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Batcave cheat codes:Enter any of the following codes at the Batcave’s computer or at the hacked computer at Arkham Asylum to activate the corresponding cheats:CHEAT CODE – CHEAT FUNCTIONZAQ637 – Alfred9LRGNB – Always Score MultiplyTL3EKT – Area EffectN8JZEK – Armor PlatingKNTT4B – Bat-TankJKR331 – BatgirlXFP4E2 – BatsRAFTU8 – Beep BeepLEA664 – Bruce Wayne’s Private JetM1AAWW – CatwomanHPL826 – Catwoman’s MotorcycleDY13BD – Character StudsHJK327 – Clown GoonTQ09K3 – DecoyGEC3MD – DisguiseEWAW7W – Etra ToggleML3KHP – Extra HeartsJRBDCB – Fast BatarangsGHJ2DY – Fast BuildRM4PR8 – Fast GrappleZOLM6N – Fast WalkEVG26J – Faster PiecesHGY748 – FishmongerD8NYWH – Flaming BatarangsXPN4NG – Freeze BatarangXVK541 – Freeze GirlDUS483 – Garbage TruckGCH328 – Goon HelicopterCHP735 – Harbor HelicopterRDT637 – Harley Quinn’s Hammer TruckKLKL4G – Ice RinkJXUDY6 – Immune to FreezeWYD5CP – InvincibleUTF782 – Joker GoonYUN924 – Joker HenchmanJCA283 – Mad HatterHS000W – Mad Hatter’s GliderM4DM4N – Mad Hatter’s SteamboatNYU942 – Man-BatMKL382 – Military PolicemanZXGH9J – Mini kit DetectorXWP645 – More Batarang TargetsTNTN6B – More DetonatorsICYICE – Mr. Freeze’s IcebergBCT229 – Mr. Freeze’s KartNKA238 – Penguin GoonBTN248 – Penguin Goon SubmarineBJH782 – Penguin HenchmanKJP748 – Penguin MinionKHJ544 – Piece DetectorGTB899 – Poison Ivy GoonLJP234 – Police BikePLC999 – Police BoatKJL832 – Police CarCWR732 – Police HelicopterHKG984 – Police MarksmanJRY983 – Police OfficerVJD328 – Police WatercraftMMN786 – Power Brick DetectorHJH7HJ – Regenerate HeartsCRY928 – Riddler GoonXEU824 – Riddler HenchmanHAHAHA – Riddler’s JetTTF453 – Robin’s SubmarineHTF114 – S.W.A.T.NAV592 – SailorJFL786 – Scientist18HW07 – Score x10N4NR3E – Score x2CX9MAT – Score x4MLVNF2 – Score x6WCCDB9 – Score x8PLB946 – Security GuardYK4TPH – SilhouettesBBD7BY – SlamTHTL4X – Sonic PainLK2DY4 – Stud MagnetJUK657 – The Joker’s VanEFE933 – Two-Face’s Armored TruckDWR243 – Zoo SweeperMcDonald’s toy set cheat codes:Enter any of the following codes at the Batcave’s computer to activate the corresponding cheats:CHEAT CODE – CHEAT FUNCTIONBDJ327 – Bruce WayneDDP967 – Commissioner GordonXWP645 – More Batarang TargetsMVY759 – NightwingKJP748 – Penguin MinionMAC788 – Police VanCCB199 – The JokerNJL412 – YetiRas Al Ghul:To unlock Ras Al Ghul, get a 100% game completion.Hush:To unlock Hush, rescue all 25 hostages.Easy studs hint:To get easy studs, complete a level with The Joker, and he will then be in the prison. Go to the experiment room in the prison and start zapping the Joker Henchmen that continue to walk into the room. Zap the villain that occasionally follows you. Each time you zap the villain following you, it will increase the number of studs given to you by the henchmen after you kill them.Arkham bonus level:To unlock the Arkham bonus level, get a “True Villain” rank on all levels in the Villain storyline. To the right of the Batcomputer, pull the lever at the bottom of the ramp. Go through the door on the right. Climb the ladder at the top to reach the Arkham level.Wayne Manor bonus level:To unlock the Wayne Manor bonus level, get a “True Hero” rank on all levels in the Hero storyline. In the Batcave, go to where the vehicles are.Take the elevator to go to the memorabilia room. The Wayne Manor mission is in the upper left corner. “Super Hero” and “Super Villain” ranks:Collect coins to completely fill the bar in a level. Unlockable Characters:Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKAlfred Pennyworth – Complete “The Riddler’s Revenge”. Bane – Complete “Rockin’ The Docks”. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) – Complete “The Riddler’s Revenge”. Catwoman – Complete “Stealing The Show”. Clayface – Complete “The Riddler Makes A Withdrawl”. Commissioner James Gordon – Complete “The Riddler’s Revenge”. Dick Grayson (Nightwing) – Complete “The Riddler’s Revenge”. Dr. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) – Complete “On The Rocks”. Harley Quinn – Complete “A Surprise For The Commissioner”. The Joker – Complete “A Surprise For The Commissioner”. Hush – Rescue all 25 hostages. Man-Bat – Buyable After Complete “Zoo’s Company”. Penguin – Complete “Rockin’ The Docks”. Poison Ivy – Complete “Green Fingers”. Ras Al Ghul – Get a 100% game completion by assembling all mini-kits. Note – You must first spend 4 billion studs to unlock the last data item after buying all other data items. Riddler – Complete “The Riddler Makes A Withdrawl”. Two-Face – Complete “An Enterprising Theft”. Unlockable Vehicles:Unlock the following vehicles by performing the corresponding tasks:VEHICLE – HOW TO UNLOCKThe Joker’s Helicopter – Complete “Biplane Blast” Killer Croc’s Swamp Rider – Complete “Harboring A Grudge” The Penguin’s Sub – Complete “Harboring A Grudge” Scarecrow’s Bi-Plane – Complete “Biplane Blast” Power brick locations:Power bricks can be found at the following locations:You Can Bank On BatmanHidden on the left side of the cage that Clayface stands on.An Icy ReceptionIn the building behind the catwalk after finding the ice cream on the floor. You must glide to it from where you built the grappling grab spot. You will also need to do it in Free Play mode because you need someone who has super strength such as Clayface or Mr. Freeze.Two-Face ChaseThe power brick is hidden in the final stage of the level where you face Two-Face. It is in the top left corner of the park on the left and is behind some explosive barrels.Riddler Makes A WithdrawalBuild a car out of the pieces of the neon light on the side of one of the buildings after coming out of the elevator. Take the car to the area where you build the wrecking ball. In the top right corner is a car compacter. Roll the car in there then mind control the person to pull the second lever. Note – This must be done in Free Play mode.On The RocksIn the first room after you come inside, freeze all of the ice cream floats and go across them. Do not mind control the person and raise the level. At the end of the floats is an iron gate. Blow it open and enter, then go up the ladder and down to where the hanging bars are located. Break the crates, build the switch, cross the bridge, and complete the glass sculpture. Note – This must be done in Free Play mode.Green FingersIn the room where you first use your power to grow plants, there is a ledge above the big plant thing. There are iron bars blocking the left passage of this ledge. Blow it open and use Robin in the Attract suit to build a truck with a cake in the back. Bake the cake to make the brick appear. Note: This must be done in Free Play mode. Custom characters:Use the following customizations to create the corresponding characters: Aquaman (DC Comics)Face – Bruce WayneHair – Short blondeGloves – GreenTorso – OrangeBelt – Black or greenPants – GreenWeapon – AnyDaredevil (Marvel Comics)Face – AnyHat – Red Batman maskGloves – RedTorso – Plain redArms – RedBelt – RedPants – RedWeapon – BatarangDeadpool (Marvel Comics)Face – NightwingHat – Ninja maskGloves – Black or redTorso – Plain redArms – RedBelt – BlackPants – RedWeapon – GunDraculaFace – Man-batHat – Short blackGloves – BlackTorso – Tux with bowtieArms – Grey or blackBelt – BlackPants – BlackWeapon – BatarangGreen Lantern (Hal Jordan and John Stewart)Face – Robin (African/Black for John Stewart)Hair – Short brown (Black for John Stewart)Gloves – White (Black or brown for John Stewart)Torso – Plain greenArms – BlackBelt – Green (Black for John Stewart)Pants – BlackWeapon – BatarangJames BondGloves – CaucasianFace – Normal CaucasianBelt – BlackPants – BlackArms – BlackTorso – Alfred PennyworthHair – Short blackWeapon – PistolLogan (X-men)Gloves – CaucasianFace – AngryHair – Long blackTorso – Plain whiteArms – CaucasianLegs – BlueBelt – BrownWeapon – BatarangThe Punisher (Marvel Comics)Face – Angry (or Bruce Wayne)Hair – Short blackGloves – WhiteArms – BlackTorso (Shirt) – Plain blackBelt – WhitePants – Plain BlackWeapon – GunScorpion (Mortal Kombat series)Face – NightwingHead – Black ninja maskGloves – BlackArms – Caucasian (Peach color)Torso – Plain yellowBelt – YellowPants – Plain blackWeapon – BatarangSuper Mario (Super Mario Bros. series)Face – Alfred PennyworthHat – Red baseball capGloves – WhiteArms – RedTorso – Plain redBelt – BluePants – BlueWeapon – AnyNote – To create Luigi, use the same customizations except change all the red to green.Superman (DC Comics)Face – Bruce WayneHair – RobinGloves – CaucasionArms – BlueTorso – Plain blueBelt – RedPants – BlueCape – RedWeapon – BatarangNote – To create Supergirl, change the face to a woman’s face and change hair to long blonde.Tim Drake (Robin III)Gloves – BlackFace – NightwingBelt – BlackPants – RedArms – RedTorso – RobinHair – Short blackWeapon – Batarang”The Richest Man In Gotham” achievement hint:Pause the game and enable the “Score x2”, “Score x4”, “Score x6”, “Score x8”, “Score x10”, and the “Always Score Multiplier” cheats in the “Extras” menu. Then, play through all Hero Episodes and almost all the Villain Episodes. You should get 4 billion studs and earn the achievement.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKHero (25 points) – Beat the first episode – Hero.Super Hero (25 points) – Beat the second episode – Hero.Crusader (25 points) – Beat the third episode – Hero.Villain (25 points) – Beat the first episode – Villain.Super-villain (25 points) – Beat the second episode – Villain.Crime Lord (25 points) – Beat the third episode – Villain.Sidekick (15 points) – Beat a level in co-op.Memorabilia (35 points) – Collect all Memorabilia.League of Assassins (30 points) – Unlock all the Villain characters.Justice League (30 points) – Unlock all the Hero characters.It’s the car, right? (30 points) – Unlock all Vehicles (Hero/Villain).1007 Mountain Drive (30 points) – Beat Wayne Manor bonus level.Unbreakable (30 points) – Finish a level without dying (Character) with no extras.0000001 00000011 (20 points) – Build the giant LEGO Robot.The city is safe… for now (50 points) – 100% game completion.Cobblepot School of Driving (20 points) – Smash all the cars in the robot level.Vigilante (25 points) – Rescue 25 civilians.Be a Hero (40 points) – Super Hero on every level.Super Builder (20 points) – Build 50 LEGO build-its.Nice Outfit! (20 points) – Collect all suits.Dressed to Impress (20 points) – Get all suit upgrades.The Richest Man in Gotham (40 points) – Max out the stud counter.The Most Dangerous Man on Earth (20 points) – Defeat Joker, Two-Face, Riddler and Catwoman as Batman.Heads I win, tails you lose (20 points) – Defeat 10 goons and 10 police officers with Two-Face in a level.Who needs curiosity? (20 points) – Defeat Catwoman 9 times.Shot to the goon (20 points) – Defeat 8 goons in 8 seconds.Throwing up (20 points) – Throw 50 policemen with superstrength.Atomic Backbreaker (20 points) – As Bane do the Backbreaker on Batman.Oh, I got a live one here! (10 points) – Shock 30 people with Joker’s hand buzzer.Kill-a moth (20 points) – Defeat Killer Moth.Smash Gordon (20 points) – Defeat Commissioner Gordon with Harley Quinn’s Hammer.Start of something wonderful (15 points) – Shock the Joker with the Joker.Boy Wonder (10 points) – Perform 20 backflips in a row with Robin.Thanks a million (30 points) – Beat Arkham Bonus level.Is it a bird? Is it a plane? (10 points) – Glide for 9 seconds.Gentlemen, start your screaming (15 points) – Knock 5 people into the ground with a vehicle at once.Natural Habitat (10 points) – Smash all street lights in Episode 1 Chapter 1.Make it snappy (20 points) – Build the Croc ride on.The Destroyer of Worlds (15 points) – Destroy 12 objects at once with Bat Bombs.There and back (10 points) – Destroy 10 objects in one Batarang throw.Kiss from a Rose (15 points) – Eat 15 enemies with the Venus ride on.Ice to see you (15 points) – Freeze 50 enemies as Mr. Freeze.Say hello to my little friends (15 points) – Destroy 20 policemen with penguin bombers.Scare Tactics (10 points) – Scare 5 enemies with Scarecrow.Down the rabbit hole (20 points) – Use Mad Hatter’s mind control to walk 5 enemies to their deaths.Eat floor… High fiber (15 points) – Slam 20 goons into the floor with Batman.

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