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Very Sweet mode:To unlock Very Sweet mode, successfully complete the game. In Very Sweet mode all female villains will be dressed scantily clad.Design material trading cards:After beginning a New Game , design materials trading cards can be found in chests throughout the game and buried in Santa Destroy. (Many buried cards can be found on the beach or in the field where Travis entered the Rank 5 battle.)Fast travel hint:If you’re tired of driving everywhere, select a mission from K-Entertainment and cancel the mission via the Side Jobs tab on the status menu. After canceling the mission, Travis will appear at the very spot the mission would have started. You can also return to the No More Heroes motel instantly by driving the Schpeltiger into the river or off Iron Claw Point.Hidden combo:When charging up your beam katana for the special attack, release the A button and then repeatedly press it. Travis will perform a charged combo that deals tons of damage to regular enemies and bosses. This should help with defeating the secret boss.00 shirt:Complete the game to unlock a new shirt.Unlock mini-game:Complete the Rank 04 Battle to unlock “Pure White Giant Glastonbury” on your motel TV.New game :Complete the game, save, and load that save to start a New Game . In the new game you’ll have all the money you in your previous playthrough in addition to all of the clothes you found and purchased. All jobs and missions will be unlocked as well as some new shirts at Area 51.Alternate ending:To see the game’s “true” ending, collect all of the game’s Beam Katanas.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKCertified as the 2nd Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 60 points ) – Defeat the UAA 2nd ranked assassin.Certified as the 3rd Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 50 points ) – Defeat the UAA 3rd ranked assassin.Certified as the 4th Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 40 points ) – Defeat the UAA 4th ranked assassin.Certified as the 5th Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 5 points ) – Defeat the UAA 5th ranked assassin.Certified as the 6th Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 30 points ) – Defeat the UAA 6th ranked assassin.Certified as the 7th Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 25 points ) – Defeat the UAA 7th ranked assassin.Certified as the 8th Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 20 points ) – Defeat the UAA 8th ranked assassin.Certified as the 9th Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 15 points ) – Defeat the UAA 9th ranked assassin.Certified as the 10th Rank in the UAA Rankings ( 10 points ) – Defeat the UAA 10th ranked assassin.

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