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Unlock Curian:To unlock Curian for play, complete the game with Celine.Next armor appearances:To unlock the next armor appearance for your character, after level 9, you must reach a level with a nine as the second digit. For example, levels 9, 19, 29, 39, 49, 59, etc. Unlockable Spells:Unlock the following spells by performing the corresponding tasks. Note: These spells cannot be learned in the Dreamworld:SPELL – HOW TO UNLOCKBless advanced spell – Beat the game on Normal difficulty with Kendal or Regnier.Blizzard advanced spell – Beat the game on Hard difficulty with Kendal.Meteor advanced spell – Beat the game on Hard difficulty with Duane.Mighty Sword advanced spell – Raise Marguerite’s favor to 100% with Duane.Null advanced spell – Beat the game on Normal difficulty with Kendal.Vine advanced spell – Beat the game on Normal difficulty with Duane.Unlockable difficulties:To unlock Hard difficulty for a character, beat the game on Normal difficulty with that character. To unlock Extreme mode for a character, beat the game on Hard difficulty with that character.Trading items hint:While playing solo and wondering why you can purchase or find equipment meant for characters other than the one you are playing, it is for multiplayer on Xbox Live (play trading). If you are playing mostly solo (or just offline), sell all the equipment and accessories your own character cannot use (or an enchantment you don’t want to synthesize), since each game file maintains the items in the idol box separated.Potion synthesis effects:Synthesize the following potions with items for the corresponding permanent effects:POTION – EFFECTSRed Potion – Removes last enhancement from item (small removes one, medium removes two, large erases all)White Potion – Removes all enhancements from item. SP recovery, SP use, damage, HP added, etc. should remain unaffected (not so with red potion synth).Cyan Potion – Increases SP recovery for accessories.Orange Potion – Increases attack of weapons.Blue Potion – Increases HP added to armor (defence).Grey Potion – Increases SP recovery rate for all items.Panacea – Eliminates any penalities from a flawed or cursed item.Rare enemies hint:If searching for the “rare” enemies, you will find them in all the stages on Hard difficulty. To make things simpler, make sure your character is around level 50 to 60 and playing alone (more players mean more pain).Acts 3, 4, or 6 hints:Generally speaking, you will not be lost in Circle of Doom. However, the randomized rooms can be confusing and new players will usually lose themselves in three common acts:Act 3: Hall of ArroganceThe end of the act will not appear until the party clears the Library of Memories (left path in Sunrise Atrium) and the Vestibule (right path in Sunrise Atrium). As soon as both sets of rooms are clear, the end of the act is at the top of the stairs in the idol’s room.Act 4: Valley of IceEvery room has an exit that is on the second level of the dungeon. Find a room with a ramp that goes up (there are only two variations of the ramp room) and while staying on the second level, head for the room’s exit.Act 6 Dark WorldThe paths are generally linear until the final room to the boss. Find a spiral path going upwards; that leads to the boss’ door.Character Stats:A character’s statistics are always preset to increase with the same application of experience points, therefore growing a character into a front-line fighter, ranged attacker, etc.CHARACTER – STATSCurian – HP costs 3, SP costs 24, Luck costs 5.Celine – HP costs 4, SP costs 20, Luck costs 5.Kendal – HP costs 2, SP costs 26, Luck costs 5.Duane – HP costs 3, SP costs 28, Luck costs 3.Leinhardt – HP costs 3, SP costs 22, Luck costs 6.Regnier – HP costs 2, SP costs 28, Luck costs 5.New life for low-level items:High level weapons are useful for doing damage until you run out of SP. Rather than throw countless potions at it, synthesize a high level (Attack 100, 1000 or better) to a low level one found in the Forest of Embracing on Normal (the lower the better). The resulting synthesis will average the SP consumption and, with some luck, lets you retain a measure of potency of your high level weapon (about 70% of it at worse).Enemy cycle hint:Use this exploit on solo (offline) mode when you need to harvest a lot of a certain enemy. Get to the map the enemy spawns on and kill your fill. Before loading a new map, save and quit the game (anywhere). When you continue on solo mode, your character starts back on that map with all the enemies respawned.Stay CloseWhen doing quests for new abilities, you may occasionally notice that the enemy you need to kill sometimes won’t count for the quest’s quota. This may be due to two things:1. In the same Act and Area, but in different rooms. The powers of Collaboration and Spirit-Link will give you a rough idea how far you need to be for experience to count for “everyone in the fight”. In other words, characters in the same room will share the experience of kills.2. Lag while online. It sometimes occurs (especially for bosses); the best way is to get in a few licks (damage the boss) and make sure you’re part of the fight before the boss gets owned.Easier quest mobs hint:If you’re looking for certain enemies in specific areas, try the following: Every level is separated into regions and certain mobs only appear in specific zones. Just find the enemies you need and kill off everything in the area, including the enemies you need to kill. Then, head to the portal leading into the next region, but don’t go through it. Instead, press select, quit your game (making sure to save), and then reboot your saved game thereafter. You’ll have full energy, full SP, and be in the same region. What’s more, all of the enemies you killed prior to the save/quit will return. This is especially useful if you find an area that has an enemy or group of enemies that you need to kill mass quantities of.Conserving SP hints:-To bring down SP consumption rates of your high end equipment, try synthesizing. High end SP recovering rings can be synthesized on your armor and weapons to reduce SP consumption.-If you’re playing as Kendal, it is possible to conserve SP used on any equipped weapon by synthesizing that weapon. This helps when you’ve got high ATK, but low SP.Lucky yellow potions hint:Use a yellow potion on high luck characters just before a boss is killed to greatly affect the quality of the item drops (more so on Hard and Extreme difficulty).Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKWalter’s Keepsake (20 points) – Beat the game with Kendal.End of Pain (20 points) – Beat the game with Regnier.Awakened Lover (20 points) – Beat the game with Celine.Rebuilding the Empire (20 points) – Beat the game with Leinhart.Marguerite, My Love (20 points) – Raise Marguerite’s favor to 100%.Purpose of the Journey (20 points) – Beat the game with Curian.Protecting the Age (30 points) – Complete all of Kendal’s story quests.Destroying the Age (30 points) – Complete all of Regnier’s story quests.Everlasting Love (30 points) – Complete all of Celine’s story quests.Ambition and Ability (30 points) – Complete all of Leinhart’s story quests.The Timid Developer (20 points) – Watch all of the starting staff roll AND the ending staff roll credits.Misery Loves Company (20 points) – Have a heartwarming talk with Bertrand.Dueling Is My Life (20 points) – Raise Marguerite’s favor to 50%.The Fallen Forest (10 points) – Defeat the Forest Guardian.End of Mutation (20 points) – Defeat Mutant Curian.Pride and Imprudence (10 points) – Defeat Loki.Catch Me If You Can (10 points) – Hunt down Loki’s head.End of Cold Love (10 points) – Defeat the Ice Maiden.End of Frenzy (10 points) – Defeat the Balrog.End of the Dimension (10 points) – Defeat Encablossa.Gluttony (20 points) – Pick up all items dropped by a boss.A Friendly Game (10 points) – Complete the tutorial.Origin of Obsession (10 points) – Succeed in Item Synthesis.Master Alchemist (40 points) – Synthesize the same piece of equipment 10 times.The Master’s Mentor (80 points) – Synthesize the same piece of equipment 20 times.Stranger to the Dimension (20 points) – Reach Level 10 with any character.Adventurer of the Dimension (40 points) – Reach Level 40 with any character.Lord of the Dimension (80 points) – Reach Level 120 with any character.Curse of the Developer (200 points) – Reach Level 80 with all characters.Beginning of Wisdom (10 points) – Learn an Ability.Where Is the Stone Golem? (30 points) – Hunt down a Stone Golem.King of Bloodlust (80 points) – Execute a 20 combo attack with a Bloodlust enhanced weapon.

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