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Xbox Cheats Title – Midway Arcade Treasures

Gauntlet – Level 4:? warp to level 8.Find the secret exit to the right of the main exitGauntlet – Level 1: Warp to level 4.Find the exit at the bottom right cornerGauntlet – Level 1: Warp to level 8.Use the exit at the top right cornerRoadblasters: Level warp: Enable the “Indestructible Demo Mode” option, after finish the first 10 stagesIf you begin stage 11 you will warp to level 50.Gauntlet – Extra health: To get extra health, press circle.Rampage – Change character: You can play with Lizzie by using controller two.Rampage – Select characters:Begin the Rampage game with controller one. At the start screen for Rampage press Start on any of the other controllers. If you don’t have more controller, just plug into other port.You can play with George by using controller port one.You can play with Lizzie by using controller port two. You can play with Ralph by using controller port three.

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