos

Unlockable: Fighters:
Hold the R button over certain fighters to unlock:

* Ryu unlocks Zero
* Chun Li unlocks Demitai
* Dhalsim unlocks Dan
* Bison unlocks V. Ken
* Vega unlocks Shin Akuma
* Kyo unlocks Geese
* Terry unlocks Mars People
* Ryo unlocks Goenitz
* Kim unlocks B. Iori
* Katsumi unlocks E. Mr. Katate

Unlockable: Two Hidden Bosses:
Simply beat 35 fighters in survival to unlock Athena and beat 36 Fighters to unlock Red Arremer. Then hold the R button over Tessa to use Red Arremer and hold the R button over Genjyuro to use Athena.

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