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Infinite money:To get unlimited money, beat any mission while earning as little money as possible. Then, save the game and replay the same mission. This time, earn as much money as possible and create a save point just before you escape from the level. After escaping, press B to return to the first screen and then press Y to replay the mission again. A message will appear that says your progress will be lost, but ignore it. You will retain your save points and account balance. When the mission begins, load the save point that you created, and escape from the level. The money you earned in that mission will be added to your account balance again. Repeat as desired.Infinite saves:To save a mission without losing a save, press Start before the “Save Complete” message appears. Note: this only works on Normal and Expert difficulty.Free intel:To get free intel, at the start of a mission purchase all of the intel. Make note of what the intel contained and restart the mission. You will retain your original starting money and all of the intel will be available for purchase again.Alternate background:To unlock an alternate background for the main menu, complete the game.Alternate ending:To receive an alternate ending sequence, while the credits are rolling in the last level “Requiem”, press Left Analog-stick Up and Down repeatedly. You will come back to life and your mission will be to leave no witnesses.Hidden Ranks:Earn the following ranks by performing the corresponding tasks:”Sushi Chef” rankIn any level, use the knife to kill lots of people. Note: This was accomplished on the You Better Watch Out… level with 88 people killed with a knife.”Pianoman” rankKill the majority of your victims using Fiberwire. You will be dubbed “Pianoman.” Note: This was accomplished on A New Life level with 15 dead.Demo version: Devils TMP on “On The Job”:Continue through the level until you reach the first two guards you must kill. Walk off the platform you are on, turn right, walk a short distance, and turn right again to face the garbage and rubble pile. Walk into the box that is slightly jutting out of the pile to pick up a TMP briefly. Grab it and it will have 25 in the clip, and a reserve of 666. Second life hint:Just before dying and your screen becomes red, kill severalenemies before dying the screen will return to normal and you will continue living. However, one bullet will be enough to kill you.Newspaper headlines:After completing a level, the newspaper information varies depending on your performance. For instance, if you did poorly, the paper will say so in the paragraph. If you shoot very little and use mostly hand to hand, it will say that there is not enough information to make a ranked description of you. High accuracy states you are a well trained marksman. Try doing the level in different ways to see other? headlines.Future targets:After completing the game’s introductory mission, “Death Of A Showman”, and returning to the main menu, a screen is seen with options like “Start Game”, “Options”, etc. The background of the menu is a church with people sitting on the benches–all of them being 47’s future targets from numerous missions, which disappear from the benches as the player progresses through the game by having 47 eliminate them. The targets displayed are as follows: Lorne De HavillandAlvard D’AlvadeSkip MuldoonCarmine DeSalvoRudy MenzanaLorenzo LombardoVaana KetlynHendrick SchmutzSheikh Al-KhalifaVinnie SinistraMark Purayah Jr. and Mark Parchezzhi III. License plates hint:Look at the license plates of cars in every level. On “A New Life” in the suburbs, the license plate of all the cars reads BADBLOD (Bad Blood). On “A House Of Cards” in the casino, the license plate of the first limo reads “L1MONEY”, or something similar.Hitman Contracts easter egg:On a certain newspaper, there will be a Chinese restaurant menu. The four items are actually people from the Lee Hong Assasination level on Hitman Contracts:ITEM – PEOPLE1. Boiled Red Dragon Feet – The Red Dragon Triad2. Blue Lotus Tea – The Blue Lotus Triad3. Mei Ling – Mei Ling, kidnapped girl who gives you the combination to the safe4. Zun Soup – Zun, the fat bodyguard of Lee Hong Kane And Lynch: Dead Men easter egg:On the newspaper after the first level, you will see a side-story titled “Cold-Blooded Killers on the Run”. The story states that two death row inmates escaped custody during a prison transport and that their names are Adam Marcus (Kane) and Mr. Little (Lynch). Even though the names are not the same in this reference, it describes Kane and Lynch perfectly, as Adam being a former mercenary and working for The7, and Mr. Little being unstable and heavily-medicated.Talking dead people on “Flatline”: Take the therapist’s suit and, while interviewing the three hits, kill them when they start talking and they will keep rambling.Finding The Nailer:The one weapon that does not appear in the hideout is The Nailer (nail gun), which can be found during a mission. Either walk out with it or put it in your ICA box.Weapon list:PistolsBull.480Desert EagleSilverballerSlp.40 PistolSnub NosedSix ShooterSlp.40sShotgunsShotgunSP12 ShotgunSMGsMP5MP7MP9SAF SMGSMG tacticalTMPRiflesAir RifleFN-2000M4M14SG552Sniper riflesDragunovElephant RifleKazo TrgW2000 SniperNo hideout weaponsNailerWeapon locations:Search the following levels for the corresponding weapons:LEVEL – WEAPONSA Vintage Year – Snub nosed, SAF SMG, TMP, and ShotgunCurtains Down – MP5, SLP.40 pistolFlatline – SLP.40 Pistol, TMPA New Life – SLP.40 Pistol, Bull.480, Air rifleThe Murder Of Crows – Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, SLP.40S, MP9, SG552, KAZO TRGYou Better Watch Out – SLP.40 Pistol, TMPDeath On The Mississippi – Desert Eagle, Snub nosed, Bull.480, shotgun, FN – 2000Til Death Do Us Part – Six Shooter, Shotgun, Elephant Rifle (displayed on the wall)A House Of Cards – SLP.40 pistol, SLP.40 S, TMPA Dance With The Devil – Desert Eagle, SLP.40 pistol, MP7, MP5, FN – 2000, Dragunov Sniper (on the top floor where you check the computer; it blends in with the desk)Amendment XXV – Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, MP5, Custom 1911, M14Requiem – SLP.40 pistol, MP7, Custom 1911 Upgrades:Acquire the following upgrades for the corresponding weapons by spending the indicated money:SP12 ShotgunButt stock ($50,000)Flechette ammo ($50,000)Extra ammo ($75,000)Reload boost ($75,000)12 gauge slugs ($75,000)Short barrel ($100,000)Rail mount ($100,000)Laser sight ($150,000)Bigger magazine ($150,000)Red dot sight ($200,000)Silencer type1 ($200,000)M4Ris handguard ($50,000)Low velocity ammo ($50,000)Butt stock ($50,000)Extra ammo ($75,000)Laser sight ($75,000)Rail mount ($75,000)Armor piercing bullets ($75,000)Silencer type 1 ($100,000)Pistol grip ($100,000)Double clip ($150,000)Red dot sight ($150,000)Silencer type 2 ($200,000)Drum magazine ($200,000)Scope type 1 ($200,000)SilverballerLow velocity ammo ($50,000)Silencer type 1 ($50,000)Extra ammo ($75,000)Laser sight ($75,000)Rail mount ($75,000)Magnum ammo ($100,000)Dual action ($100,000)Long slide ($100,000)Red dot sight ($150,000)Large clip ($150,000)Silencer type 2 ($200,000)Full auto fire ($200,000)Scope type 1 ($200,000)SMG TacticalButt stock ($50,000)Low velocity ammo ($50,000)Extra ammo ($75,000)Rail mount ($75,000)Magnum ammo ($75,000)Rapid fire ($100,000)Short barrel ($100,000)Silencertype 1 ($100,000)Laser sight ($150,000)Double clip ($150,000)Silencer type 2 ($200,000)Red dot sight ($200,000)Misc. upgradesPain killers ($50,000)7×50 zoom binoculars ($50,000)Improved lockpick ($50,000)Kevlar vest ($75,000)Enhanced detonator ($75,000)Adrenaline ($100,000)Flak vest ($100,000)Extra mine ($100,000)Cratt Schultz lockpick ($150,000)Foil padded suitcase ($150,000)Flexible flak vest ($200,000)Refilling empty pistol:When your pistol is out of ammo, throw it at a frightened bystander or place it near to him. Eventually he will pick the gun up and holster it. Once they do, knock them out or kill them and retrieve your gun. It will now have a complete clip. Note: This was done on the Curtains Down level with the Silverballer.Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “Amendment XXV”:Begin the level with no weapons whatsoever, then go into the east wing, pass the metal detectors, and move straight ahead. Pass the red ropes and go left to the bathroom. Get ready to use your sedative syringe. Go to the corner next to the door and wait for the museum attendant to enter use the bathroom. Sneak behind him and sedate him, then take his clothes and drag him to a corner to avoid catching the guard’s attention. Get out of the bathroom and go directly to the museum attendant entrance. Continue until the end of the hall, then go to the door on the left to get to the outside. Look for the Marine and get behind him, then take his clothes and without worrying about the M14. You won’t need it as it only gets in the way. Go back inside and find the hallway to the main building. Almost at the end of the hallway is a door that will take you to the roof. Go up and find the scaffold into the main building. Go up, but stop before you reach the top, There will be two workers looking at the window. If they see you climbing, they will raise the alarm. Wait for them to turn around, then climb to the top. Go in the window. The room straight ahead has a camera so, instead of going in it, go left to the room being remodeled and keep going through doors until you find the next window. Make sure that the patrolling Marine is not in the room any more. Then, climb out the window and go down the next scaffold. When you are down there, turn left and get close to the edge to climb down the wall. Find a lattice that will take you to the garden. If you did this in a timely fashion, you warrive at the garden before the Vice President is there with his dog. There might be a Secret Service guard patrolling so avoid raising suspicion. Walk, or if alone, run to the West Wing towards the only clear window in the Oval Office. Parchezzi is in the Oval Office and will get close to the window when the Vice President approaches it. Pull a wall mine from your inventory. Parchezzi might see you doing this, but he will not do anything about it. Set it up as close to the window as possible, then run back to the roof you came from. Climb up and be ready with the detonator. Make sure you are close enough to detonate. As soon as the Vice President is at the window, wait about two seconds and Parchezzi will come to talk to him. Detonate, then the detonator away and climb back up the scaffold to the main building. Go back the same way you came from, avoiding the cameras. Go down the other scaffold and go into the hallway. Walk out, but do not forget to put your suit back on. Your bar might show a little green or maybe even yellow, but it is acceptable. Simply walk out through the metal detectors and escape. Killing Parchezzi on “Amendment XXV”:When you go into the Oval office and get the intermission sequence with Parchezzi where he detonates a bomb and runs off, you usually have to chase him through the building for a final showdown on the roof. However, you can easily take him out in the office and not have to chase him down. Bring your Silverballers with dual action and fully automatic attachments, then pull them out before you enter while making sure they are fully loaded. As soon as the intermission sequence starts, hold the trigger and do not release. When he is done with this speech, the bomb detonates and, while you are unable to take any movement action, your guns will still fire a decent full auto spray in that split second before the disorientation effect hits you, killing Parchezzi before he can run off.Keep custom weapons on “Amendment XXV”:-There are two ways to taking weapons like the Silverballers, etc. through the White House and bypass the metal detectors. The first method is by going to the other end of the parking lot when you start. Look to the left when you get to the end to see an ICA storage box. Put your custom weapons in it, then go into the White House through the double doors at the front and walk through the metal detectors. Keep in mind that fibre wire, syringes, mines and the detonator will not activate metal detectors. Go to the other end of the lobby to find a guard behind a rope watching some double doors. Go into the door on his left (the toilet) and stand facing the corner furthest away from the door and the toilet. Wait for the museum member or staff to walk in and for the door to shut behind him. Take out a silent weapon (fibre wire or syringe) and use it on him before he opens the door, then take his clothes and hide him as best you can against the corner furthest from the toilet, but closest to the door. Check the map and, if there is an innocent person in the lobby looking in your direction, wait for him to start walking away before opening the door– or he will see the body and you will be shot. Open the door when you get the chance. While behind the ropes, walk across the width of the lobby and through the door on the other side. Then, go directly to the other end of the next corridor and take the last door on the left. This should lead you outside. When you get the chance to take out the U.S. Marine who patrols here, do so, then hide him behind the big steel block. Take his clothes and gun, then walk back out the front doors. You should beep when going through the scanner, but the guards will not shoot you. Take your weapons out of the storage box from the side of the building and conceal them. When you go back in you should beep, but once again the guards should ignore it as long as you have your M14 at the ready.-For the second method, do the same as above but, when the Marine is out of the way, do not take his clothes or his gun. Work your way back out the front doors and go to the storage box. Take out a weapon and hold it so you can throw it. Aim up and past the fence, towards the White House wall, and bounce your weapon off the wall so it lands on the other side of the fence. Do this with all your weapons and go back to the area where you incapacitated the Marine. Walk down the alley and pick up your guns then conceal them. Make sure you are far enough behind the wall for the guards out the front not to see you. Note: This method is useful if the game glitches and the Marines shoots at you even when you look like one.Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “Curtains Down”:-A scope for your Silverballer is required. When the level begins, run up the steps and to the right. Throw a bomb and immediately pick the lock on the first door on the left. Walk in and explode the bomb, then wait a moment before sniping the man up in his private box and the actor walking on stage. Put your gun away and get out of there. If done correctly, you will get a “Silent Assassin” rank in under a minute. -Note: Only the W2000 sniper rifle is required. When the mission begins, go in the door to the right of the coat room and wait for the worker to go in and sedate him. Take his clothes and hide him in the container, then get out of the bathroom and go down the set of stairs. Find the person painting the door leading to the basement, then go downstairs and into the basement hallway area. Find the stairs leading up to the actor’s rooms and get to the next set of stairs leading up, but not the metal stairs behind the double doors. Once you are in the small hallway, travel all the way down and into the office room. Take the keycard on the desk to the light room, then go downstairs and find a way back into the basement. Go back to the staircase you used to first walk down to the basement, then go up. Go up the spiral stairs until you are on the top floor, then go into the light control room and unpack your sniper rifle. If you are fast enough, you will have arrived there with enough time to make the shot at the execution part. If not, wait until it happens again. You must shoot D’alvade in the head just when the executioner fires the blank. Blood spray will confirm the hit. Wait there until Delehunt appears on the stage and kill him, then drop or pack up your rifle and get out of there. You should have a “Silent Assassin” rank.Easy “Hitman” rank on “Curtains Down”:To start this level you need only a sniper rifle. When you begin, walk through the door and to the right side of the building. You will see a flight of stairs going down. Go down those stairs and walk down the hallway to the right of you, then keep going until you see a stage worker painting a door next to a policeman who is standing next to another door. Get near the stage worker and wait until the cop walks through the door that he is standing next to. Then, run through the open doorway that the stage worker is next to while making sure he catches your attention. He will run after you to stop you. Run halfway down the stairs and wait for him to stop you, then beat him up with your fists until he is unconscious. Note: While beating him up, you will drop your briefcase that has your sniper rifle. If you do not want a witness, take your poison syringe and kill him. Take his clothes and retrieve your briefcase, then run down the stairs and you will see a door. Go through the door and check your map for any police. If any are present, simply wait until they leave. In the room is a metal cage with three sides. Go inside the metal cage and climb up. After climbing up the metal cage, you are able to kill both targets (Alvaro D’Alvade and Richard Delahunt). Take out your sniper rifle and shoot Richard Delahunt. He will be sitting in a chair in front of the play on the second floor. Then, shoot Alvaro D’Alvade. (He will be directly in front of you). He is the man tied up to the stake. Make sure you do this fast so that no one sees you. Pack up your sniper rifle and climb down the metal cage. Walk out the way you came in, then go up the stairs and take your suit. Go to where the level started and leave to have a “Hitman” rank and an extra $100,000.Easy “Unknown” rank on “Curtains Down”:With only your Silverballer and M4 (in case things go wrong), go through the door as soon as you start the mission and move left. Talk to the guard and get the real WWI pistol, then go into the bathroom and wait for a worker in green to walk in. When he uses the bathroom, take him out with either the sedative syringe or push him. If he does not see you, he does not count as a witness. Take his clothes and put his body in the container. Walk outside of the bathroom, then go downstairs and through the doorway where a man is working on the door. Find the stairs that lead to the area where the actors’ dressing rooms are. When the agent goes in the bathroom, immediately run into the door of the actor you are not supposed to kill. Place the pistol on his table and go outside the door. Turn left and go into the double doors on the right. Go up all the stairs. There is a beam that you are supposed to put a bomb on. Place it there when the worker is not looking, then wait for the actor to shoot the other actor with the real pistol. When the second target realizes he is dead, he will rush down to the body and begin mourning. When he does, detonate the bomb to make the beam fall and kill him. Then, put your suit back from the bathroom and leave. Rat Club on “Curtains Down”:In the basement during the ” Curtains Down” mission, there are three rats. Kill them to make a keycard labeled “Rat Club” appear on the nearby table. Go up to where you can find the keycard for the light control room and there will be a door with a keycard slot. Use the “Rat Club” keycard on the door to find rats boxing (with gloves on) and playing poker.Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “Dance With The Devil”:One Baller that is silenced is required. As soon as the mission begins, go to the right hand side (car park entrance) while staying close to the side. Turn your camera to see in the small office. Watch the guard inside. When he turns around, stay close to the wall underneath the camera. When it turns away, run down to the right and go behind the car. Take out the syringe (sedative) and get the guard, then steal his clothes and dump his body in the dumpster. Run to the upper right corner of the map (to the point of interest). Making sure no one is looking, switch into the heaven guest outfit and save the game. Go back to where you sedated the guard and pick the lock on the door next to the dumpster. Climb up the ladder into the first elevator, then go all the way up to the top. Once on the top floor, run into the main area with all the people. Speak with the cook or chef, then watch the singer. Once she is done, wait to the left of the stage. She leads you to her private room. Follow her and stay close. Once she goes through the third door, run past, turn around, and shoot her. Make sure she does not fire her gun. Hack the computer on the desk, then go back to the elevator and wait for the doors to close. Climb up on top and wait for your main target. He will go into the elevator. Once it starts moving, strangle him. Do this with the Fiberwire out, standing over the hole. Stay on top and get off the elevator. Go back down the ladder. Go back to where you got the heaven outfit. On the other side of the trailers should be a man vomiting. Save the game once you are behind him. Make sure no one is looking and sedate him. Steal his outfit and throw his body in the dumpster behind you. Occasionally the guard sees you. If this happens, load the save dgame and stash his body behind the trailers. Once you have the hell’s guest outfit, run back to the ladder room. Go to the furthest elevator, ride it down, and kill the guard any way desired (gun recommended). Stash his body in the elevator, then take his clothes and find the bar with the devil. Talk with him, then duel with him. After he dies, run to his body and steal the keys. Once you come out the second set of doors, stay to the left and run down the hallway into the back. Go to the right. There should be some guards. Make sure no one is looking. Sabotage the pyro show (brown box next to a door, on the left). Once that is done go same way you came in to the exit mark on the map. Wait for the woman to die, then leave. If done fast enough, you can get the “Silent Assassin” rank.Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “Death On The Mississippi”:Only your standard equipment is required. First, go to the power box and break the fuse. When the guard investigates it, go up the stairs that he was on top of and go to the left at the top. It should be unlocked. Go inside and to the closet on the right, then bring up the map. When the guard comes up the stairs, take out your sedative syringe and poison the whiskey. Hide in the other closet. When the sailor falls asleep, steal his clothes and the key on the table. Leave the room and go down the stairs and into the room between and under them. It should have burning coal. Follow the gator man. When he goes to the rail and nobody is looking, push him over to kill him. Leave the same way you came in and go up the big stairs. Go in the first door. You should be on the third floor. Go to where the gator is kissing a girl and wait for them to go in a room. When she exits, go in and strangle him. The, go back to the stairs, to the fourth floor, and go to the kitchen when the cook has his back to you. Sedate him and stick his body in the cooler after you take his clothes. Make sure the guard does not appear or you will have to restart. Poison the cake and holster the knife. Slit the guard’s throat on the balcony and dump the body off the side. Stash the knife in the cake and put any weapons that are detectable inside the crate. Go up the stairs to the top floor. You will be searched. Drop the cake. Take the knife and holster it. Pick up the cake. If a gator is in the bathroom, slit his throat. Go in the next room and, if the person is looking away, poison the whiskey. Put the cake in the next room on the table, then go to the room on the left and take the photos in the safe. There should be one or two gators remaining. Go to the guard that searched you and slit his throat. There may be one guard remaining. If there is, go into the room he is in alone and throw the knife at him. Then, go to the sailor suit and wear it. Go to the bottom floor and to the rescue boat, but do not get in. Instead, go up the stairs to the second floor and enter the room with the point of interest. When nobody is in there, pick up the FN2000 and put it in the case. Wear your suit and take the rescue boat. If done correctly, you should get a “Silent Assassin” rank and a FN2000. Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “Flatline”:Only? the standard equipment is required. When the level begins, walk up the main path until you find a policeman smoking. On your left is a bench with the admission paper on it. Take it and enter the building from the main gate, then go to the reception area and place the admission paper there. The nurse will unlock the door behind her and tell you to get in and change into a patient’s robe. Do so. Walk out of the room and go towards the big door where the policeman is standing. He will frisk you and let you pass. Once you’re past the door, turn left and go up the stairs on your left. Turn left again until you find Room A. Go inside and walk the other side to get on the balcony. Jump down the balcony to the lower level. On your left is a dumpster with a door on the left. Go inside to see a guard sleeping. Sedate him, drag him outside, steal his clothes, and dispose of his body in the dumpster. Get back inside and take the keycard from the desk next to the video monitor. Use the keycard to open the security door next to you. Continue going until you find another security door. Open it and go down the hall. Hide next to the window at the other side of the room. You will see two guards through the window. The first one is asleep and the other is patrolling. Save the game, then wait for the patrolling guard to leave then get in the room through the window. The following actions must be done as fast as possible: sedate the sleeping guard and drag his body towards the whiteboard on his and your right. When you reach the whiteboard, you will see a white box on your right where you can dispose his body. Take his clothes, then hide him. Go back to the window from where you entered and on the desk next to it is a cell key. Take it to gain access to the room where the patrolling guard entered, then go down the stairs. Check your map and locate the V.I.P. Go to his room and unlock the door using the cell key. Get in and talk to him. Select the action “Sedate agent”, making sure no one sees you sedating him. Leave the medical wing and go back to where you got the policeman’s outfit, then change into the patient’s robe again and climb the water pipe located on a column on your left. Do not go all the way up. Check the balcony in front of you for a bodyguard and wait until he leaves, then get on the balcony on your left. Enter in the first door you find. This is the room belonging to one of your targets. If he is in there, get behind him and kill him. He will not bother to tell you to leave so there is no need to sneak inside. If he is not there, hide in the bathroom and wait for him to appear. After you have killed him, drag him, and hide him in the bathroom. Get out on the balcony again and enter the next door (second in a row). That is Room A (your room). Leave it and go downstairs. Enter the room with the big globe next to the fireplace. Go to the globe while making sure no one is watching and open it. You will find a bottle of whiskey inside which belongs to your primary target. Poison it and leave. Go up the stairs on the left top corner of the room with the fireplace (the corner is on your left as you step in front of the fireplace looking towards the opposite wall). Once you are upstairs again, turn right and enter the second room on your left. You will be completely alone in this room. You can find a therapist’s uniform here. Wear it and check the map for the last target. Once you have found him, go to him and he will tell you that he will be waiting for you in your office. Follow him to the office where you will be alone to have him start talking to you. Get behind him and kill him. Use poison if this any remaining; otherwise use the Fiber Wire. Get out of the building from the door where you were frisked, then go towards the beginning of the level and enter the morgue. Give the antidote to the V.I.P, then go to the door with the exit sign and escape. Get police clothes on “Flatline”:When the mission begins, you will see a guard shack. Run to the side door and enter. When the cop tells you to leave, do so. Then, wait a moment and walk back in when he is walking the other way and doesn’t see you. Quickly sedate or kill him and take his gun and clothes. Also, check the gun box next to the door for extra ammo.Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “A House Of Cards”:No weapons are required, but can bring Silverballers to be safe. Go inside, move directly to the front desk, and speak with the person to receive a key card for room 701. Go upstairs to the elevators and enter the one on the left. Wait until the door shuts and climb to the top. Wait there for your first target as he will enter alone. Wait for the elevator to start moving and strangle him, then immediately jump down, grab the case he dropped, and jump back up before the elevator reaches the top. Take his key card and wait for the elevator doors to shut. Then, jump down, go to the seventh floor, and move to the other elevator. Have it go to the lobby then jump up on top before it reaches its destination. Wait until your next target to arrive. Once you have killed him, jump down and get off at the floor he was going to. Exit the elevator and take a right, then take another right and you will see a balcony. Go out on the balcony. Make sure nobody can see you and sedate the employee. Take his clothes and card. Dump him over the side of the balcony. Go downstairs to the casino. Enter the men’s room and wait until the guard is alone, then sedate him. Take his clothes and gun, then pick the lock on the other door and make sure nobody is in there. Stash the guard’s body in the cooler and go to the eighth floor. Enter the room with all of the guards and go into the bedroom. Drop all of your guns and call the number on the phone. Quickly return to the bathroom where you killed the guard and change clothes when nobody is looking. Go to the lounge and someone will check you. Go to the door directly ahead if the Sheikh has not come out yet. If he has, go back and do it all over again. If not, go through the door and go up the stairs. Make sure he is at least up the first set of stairs before you kill him. Once he is dead, go back to the elevator where you killed your first victim and get the briefcase. Leave to earn the “Silent Assassin” rank.Easy high rank on “The Murder Of Crows”:Only your standard equipment (no guns) is required. When the level begins, instead of following the man in the red bird suit, leave the hotel, turn right, and follow the street until you are heading north. Then, look for the door to an alley on your left (behind a music store). Notice the piano hanging in the air. Climb the items next to the dumpster without worrying about the two old men there. Also, make sure no cops or the female crow are watching. When you have climbed the boxes, proceed along the ledge to the stairs and jump across to the other landing. Walk along the ledge to plant a bomb on the wench holding the piano, Then get back down the way you came from and head back towards the hotel. Once you get there, notice the Blues Club opposite. There is an alley next door that you can go in. Enter and walk to the dumpster. Open the lid. The female crow will probably be there. Wait until she leaves. When she does, sneak up behind the waiter and sedate him. Take his clothes and dispose of his body. Then, go into the back of the Blues Club, through the bar, to the kitchen, and up the stairs. There should be a waiter making out with a girl on the landing. Go up to him and he will leave. Once he and the girl are downstairs, look through the keyhole of the door. Wait about thirty seconds to a minute. If you do not see Raymond (the male crow) walking from one side of the room to the other, then he is probably in the Salsa Club. However, enter the room and check to make sure he is not there. If you need to go to the Salsa Club, simply leave the Blues Club the way you entered. When you exit the alley, head right. Again, enter the club from the alley in the back and go upstairs. Be careful — the door in this building that leads to Raymond is not locked. Open the door but do not enter the room. Move the camera around until you can see the bright light. Note: You can also open the door and take a step in, remaining hidden behind the door, but this might not work past the “Normal” difficulty setting. If Raymond is here, he will be pacing back and forth in front of the light. Wait until he stops and talks on his radio, then sneak up and poison or strangle him. Take his suit and his radio. Do not let Raymond’s wife (the female crow) see you or she will know you are not Raymond and kill you. Raymond is usually in one of these two clubs, but sometimes he is in the others. Just work your way up the street past the Salsa Club until you find him. Once you have his suit on, do not leave the same way you came in the CLUB. Go out the fire escape, but make sure no police are watching. Go to the alley with the piano again, but make sure you take the southern road west and not the northern one so that you do not run into the other crow. Check your map and make sure she enters the alley before you do. Once she enters, follow her in, but not too closely. As she walks under the piano, detonate the bomb. When she is dead, go out the other door in the alley (next to the dumpster) and find a building across the street with guards in yellow bird suits. Enter it and go upstairs.. They will not stop or search you. The briefcase should have been delivered by now, but if it has not, wait for it. When it has been delivered, enter the office. It is easy to kill this target by sneaking behind him with fiberwire or poison while he walks to the couch, but you must be careful. The guard upstairs enters the office on short intervals so, if you make your move at the wrong time, he will see you killing his boss. This part might require some waiting. If you have a save available you might want to use it before killing the third target. Once he’s dead, dispose of his body in the container next to the closet, take the briefcase, walk out of the building, and escape. The guards might be suspicious of you with the briefcase, so don’t run.Dance on “The Murder Of Crows”:After acquiring a disguise for the Salsa, Rock, or Blues bar, move Agent 47 on the dance floor and allow the game to idle. After a couple minutes, he will begin to dance. To stop him, move the Left Analog-stick. Note: You can still move the camera.Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “A New Life”:Only your standard equipment is required. First, go to the back of the food truck when the delivery man is walking off and pick up the donuts, then take them around the corner so that nobody can see you. Put them on the floor and scroll through your inventory. Go to the “Sedative Syringe”, select it, look down to the donut box, and inject the sedative into them. Pick up the donuts again, put the syringe away, and go back to the food truck. Drop the box of donuts on the floor directly behind it. Walk away. The delivery man will pick up the donuts and take them to the FBI van across the road. Wait a short time. An short intermission sequence inside the truck will appear, showing the FBI agents falling asleep. Go to the back of the truck, open the door when prompted, and go inside. When inside the FBI truck, suit up as an FBI agent and steal the video tape, which is on the left side of the van as you go in. Do not pick up any weapons. Leave the vehicle. Go up to the front of the house and walk inside. Go out the back towards the shed, which is in the top right hand corner. Wait until there is nobody around. If the pool man goes in, do not be tempted to follow him or your suspicion bar will go into the yellow. When there is nobody around, pick the lock, go inside, and pick up the lighter fluid. Leave the shed, go right, and then go towards the pool. Over to your right is a barbecue. Go up to it to get the “Rig the Barbeque” option. Select I, then go inside the house and wait under the stairs. Stand around for a short time. A short intermission sequence will show a woman being burned alive. Once she is dead, go back outside and pick up the microfilm that she is wearing around her neck. Go back inside, then go up the stairs. Turn right across the landing, then go straight. Open the first door on your right, go in, and wait behind the L-shaped wall. If the main target is already there, wait for him to leave, then wait awhile for him to return. When he returns, make sure he has his back towards you then fibrewire him. When he dies, drag his body to the place you were hiding (the L-shaped wall). Then, sprint out of the house towards your escape as fast as possible. If done in a short time, you should get either a “Hitman” rating or “Silent Assassin” rank. Either way, you will receive $100,000 and, if you have already completed the game, you can purchase an additional upgrade to your custom weapons whenever you select a mission. Hidden “Slugger” rank on “A New Life”:To get this special rank, kill everyone, even the dog, with the baseball bat.Hidden “Insane Florist” rank on “A New Life”:To get this special rank, kill almost everybody with the neighbor’s hedge cutter. Kill the ones in the truck first so that they do not call for backup and to use it as cover. Note: You cannot kill the dog by doing this. Do not try since it takes health and will count as a witness if it sees you.Easy “Special Rating” achievement on “A New Life”:A minimum of ten headshots are required for this achievement, as well as a silenced sniper rifle and the foil case. In the “A New Life” mission, chooseyour sniper rifle as your only weapon. Walk around to the tree house at the end of the street where you find the air rifle. (It is at the exclamation point near the ladder in the middle of the map). Unpack your rifle and snipe every FBI agent that gets within your sights. Right after, two cars will arrive carrying more agents. Snipe these as well,making sure not to hit any civilians or the dog. You should end up with two guards remaining in the surveillance van out front, one at the front door, and one at the back door. Pack your sniper into the foil case and walk back to the surveillance van, but turn into the open garage on the left. Unpack and assemble the rifle in the back corner, dropping the rifle on the floor of the garage. Then, walk to the other side of the street, poison the donuts when no one is looking, wait for the caterer to deliver the donuts, and watch the intermission sequence. Enter the van when the jogger is out of sight and change to an FBI suit. Use the phone to call the witness. Leave the van quickly and pick up your rifle. Snipe the guard at the front door and look to the left. Snipe the witness on the phone in the living room window, then enter the house through the door to the left of the garage. Walk north to the bedroom with open window and climb out. Walk to the back corner of the yard and snipe the final FBI agent at the back door. Pack your sniper rifle up and enter the window again. Leave the case in the bedroom and get your sedative syringe ready. Find the wife of the witness running nerviously through the house and sedate her to take the microfilm necklace. Pickup your sniper case on the way out, change back into your suit you left in the surveillance van, andproceed to the exit to gain the achievement and read an interesting headline.Quickly get FBI clothes on “A New Life”:To do this normally, you would have to drug the donuts and feed them to the feds in the van. You would then see them get sick and pass out before entering the van again. Instead, as soon as you see them getting sick, you can enter the van. They are so sick that they will not notice.Body bag on “A New Life”:At the start, stick your mine in the catering case. The man will carry it out back later. When he is in the back, blow the case and watch the agents crowd around. One will say something along the lines of “Damn, not another one. I hate having to do this.” He will then put the man in a body bag and drag him into another room.Disposing of bodies on “A New Life”:Go down the street to the cul-de-sac en route to the lady gardening with the air rifle in her back yard. Go to the trash truck and throw a body in the back, then grab the lever on the side of truck and it will start to rev up. The back will close and when it opens, the body will be gone. You can drag and grind up every body on board.Tranquilizer darts on “A New Life”:Across the road from Vinnie Sinistra’s mansion is a makeshift vets surgery. When the woman crouches down to trim the hedge, run into the garage and pick the lock. On the table in the room is a packet of tranquilizer darts. Pick them up and leave without worrying if the woman sees you leaving her garage since she loses interest as soon as you are off her property. Run past the clown’s car to see a woman tending to a garden down the road. Sneak past her (although it does not make that much difference if she sees you) and climb the ladder in her garden into the tree house. On the table is an air rifle. 47 automatically puts the darts into the gun as soon as you pick it up. From the tree house you have a perfect shot at the clown, pool cleaner, various agents, and Vinny’s wife as they walk around the garden. One shot is enough to knock out any target. Note: If your shoot the agent and he takes out his gun, do not panic or shoot him again as he will drop off in a matter of seconds. Also use it on the dog.Kill target quickly with remote mine on “A New Life”:Get the donuts from the food truck and inject them with poison or sedative, then drop them outside the “undercover” FBI truck. Wait for them to die or pass out, then change into the FBI clothes and run up to the front of the target’s house. There is a window in front, to the left of the main door. Look through it to see a small table with a cell phone. Making sure nobody is looking, place a mine directly on the window (select the mine, enter first person view, then press?Fire?while aiming at the window). Run back to the FBI truck and use the computer inside to call the target. When he walks over toward the window to pick up the phone, detonate the mine. The explosion will go through the window and take out the target. If you do this fast enough, it will not matter if an FBI agent notices the mine and goes to investigate as he will also be caught in the blast. Your tension meter will remain at yellow until you finish the level due to the explosion. However, as long as you do not do anything really crazy, you should be fine. Use the lighter fluid/grill trick to get the necklace from the wife and you can get through the mission in under ten minutes.Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “Till Death Do Us Part”:Only two poison syringes are required. At the beginning, head towards the party and wait for the drunk guest to vomit. Go to the shed on the left and follow him into it. Wait for him to sit and fall asleep, then take his party invitation. Go to the main house and enter. Stay to the right of the stairs. If the bride is there, do not talk to her as this will take your time. Instead, keep going to the end of the foyer. To your right is the kitchen. Check your map to make sure no one is in it, or is going to it, or is behind you. As soon as it is clear, go in the kitchen and use the poison syringe to inject the wedding cake. Go into the room directly behind you while staying next to the wall so when the priest enters, he will not see you. Wait for the groom to come into the kitchen and take a bite from the cake. He will die at the kitchen door. When you are clear, go back in the kitchen, drag his body, and hide him in the container at the corner of the kitchen. Get out of the kitchen using the same way you came in, then go straight for the bathroom. Making sure no one is in there, pick the lock on the door next to the toilet room. Do not go into the reception area. Instead, keep going straight to the bathroom. To the left is a door that is locked. Make sure no one is in the bathroom and pick the lock. There is a guard patrolling the next hallway. Make sure he is walking away from the door as you open it, then run straight for the door in front of you just to hide for a little while. If you think you are fast enough and can make it for the stairs before the guard turns around, do that instead. Go up the stairs and to the left, staying as close to the wall as you can. There are guards just around the corner as you enter Pappy’s room through the door left of the stairs. Go in the room and find the area where the TV is located. Get your syringe out and ready and enter the closet. It is now just a matter of waiting. Pappy will eventually come up to the room to watch television. Come out and give him a dose of poison. Then, go back down the same way you came up. Make sure the guard does not see you coming down the stairs, as no one is allowed to the second floor. Use the same way to get out — through the bathroom, then directly to the outside. Walk, and do not run. Also, if you suited the drunk guest, put your suit back on to avoid the overages of suit retrieval. If your bar is a little yellow, it is acceptable as you will still get the “Silent Assassin” rank.Easy completion on “Requiem”:If you play the level by reviving Agent 47, it can be pretty tough to kill the guards all at once. The best way to kill as many as possible before reloading is to aim yourself to the left when waking. Take the single man sitting in the pew to your left first as you can aim at his head while you are rising. Work your way from left to right while going for as many headshots as possible. This is easier said than done as your Silverballers are stock. Once you have to reload, attempt to take cover outside or up the steps behind you. Make sure the guards with the MP7s are killed first, as they cause the most damage. Be careful because the leader of the Franchise in the wheelchair will also shoot at you. Controlling the ending:-After completing Requiem, the last level, let the credits play all the way through. 47’s body will be lowered underground. This level is playable. As the credits are playing, you can hear 47’s heart beat and his health bar moving to the rhythm of his heart beat. As the credits are playing, repeatedly tap Left Analog-stick Up quickly. You will notice that his heart begins to beat faster and that his health bar rises. When his health bar reaches full, he will rise up and you will have control of him. The objective is to leave no witnesses, so kill everyone.-47 can also be revived by rotating the Left Analog-stick quickly in any direction.Safe location on “Requiem”:As soon as you wake up, run to the south end of the church and look for two sheds. Run to the farthest shed from you and enter it. After a while, guards will appear but not attack. After they will go back, open the door and kill one or two guards, then quickly run back into the shed and close the door. Guards will once again appear, but will not enter the room. They will go back again. Once again, open the door, and shoot. Keep returning to the shed for protection. Note: Keep checking the maps for incoming guards. If guards are approaching, do not go outside. Repeat this until all the guards that are coming for you are dead. Afterward, go back outside and kill other witnesses who are in the mission.Easy “Silent Assassin” rank on “A Vintage Year”:No guns are required. When the mission begins, go backwards and then south along the back wall. Open the big doors and hop on top of the boxes, then over the wall. You should see a VIP guard go into the house. Sneak up on him, sedate him, and take his uniform. Go upstairs and stand by one of the doors (not the one in the middle). Making sure both of the guards are not looking, pick the lock. Go inside and find Delgado playing the cello. Fiber wire him and go out the door you used to enter, then get out of the mansion and go to the doors of the wine cellar/cocaine plant. The other Delgado will be talking to a friend. Follow Delgado into the cocaine factory, then out and into the other room where he seems to be doing lines of cocaine. Lure him over behind the barrels with coins and poison him. Hide his body in the case and go back into the factory, where you will find an elevator around the corner. Take it to the hanger and escape.Make bodies disappear on “A Vintage Year”:Drag all your corpses to the foyer in the hacienda and move them to the left beneath the stairs. The option to throw them over the rail will appear. The bodies will vanish and only be seen on your hanger map at the left of screen.Play piano on “A Vintage Year”:To play the piano, shoot it in different locations to make various sounds.Killing the Chad Bingham on “You Better Watch Out”:-Follow this method if you do not mind getting security after you or are able to do it without being spotted. While he is in the hot tub withwomen, shoot into the water. The bottom will fall out like glass with water rushing downward. It drops anyone onto the Pier Floor into the water for a near instant kill. This includes yourself, so make sure to not be in the water when you do this. This will check off that target as being killed as soon as he vanishes “down the drain”.-To kill the younger target, Chad Bingham, without being seen by anyone at all, use a silenced weapon(for example, silenced Silverballer or SPL40 Silenced). At the start of the level, walk over to the elevator with two Christmas guards and go inside, but do not go up. Wait until the doors are closed and climb the hatch. When the man with glasses and a big flashing heart on his jacket walks into the elevator, pull him up into the shaft and steal his clothes. When you get to the top there will be a man in a white suit. Ignore him and do a U-turn on the balcony. Walk forward to eventually see Chad in the Jacuzzi. Turn to your right. If you see another pool you have gone too far. Go back a bit until you see some double glass doors. Past them is a room full of people with a bar in the corner. There is also a passage with a heart similar to the one you are wearing. Walk past the guards and you should reach a cave-like area. Do another U-turn and there should be a door. Go through it and turn left, then walk along until you reach a corridor on the right with a man and a woman making out. When they see you, the man will leave. The woman will go into a room to her right and beckon you. Under no circumstances go in as she will definitely kill you. Instead, ignore and turn right. You will see a door. Make sure nobody is around and go through. There will be a series of stairs. Climb down to the very bottom. There will be some double doors to your right that lead to a balcony. Go onto it and look up to see the underside of the Jacuzzi. Shoot it once. If you do not have a silenced weapon, run because guards will hear the shot and find you. Otherwise, calmly walk away and proceed with the mission.Buying upgrades hint:It is possible to get enough money to buy all upgrades without purchasing anything else. Some upgrades are replaced by better upgrades, so you should only buy the ones that you are going to use. For example, there might be three levels of silencers but don’t waste money on the first and second upgrades, because you can only use the most powerful silencer.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKFirst Mission Complete (25 points) – Beat the “Death Of A Show Man” mission.Rookie Mode Complete (25 points) – Beat the game on Rookie.Normal Mode Complete (50 points) – Beat the game on Normal.Expert Mode Complete (75 points) – Beat the game on the Expert.Professional Mode Complete (150 points) – Beat the game on Professional.Silent Assassin (25 points) – Get a Silent Assassin rating.Normal Silent Assassins (25 points) – Get five Silent Assassin ratings on Normal.Expert Silent Assassins (50 points) – Get five Silent Assassin ratings on the Expert.Professional Silent Assassins (100 points) – Get five Silent Assassin ratings on Professional.Fully Customized Silverballers (25 points) – Purchase all custom Silverballer components.Fully Customized SMG Tactical (25 points) – Purchase all custom SMG Tactical components.Fully Customized SP12 Shotgun (25 points) – Purchase all custom Shotgun components.Fully Customized M4 (25 points) – Purchase all custom M4 components.Fully Customized W2000 Sniper (25 points) – Purchase all custom W2000 components.All Firearms Collected (100 points) – Collect all firearms and have them displayed in Hideout.Unlock Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt (5 points) – Unlock Tier 2 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop.Unlock Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt (15 points) – Unlock Tier 3 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop.Unlock Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt (20 points) – Unlock Tier 4 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop.Accidents Do Happen… (20 points) – Perform a successful accident kill.47 Kills In A Mission (20 points) – Beat a mission with exactly 47 kills.Notorious (20 points) – 47 is the World’s Most Wanted.Redemption (50 points) – At the end of the game, rapidly flick the Left Analog-stick in any direction while lying on your death bed. When you wake up, kill everybody.High Roller (50 points) – Earn $5 million.Special Rating (50 points) – Get 10 head shots.?

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