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Enter these in at the cheat menu:* Adidas Artillery II (black): 99B6356HAN* Adidas Artillery II (white): NTGNFUE87H* Adidas BTB Low (St. Patty’s edition): 7FB3KS9JQ0* Adidas C-Billups (All-Star edition): BV6877HB9N* Adidas C-Billups (Vegas edition): 85NVLDMWS5* Adidas Campus Lt (St. Patty’s edition): CLT2983NC8* Adidas Crazy 8 (St. Patty’s edition): CC98KKL814* Adidas Equipment Bball(St. Patty’s edition): 22OIUJKMDR* Adidas Garnett Bounce (All-Star edition): HYIOUHCAAN* Adidas Garnett Bounce (Vegas edition): KDZ2MQL17W* Adidas Gil-Zero (All-Star edition): 23DN1PPOG4* Adidas Gil-Zero (Vegas edition): QQQ3JCUYQ7* Adidas Gil-Zero Mid (Away): 369V6RVU3G* Adidas Gil-Zero Mid (Home): 1GSJC8JWRL* Adidas Stealth (All-Star edition): FE454DFJCC* Adidas T-Mac 6 (All-Star edition): MCJK843NNC* Adidas T-Mac 6 (Vegas edition): 84GF7EJG8V* Bobcats Secondary road jersey: WEDX671H7S* Jazz Secondary road jersey: VCBI89FK83* Nets Secondary road jersey: D4SAA98U5H* Wizards Secondary road jersey: QV93NLKXQC

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