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Xbox Cheats Title – Sims: Bustin’ Out, The

1,000 Simoleons:
Pause the game and then press: A, A, Y, Y, White, White, Black, Black.
All free objects:
Pause the game and then press: Y, Y, White, Black, Black Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, White, Black.

All objects unlocked:
Pause Game, then press Black, Up, Y, Down, R.

All socials unlocked:
Pause Game, then press L, R, A, Down, Black.

All visit locations unlocked:
Pause Game, then press Black, Down, R, L, Down, Y.
Dumb Glitch:
Buy the “Miss Gyrotic”(skill building) and have about 6 points on logic. Then at around 4:30 a.m. click on the “miss Gyrotic” and go down to “program for human relations” and then click b right when your sim starts to work and Miss Gyrotic will come out for about 1 second and then say “its too late bye” and then walk around.
Everything unlocked:
Pause the game, then press: B, X, X, A, B, X, B, X.
Free money:
Pause Game, then press L, Black, Right, X, Left. A gnome should appear near the road. Click on it for free money.

Get promoted much quicker:
Okay, first, you need to make a sim with a load of cash. We’re talking RICH. Also, two players.

Next, move the sim home, so he/she won’t need to work. Next, build a completely new room, walls and all, and add the best of everything you need:

Beds, Refrigerators, Skill Builders, and above all, things that give you atmoshpere!

Get the atmosphere to a 10 rating, and move a new, poor sim into the building. He/she won’t need to work, and can work on his/her skills in a great mood (the atmoshpere is needed to put your sim into a good mood).

Now, once you feel satisfied with his/her skills, you can get him any job he/she wants, and get promoted quickly.

Having a new baby:
If a social worker takes your baby, just kiss your wife or husband and it should say: “Do you want to have a baby?”. Note: Your wife or husband has to be 100% if you want a new baby.
Permit Cheats:
Pause the game in Bust Out or Free Mode and use the D-Pad and/or buttons to enter the following cheat(s):

L, BLACK, RIGHT, BLUE, LEFT (this creates a gnome on the Sim’s property signifying cheats are allowed); you can also click on it to gain money.
On bust out mode, in moms house go into buy/build mode. You can ether take the doors away fom the room moms in or build around her. She will soon say “what did i do to deserve this”.

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