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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKYou are the champion! (30 points) – Unlocked when arcade mode is completed on any difficulty.Flash! (5 points) – Use Overdrive mode while the fight style is set to Quick [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]Rock you! (5 points) – Use Overdrive mode while the fight style is set to Hard. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]Going slightly mad! (10 points) – Use a Counter-Burst. [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]Under pressure? (10 points) – Unlocked when guard break is applied [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]Save me! (10 points) – Unlocked when emergency is used.[Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]Break free! (15 points) – Perform at least 30 successful counter-attacks in one round [Story, Arcade, and Online matches only]Now I’m here! (5 points) – Unlocked after winning a ranked match for the first time.Keep yourself alive! (15 points) – Unlocked after winning ranked matches twice in a row.Rushing headlong! (15 points) – Unlocked after fighting 25 ranked matches.Don’t stop me now! (25 points) – Unlocked after fighting 50 ranked matches.

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