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Cheat Codes:To access the cheat code entry screen, at the main menu, while holding LB RB LT RT press Down, Up, Y, X, Down(2), Y(2). A “Cheat” option will now display at the main menu. To activate the following cheats, enter the corresponding case-sensitive codes at the “Cheat” option. Note: These codes do not work while playing as King Kong:CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODELevel select – “KKst0ry”Invincibility – “8wonder” (Note: You will still take damage, but cannot die except from a high fall or fire. This code must be re-activated at the start of each new level.)One-hit kills – “GrosBras”Refill ammo – “KK 999 mun”Infinite spears – “lance 1nf” (Note: To get the spears, press reload.)Revolver – “KKtigun”Shotgun – “KKsh0tgun”Machine Gun – “KKcapone”Sniper Rifle – “KKsn1per”Bonuses completed – “KKmuseum”Unlockables:To unlock the following bonuses, perform the corresponding tasks:BONUS – HOW TO UNLOCKOld Movie Filter option – Get a 15% game completion.High Contrast Filter option – Get a 100% game completion.Horizontal Flip option – Get a 100% game completion and then obtain an online code for your game at gallery – Beat the game.Weta Artworks: Environments Part 1 – Get a 5% game completion.Weta Artworks: Environments Part 2 – Get a 25% game completion and obtain an online code for your game at Artworks: Environments Part 3 – Score 50,000 points and a get a 100% game completion.Weta Artworks: Creatures – Get a 50% game completion.Weta Artworks: Kong Part 1 – Get a 75% game completion.Weta Artworks: Kong Part 2 – Score 20,000 points and a get a 100% game completion.Weta Artworks: Kong Part 3 – Score 100,000 points and a get a 100% game completion.Weta Artworks: Kong Part 4 – Score 150,000 points and a get a 100% game completion.Peter Jackson interview – Score 75,000 points and a get a 100% game completion.Philippa Boyens interview – Score 200,000 points and get a 100% game completion. Then, obtain the online code for your game at Kong alternate ending sequence – Score 250,000 points and a get a 100% game completion.Spears and bones:To cause more damage with spears and bones, light them on fire.Killing small dinosaurs:To skill smaller dinosaurs such as the Velociraptor, throw a spear in its neck or head.Killing Venatosauruses:To easily kill Venatosauruses when they are by bushes, throw a fire spear or bone at the bushes to burn it to death.Stun V-Rexes:To stun the V-Rexes with Kong, press Y and then A towards the V-Rex.Conserving ammo:When facing various things on Skull Island, you should always try to save ammo. Find bones, sticks, and spears, but do not throw them. Just get up close and press Fire.Distracting Rexes hint:It is impossible to kill T. Rexes when you are a human; the one exception is the smaller version of a Rex in The Cave mission. Other than that, all your guns and spears can do is distract the Rex to come after you instead of your comrades. In most missions you must have the Rex come after you so that your comrades can complete some kind of objective. Do not waste all your ammunition on a Rex as a couple rounds of fire should be enough to distract it.Stronger team hint:Make a stronger team by trading a character’s bone for man-made spears. Light your spear on fire and touch your team member’s spear. You will then all have fire spears. Note: This almost never works with Hayes because he usually has a gun.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKFoodchain Master (100 points) – Jack uses the foodchain system to escape certain death.Protector (100 points) – Jack protects his friends from getting harmed.Pyromaniac (100 points) – Jack uses fire to scare off enemies and get out of harm’s way.King Of Demolition (100 points) – Kong destroys the village of the natives.King Of Skull Island (100 points) – Kong kills the giant snakes.King Of The V-Rexes (100 points) – Kong has killed numerous V-Rexes.V-Rex Annihilator (100 points) – Kong has killed numerous V-Rexes.King Of The Jungle (100 points) – Kong imposes his supremacy over the inhabitants of the jungle.Completed game (200 points) – Beat the game.

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