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EX fighters:To unlock a characters EX version, highlight a character at the character selection screen and hold Back.Unlockable Characters:Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCKGoenitz – Defeat Goenitz in Arcade mode.Orochi – Defeat Orochi in Arcade mode.Orochi Iori – Defeat Orochi Iori in Arcade mode, and beat the game.Orochi Leona – Defeat Orochi Leona in Arcade mode, and beat the game.Movie Gallery:To unlock the Movie Gallery, defeat all 64 characters (including Goenitz, Omega Rugal, and Orochi) in Endless mode.Ending gallery:To unlock the following team’s ending gallery after the ending credits, use the corresponding edit teams in Arcade mode. The edit team’s gallery will become available in Gallery mode:TEAM – EDIT TEAMHeidren, Ralf ,Clark – 94 Ikari teamIori, Billy, Eiji – 95 Rival teamGeese, Krauser ,Mr.Big – 96 Boss teamRyo, Robert, Takuma – Former Art Of Fighting teamKasumi, Mai, King – 96 Womens teamRugal, Goenitz ,Orochi – 98:UM Boss teamEiji, Kasumi, Mr. Big – Anti-AOF teamIori,Yashiro, Yamazaki – Detest “Shingo” teamAndy, Mai, Eiji – Ninja teamAthena, Leona, Kasumi – Teenage Girls teamYamazaki ,Mature ,Vice – Yamazaki teamOrochi, Orochi Leona, Orochi Iori – Awaken teamMr. Big, Chang, Choi – Skin-Head teamBoss fights:Reach the fourth stage to face one of six opponents (Shingo, Eiji, Kasumi, Rugal, Orochi Iori, or Orochi Leona). Your opponent is determined by the amount of DM and SDM finishes as indicated below you get before the fourth stage. The team you fight before the final Boss determines who the final Boss will be. If you get the Orochi Team, you will face Orochi. If you fight the ’96 Boss Team, you will face Goenitz. If you fight either the Iori team, the USA Sports team., or the Masters team, you will take on Rugal.BOSS – HOW TO UNLOCKEiji or Kasumi – Have three to five DM or SDM finishes by the fourth match.Goenitz – Have three to five DM or SDM finishes by the final match.Omega Rugal – Fail to meet any other requirement.Orochi – Have six to nine DM or SDM finishes by the final match.Rugal, Orochi Iori, or Orochi Leona – Have six to nine DM or SDM finishes and do not lose any rounds by the fourth match.Shingo – Fail to meet any other requirement.Random select:At the character select screen, hold RB to randomly select a team and LT to select a character. Note: This doesn’t work in Neo Geo mode.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKPerfect Match (5 points) – Complete a level perfectly in one round in Arcade or Single-Player mode.Champion (15 points) – Finish the game in Arcade or Single-Player mode.The King of Fighters (30 points) – Finish the game without losing a round or continuing in Arcade or Single-Player mode.Uncontrollable (10 points) – Iori(Ura) or Leona(Ura) appear as CPU in Arcade or Single-Player mode.Score Hunter (10 points) – Highest point exceeds 300 thousand in Arcade or Single-Player mode.5 Continuous Wins (20 points) – Get 5 straight wins in Xbox LIVE fight.10 Continuous Wins (35 points) – Get 10 straight wins in Xbox LIVE fight.Rookie (10 points) – Get 10 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.Professional (20 points) – Get 50 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.The King (35 points) – Get 100 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.Untouchable (5 points) – Get a straight win in Arcade mode.Assist Attack (5 points) – Perform an assist attack in Arcade mode.

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