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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKWookiee Life Debt (40 points) – Completed all Kashyyyk missions in a single session, alone or with a friend.Who’s Keeping Score? (25 points) – Completed all Providence missions in a single session, alone or with a friend.Felucia In a Flash (25 points) – Completed all Felucia missions in a single session, alone or with a friend.Savior of Coruscant (50 points) – Completed the Jedi Adventures – Dark Side Rising campaign, alone or with a friend.Two-For-One Discount (10 points) – Defeated at least two droids with a single use of Force powers, alone or with a friend.Teras Kasi (10 points) – Defeated an enemy by kicking them off a ledge, alone or with a friend.The Force That Binds (20 points) – Completed a co-op Jedi Adventures ground combat mission with neither player being knocked out.You May Fire When Ready (20 points) – Destroyed all shield arrays in a single pass on Felucia Mission 5, alone or with a friend.Don’t Get Cocky (40 points) – Completed all four Space Combat missions without restarting, alone or with a friend.It’s a Trap! (20 points) – Completed Providence Mission 1 without your ship being destroyed, alone or with a friend.Well, Wookiee There! (10 points) – Destroyed 10 Trandoshan slave ships while escaping from Kashyyyk, alone or with a friend.Decapitalized (20 points) – Destroyed the Subjugator-class Capital ship, alone or with a friend.Sorry About the Mess (15 points) – Defeated 13 enemy speeders in the Kashyyyk forest speederbike level, alone or with a friend.To the Rescue (15 points) – Reached the Jedi training camp on Kashyyyk, alone or with a friend.The Shield Is Down! (15 points) – Disabled the Commerce Guild fortress shield, alone or with a friend.Wookiee Wingman (15 points) – Teamed up with a friend to complete a speeder bike chase in 2-player co-op mode.Duels Mode Unlocked (10 points) – Completed the Jedi Adventures Duels tutorial, alone or with a friend.Now Face the Chosen One (15 points) – Defeated Ror with a Jedi Knight rating, alone or with a friend.Only a Master of Evil (25 points) – Completed the Vader Duel with a Jedi Master rating, alone or with a friend.Untouchable (30 points) – Completed any Duel without taking a single hit, alone or with a friend.Mastering the Juyo Form (20 points) – Completed any Duel in less than 3 minutes, alone or with a friend.Sleemo! (40 points) – Destroyed 3 enemy Podracers in a single race, alone or with a friend.Arch-Rivals! (10 points) – Raced with Sebulba’s Podracer, alone or with a friend.Bantha Poodoo (10 points) – Crossed the finish line last in a race, alone or with a friend.Unlimited Power! (10 points) – Used a fully upgraded powerup in Podracing at least once, alone or with a friend.Hot Potato (10 points) – Made a creature or droid jump to an enemy vehicle in Podracing, alone or with a friend.You Must Have Jedi Reflexes (15 points) – Won all Destiny races in one sitting, with racing line

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