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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKShishin’s Technique (10 points) – Clear the game using Shishin. Kosame’s Technique (10 points) – Clear the game using Kosame. Gensuke’s Technique (10 points) – Clear the game using Gensuke. The Great Statue (5 points) – Destroy the Great Statue in Stage 3! Money Grubber (10 points) – Connected a 10,000 coin combo! Cash Fiend (20 points) – Connect a 30,000 coin combo! Grind for the Gold! (15 points) – Score 25,000,000 points! Pocket Change (15 points) – Collect 1000 coins during a boss battle.?
With love from Guwange-sama (10 points) – Suffer a noble defeat by Guwange-sama. True Diabolical Power! (50 points) – Destroyed Amagisu’s final form without taking damage. To New Heights… (25 points) – Scored 50,000,000 points. The Subjugation of Guwange-sama! (20 points) – Defeated Guwange-sama without taking damage.

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