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Infinite grenades(multiplayer):To get infinite grenades in multiplayer mode, first get some smoke or frag grenades. Take out your Lancer and do an Active Reload, then immediately switch to your grenades and while you are switching press B. Press RB either 5 or 10 times depending on the game. Throw a grenade. The ammo counter will read zero but you will be holding a grenade.Insane mode:To unlock insane mode, complete Campaign mode on Casual or Hardcore.Quick Reloading:When reloading your weapon, watch the upper-right corner of the screen for a meter that counts down. Press the reload button a second time when the meter’s moving bar matches up with the stationary bar. This will give you a super fast reload and put you back in the fight quicker than normal. However, if you miss-time the second button press your reload will take longer than normal.Avoiding the Kryll:In the second chapter of the game, you’ll be swarmed by enemy kryll if you so much as set foot in the dark. To avoid being attacked, stay in the light at all times. When there’s no light in sight, look for propane canisters you can blow up to create some flames that’ll scare off the kryll.Regaining Health:You can regain all of your health in Gears of War without the need for health packs. Stay in cover for a few seconds and watch as the bright-red gear in the center of the screen fades away. When the gear has completely disappeared, your health will b full.Wretches strategy:When fighting wretches, attack with melee strikes. The best melee strikes come from weapons other than your grenades and Lancer chainsaw rifle. The chainsaw attack is too slow to combat the swarming wretches, so stick to quick-hit melee punches for instant kills.Finding Cog Tags hint:There are thirty hidden Cog Tags scattered throughout the game. They’re small and sometimes hard to find, but there’s a a mark you can look out for that’ll make finding the Cog Tags easier. Look for large, red Gear logos pasted on the walls–if you find a room with this large Gear logo, examine the room and you’re sure to find a Cog Tag somewhere.Unlockable Gamertag Icons:Unlock three gamertag icons for your profile by performing the following tasks:1. Comple the game on the Insane difficulty level.2. Get 10,000 kills in ranked multiplayer matches.3. Complete any ranked versus match.Weapon Damage:This following is the damage each weapon does listed from Casual difficulty to Insane. After the firing damage is the melee damage listed in the same order.WEAPON – DAMAGELancer – 20, 20, 20, instant killHammerburst – 28, 26, 26 – 34, 31, 31Gnasher – 180, 180, 180 – 216, 540, 540Longshot – 350, 350, 350 – 420, 420, 420Boomshot – 525, 525, 525 – 315, 630, 630Torquebow – 708, 708, 708 – 850, 850, 850Snub Pistol – 50, 50, 50 – 60, 60, 60Boltok Pistol – 150, 150, 150 – 180, 180, 180Boss strategies:The following is a list of every Boss and the recommended strategy:SEEDERSYou should have the Hammer of Dawn, so just hit him with that. It should take about two hits, but watch out for the flying locusts they shoot out.BERSERKEROnce she appears (by running through a wall) immediately jet right into the next room, then go to the end of that room and there will be a closed door. You’re going to have to angle it so she will charge and hit the door, so once you think you’re ready, pop a pistol shot into her and she will start running at you. If you move away too soon, she will turn to try to follow you, so you have to wait till she is about 6 feet away then do a dodge roll (Left stick left or right A button) Continue to do that until you are outside, then get her to run towards you and do the dodge roll again, then take out the hammer and hit her with that? Rinse and repeat until she is dead.CORPSERI used the 6-shot burst rifle and the shotgun, so all you have to do is wait until he lifts up some of his legs (he will do it on either the left side or the right side) then go over to the lifted side and shoot him in his under belly (took 3-4 shots with the 6 burst gun) then he will like scream and raise his head up. You have to shoot him in the chin/neck and he will back up, follow him and keep doing what I said – after about two times of getting him to back up, wretches will come out, this is where I used the shotgun ( since the melee with the shotgun is a one hit kill to wretches). So do that, then go back to the corpser and shoot it in chest and then neck, so when he is at the very end of the giant hallway, he should be in a huge platform being held to the part that you’re on by clamps. Get his smash attack and have one of his leg s hit the clamp. Once both clamps are destroyed the cut scene will come, and the Corpser is dead.2nd BERSERKER(green house)All you have to do with his one is get her to hit apart of the wall ? it will break and sunlight will come through. Get her to that spot (or around it) in order to use the hammer of dawn.3rd BERSERKER(train)Get to the end of the train, there is a way to get the back part to open, – it?s either with a button or you have to get the berserker to run into the back, I don’t remember which, but once you get the back off, just have her run into it and she will fall off.RAAMSINGLE PLAYER: Get the sniper rifle and when the Kryll come off him head shot him, when he starts to get close run out and tag him with a grenade then got to the other side of the train and do again, you can use the machine gun if you run out of ammo, also at the opposite of your entering point there is an ammo crate. Do this till he?s dead.Emergence Day intro video:When the “Gears of War: Press Start” screen? appears, allow the screen to idle for a few of minutes and a video will begin to play about Emergence Day. Berserkers strategies:-In the final level, get the Berserker’s attention. Berserkers are blind and only go off smell and sound. Lead her all the way back to the very first train car. While she is still on it, immediately run off and press the button to release the car. Have fun watching the train car collapse while the Berserker goes with it.-Taking Berserkers out usually takes two hits with the Hammer Of Dawn. However, if you stick a grenade to them while they are still glowing red,? it saves the trouble of aiming again with the Hammer Of Dawn. This is easier with two players, but not too difficult to do solo.-After a hit with the Hammer Of Dawn, immediately hit it with a Torque Bow. It will go down with one bow, just like the Boomers. This is useful when playing in Insane mode where the Berserker sometimes may take four Hammer Of Dawn shots. Also, using a Torque Bow is much safer then trying to tag with a grenade.-Before you try to open the door that Jack has to “rip” that leads into the train car, shoot the fuel tank until black smoke starts to come out of it. After the Berserker appears, go back to the fuel tank. Note: The Berserker needs to be on the same car as the tank or any car behind it. Just throw a grenade under the fuel tank and make sure you are not on the same car. The tank will explode and will detach the car, killing the Berserker and sending the cars and everything on them flying.Boomers strategies:Boomers have rocket launchers that usually kill you in one hit. In order to kill them safely, take cover and wait for them to shoot first before you start shooting back. Just as they start reloading is the best time to shoot them since their gun has a very slow reload. After they reload, hide again and let them fire. Repeat this a few times to kill them. -Take cover and wait for him to reload, then use a sniper to shoot him in the head. It will explode after about three shots.-Take cover and wait for the Boomer to walk up to you, then let him fire so that he can reload. Once this happens, equip a grenade, run up to him, and punch him with it (and therefore stick it to him). Dive and roll out of the way. -With a Toque Bow, hold the trigger until you see the arc straighten. This indicates that the bolt will stick. Then, fire it onto the Boomer. It should kill them in one hit, even in higher difficultiesCorpsers strategies:In Act 3 (Belly Of The Beast), you and Dom must fight a Corpser with attacking Wretches. Note: This is easier in Co-op mode. After the intermission sequence, have yourself or the other player kill the attacking Wretches while the other person shoots at the Corpser on the body part closer to the ground. After the Corpser raises its legs in the air, aim for the neck and shoot it. After doing that about three times, he will back up on a platform. Repeat the process, but do not shoot him in the neck. Get near one of the platform’s latch. The Corpser will try to hit you but hit the latch instead. Wait for one side to break, then do the same for the other. An intermission sequence will start. In single player mode, do the same thing but you will also have to fight the Corpser and the Wretches a little more.-Walk across until the Corpser jumps down from the ceiling and you have to battle him. The quickest way to defeat it under any difficulty is to wait until he opens up his legs. When you see a gap, Roadie Run to his abdomen. A shotgun is recommended. Shoot him in the stomach until he arches back in pain, then shoot him in the neck. Repeat this until he flings you back as he moves away. Repeat this cycle until the “look here” icon appears, then shoot the couplings right when the Corpser is on top. Do not worry about the Wretches; allow your partner to take care of them. -A sniper rifle and Lancer
combination is the best to use. As soon as it lands, it will not move. Once it starts
moving its legs slightly, shoot its belly with the sniper rifle to make it expose its face. Using the
Lancer, spray at its chin. Repeat this process until it is on the plank. Once on the plank,
either you or your teammate can simply shotgun the latches and they will
open up. One shot should do it. If you do not have a teammate, shoot the latch yourself with the sniper rifle. This is slightly
easier with a teammate. Either way, this strategy will allow you to kill
the Corpser before the wretches come out, and give you less things to
worry about.Locusts strategy:Under the Hardcore and Insane difficulty settings, when you take cover and there are a lot of Locusts swarming you, make sure you choose your cover wisely and move to cover quickly. The locusts will move to your position when they can get a chance. When the Locusts soldiers (in the red and have Torque Bow) appear, you just have to only shoot at those and take cover while waiting. Be sure to shoot them before the gun lights up.General RAAM strategies:-When you reach General RAAM at the end of the last Act, he will have a Gatlin type gun and be surrounded by the Bird Locust. There will also be flying Locusts attacking from the side of the train ( just ignore them). You can only hurt General RAAM when the Bird Locusts leaves him and goes for you. Stay in the light or the birds can kill you. When you start fighting him, hide behind the first rectangular block that is directly in front of the doors you came from. He will start walking towards you and shoot at you. When the birds leave him, start shooting. Eventually he will get directly in front of where you are hiding. When he does, run around him and hide on the other side of the platform. Stay in the light as you run and hide,then continue shooting him until he dies. -Before facing General RAAM, make sure you have the Longshot (sniper rifle) and Torque Bow with full ammo–you can get the Longshot in the car before fighting RAAM, and ammo is also found there. When you fight RAAM, first tell Dom to cease fire so that he stays in safe. Apparently this stops RAAM from coming towards you. The only way you can hurt RAAM is when the Kryll (the bats around him) are not shielding him. Use the Torque Bow to get rid of the shielding Kryll, then take out the Longshot and give RAAM a lovely headshot. It is very important to reload rapidly. If you are lucky and can get a couple of active reloads, you can headshot RAAM twice before the Kryll shield him. Continue this process until RAAM is dead.-To defeat RAAM at the end of the game, simply duck behind the first blockade (the one you start at) while using the sniper rifle to shoot RAAM from a distance. Stay ducked until he gets to the other side of the block, then blind shoot whenever he sends the Krill guarding him to attack you. He is unable to shoot you at this spot. Just continue until he is dead. Also, do not worry about saving your teammate or shooting the Reavers as they are only distractions. -Get General RAAM off the Gatlin gun. When he starts walking towards you, let Dominic get his attention while you run towards the Gatlin gun and shoot him with it. This should kill him in seconds. Note: This is easier in co-op mode. Group kill hint:When you get the Torque Bow, shoot a Locust that is in a group in the head. After a few seconds it will blow up and kill all of them. Easy kills hint:For easy kills with the shotgun, get close to the enemy by diving or running. Then, press B to melee him. Fire the shotgun after the melee. If the melee and shot hit the enemy, he will die immediately. Closing emergence holes hints:-When an Emergence Hole opens up, toss a grenade into it to automatically close the hole, and therefore keep the Locusts from coming out. -The Hammer of Dawn makes easy work of Emergence holes. You must activate it by targeting an enemy first, and then aim it toward the Emergence Hole. -Fire a Torque Bow arrow into the hole, which can be difficult due to the straight line of fire given by the bow. However, if you are close enough to fire while the line of fire is arced, it is possible to make it into the hole. For the dead-eye player, a Torque Arrow stuck in the top of the hole will close it equally well. -It isn’t necessary to put an explosive in the hole– it only needs to hit very close to it. -When there is an Emergence Hole, take out your Lancer while over the hole and hold B. When you do this, the first thing and last thing each Locust sees when they emerge is your chainsaw going through them.C.O.G. tag locations:If you see the Gears logo (red skull and gear), it indicates that there is a C.O.G. tag somewhere nearby or in the same area, but not necessarily directly under it. The following is a list of areas followed by tags and their locations:-Act 1Prison AreaTAG – LOCATION1 – After you choose paths go straight ahead. The tag is under the logo.2 – In the room where the Locust cut through the door. If you are facing away from the door it is to the back of the right side.3 – When you enter the outside courtyard, go up the small staircase on your left. It is in the corner on your left.Trial By FireTAG – LOCATION4 – It is in the small courtyard after you exit the building. It is to the right of the Gears logo. Your team will point it out to you.5 – After you cross a bridge you enter a building will a lot of broken pillars. There are two Emergence Holes in this room. The tag is behind the second one in the grass.6 – This one is in the large battle area with the fountain in the middle. The tag is in the back left corner if you face the logo.Knock KnockTAG – LOCATION7 – When you enter the outside area (in front of the House Of Sovereigns) with lots of stairs, there is a van with a logo on it and a big hole to the left. If you follow the edge of the hole up, the tag is in that corner.8 – In the hallway where you fight all the wretches, the tag is in the left corner if you face the door Jack is ripping. It is easier to get it after killing everything.9 – You will enter a small room where you find the body of Rojas (a dead Alpha soldier). The tag is in the direct right corner after coming down the stairs. Its behind the column.China ShopTAG – LOCATION10 – Immediately after the Berserker intermission sequence, the tag is in the flaming area to one of your sides. There is a logo in there.11 – You must get the Berserker to smash down doors. In the third room before the final door, the tag is in the last alcove to your left if you are facing the door.12 – Once you get outside after tag #11, you will enter a courtyard. Go to the left and follow the wall. The tag is behind one of the broken blocks along the wall. You must get this one before you kill the Berserker.-Act 2Tick Tick BoomTAG – LOCATION13 – After you split up but later meet again, you reach a room with stairs in the middle. They lead to a couch. The tag is under the couch.14 – There is a room that you enter in which you walk on catwalks. After you leave this room, you go down some stairs that lead to the street. The tag is down under and behind the stairs.15 – When you come up on the stranded gateway (not in it but prior), there is a tag back behind the newspaper dispensers. There is a logo above it.Outpost16 – After the first checkpoint there is an outside area where an Emergence Hole appears. After that there is a shed to the left. There is a propane tank in it. Shoot the tank before going to get the tag in the shed.Lethal Dusk-Dark LabyrinthTAG – LOCATION17 – This one is in the area that you must use the spotlight and guide Dom. It is in far left corner of the street, next to a pile of rubble. Shine the light on the tag after Dom has pulled the switch.Dark LabyrinthTAG – LOCATION18 – After you exit a destroyed building, there is a tag to the right just around the corner. This is before you reach the gas station.-Act 3DownpourTAG – LOCATION19 – After you split up to find an entrance to the factory, you will reach an area outside. There are little shelters along the way. There is a shelter with an elevator in it. Behind it is a dock that leads out to sea. The tag is on the end of the dock.20 – It is in the room in which you must walk on the broken floorboards. It is in the far right corner. Make sure to stay on the metal beams to reach the tag.Evolution-Coalition CargoTAG – LOCATION21 – When you enter the room with the mine carts that you ride, go down the stairs and turn to the right. The tag is next to the stairs. Make sure to get it before activating the carts.Darkest Before DawnTAG – LOCATION22 – After you enter the caves on the drilling platforms, follow the path and stay to the right. Go down the right path and you will reach a steel door. The tag is in front of it.23 – A little bit after tag #22, you will enter an area where you will fight some Locust, and there is a small building to the right. The tag is to the right of the stairs leading to it.24 – After you and Dom split and meet, you will go down a narrow passage with Locust in it. After this you will see a Corpser moving to your left. There is a small ledge to your right. There is a tag on it. There is also some ammo at this location.-Act 4Campus GrinderTAG – LOCATION25 – When you enter the first area with a big fountain, look to the right. There are two small staircases. The tag is behind the second, or farther, one.Bad To WorseTAG – LOCATION26 – After you leave Delta 2 behind, you will reach a street with a car to one side and a walkway with a ton of columns on the other side. The tag is behind the left side of the car (if you are facing the car abd not the columns).Imaginary PlaceTAG – LOCATION27 – In the second section of the house you will enter an office-like room. It has lots of books and a desk. Destroy the desk. The tag is under it.-Act 5Train WreckTAG – LOCATION28 – This tag is just inside the door that Jack rips open. It is on the left side of the room.29 – This tag is on the floor just before you climb the ladder to the roof of the train.30 – Get to the second train car that you must drop the big tanks in order to cross. You should be on the right side of the car. There is a storage corridor to your left on the same car. You must go around to the left and into the storage room. The final tag is at the end of the corridor. Make sure to get the tag before you enter the next door. Clearing landing zone in Ashes-Wrath: While in Act 1, Chapter: Ashes-Wrath, you must go up a set of stairs to get to the roof of the building. On the roof there will be Troikas. You must pick off the Locusts down on the landing zone. Near the Troika, directly in front of the steps where there is a Locust already running it, is a Hammer of Dawn hidden in the grass. You can use the Hammer of Dawn to kill all of the Locust on the ground with ease.Easy completion of Last Stand:Once you reach the final chapter in Act 2 (Last Stand), you must fight off a group of Locusts. At the end, an Emergence Hole will appear with five Boomers inside. To kill them all with a single shot, get into cover and wait for a small metal sheet to fall into the hole. Behind the sheet is a gas tank that, when shot, will trigger a reaction in which a giant fuel tank rolls down over the gas tank, then fall and kill all of the Boomers in one shot. After doing this, Cole says “Yeah, burn biatches!”. Note: This will not earn you the Clusterluck achievement if repeated ten times. Dead man on toilet on Rooftops:On the multiplayer map “Rooftops”, to the right near of one of the spawn points, will be some broken windows in a building. Throw a smoke grenade or make an explosion in them to see a dead man sitting on a toilet. The window you should aim at is the one with the frames that are still unbroken. If there is a fence blocking your way, you are on the wrong spawn. “Clusterluck” achievement hints:-In Act 1 under the Casual difficulty setting, play the very first chapter “14 Days after E-day” until reaching the part where you are about to go outside for the second time–when the Locusts are about to break open the door. Run to the door that is not in front of them or you will die and make sure you have frag grenades equipped. When they break open the door, stick the very first Locust that comes through the door, then stand in front of him so he cannot run away. When the grenade explodes it should kill all three of the Locusts and you might survive. If you survived, make sure that you killed all three of them, then pause game play. Load the last checkpoint and do this ten times. You do not have to survive while trying to get this achievement.-Play the “Evolution” section of Chapter 3. After you rescue the stranded, you will reach a point where you have to cross wooden floor boards that may fall away. Cross all the way to the other side where the respawning grenades are located. Standing just at the edge of the planks, wait until a few wretches gather underneath and toss a grenade in the middle of the group. Refill your grenades as needed. To make it even easier, do this is co-op mode and have your partner stand on the planks while looking down into the pit.”Dish Best Served Cold” achievement hint:While playing Co-op mode with a friend, have him stand to the left side of the pipes just ahead of where you are and take cover. Have him shoot RAAM to get his attention. When Dom goes down and RAAM starts to come after you, he will be moving towards Dom. If done correctly, he should get stuck on Dom and not be able to move or send his Kryll out to attack you. You can now defeat him easily and earn the “Dish Best Served Cold” achievement. This is very difficult to execute and should not be attempted in Single Player mode.Various achievements hints:-Rather than completing the game three times, simply play it under the Insane difficulty to get the following achievements at once: all three achievements for each act, completing the game, the Broken Fingers, and A Dish Best Served Cold.-When playing online, search for a one round Warzone game with a round length of 1 minute. This is called an achievement match and can get free kills towards your achievements. Each player takes a turn. One person from each team will go to the opposite side of the map while his teammates stand behind and wait for a person from the other team to come over to them. The one player from the other team kills everyone, except for the one person who is killing on the other team. The other players must stand there and let him kill them any way desired. If you swing your smoke grenade or throw it, the person will down your teammates and you can revive them, so you can get your revive achievement. When there is only one person on each team remaining, wait for the time to run out so you can start again, with another person on your team turn taking their turn to unlock the achievements. -When starting a Co-Op campaign, instead of logging into your main Gamertag as player one, log in as player two. Doing this from the beginning or while replaying chapters will let you play as Dominic Santiago. There are quite a few achievements that you will unlock playing as him. Also, if you start as Dominic from the beginning, you will not gain any less points then you would as the main character and it will save you a lot of time. Online multiplayer hints:-When playing on Xbox Live, have a boomshot and a sniper in hand. When your enemy is taking cover, fire two boomshot bullets as fast as you can. They will think you are out of ammunition, so take out the sniper and aim at their position. As soon as they come out, get a head shot.-When a player is teasing you by ducking up and down behind cover, time his ups and downs. Just before he ducks, shoot but purposely miss. He will then come up again. When he does, quickly blast him. -Put away all your guns and say that you have nothing remaining–but have a sniper or other good weapon ready. Most of the time they will come for you.? Try to spot him and shoot him in the head.-“Roadie Run” directly at your opponent with your shotgun, and when you get close (a few feet away), release A and immediately shoot. You can get some easy kills by doing this. It works best if you sneak up on your enemy from behind.-On any small multiplayer map (like Mansion), to know where the enemies are located, go inside the door and throw a smoke. Other people may say something like “Incoming smoke!”, thus letting you know that the enemies are near. “About face” maneuver hint:’About face’ is when your character whips around 180 degrees quickly. To do it, hold Analog-stick Away to start walking backwards A for a short time. Then, release A when your character turns around to perform it. To avoid frag grenades or retreat somewhere quickly, keep holding A and Marcus will “Roadie Run” in the opposite direction. Two player path block:When playing in two player mode and you reach a hard part with a doorway, have one player die in the doorway. This creates a block that the Locust cannot get past. They will usually line up behind your dead partner, giving you a safe zone to easily pick off the queued up enemy. Once it is clear, just revive your friend and continue.Multiplayer execution moves hint:Do not perform an execution move (or curb stomp) during any multiplayer mode as you’re only exposing yourself to enemy fire power.Spinning kill hint:When close to a downed enemy, take out your chainsaw and hold the Right Analog-stick Right or Left to make yourself spin while you slice them in half.Revving your chainsaw:-When you have the chainsaw activated, hold B and tap RT to make the chainsaw emit a loud grinding sound. -When you are in melee combat, hold B and tap RT to saw through your opponent. Spotlight in Act 2:While playing co-op mode in Act 2, when you get to the part with the spotlight, have Dom (instead of Marcus) man it. Have Marcus turn on the generator. This will leave you with far less enemies to fight in this area.Flying car in Act 2:During Act 2 there is a part where you push a flaming car towards a machine gun turret, there is aa sniper in a building to the upper right, and a few extra Locust are around. Since Dom stays behind most of the time, he will most likely get eaten by Krill but only get downed. When you get to the flaming car, take out everybody but the Locust on the turret and press X exactly twice. Then, trick Dom into getting attacked by Krill so he gets downed. After that, press X slowly until the Krill fly out of the “sewer”. Wait? a couple minutes for the Locust on the turret to highly damage the car. It will never explode. Then, press X slowly, then as fast as possible. Keep tapping X when the wall stops you. After a few minutes of tapping X, the car should tip to the left then move to the side that is still on the ground. Repeat this until it floats away. The flames will remain. If done correctly, the machine gun turret’s bullets will spark and bounce off where the car should be. The car will fly over the moon, then to the building behind. You will get eaten by the Krill. Shoot Dom with any gun in the head to make him get up. Finish the fight and he will slowly come back to you, getting downed then getting up and running over repeatedly.Mystery wretch in Act 3:On the part where you regroup with Baird and Cole in the factory after opening the two gates, go through the left one and look up at the ceiling to the right of the cart cables. Baird will say “I saw something… above!” and a wretch will pop out of nowhere. Stuck in Co-op Campaign in Act 5:Toward the end of Act 5 on Co-op Campaign mode, after using the Troika Gun Turrets to defeat the Reavers, have a player climb down the ladder and walk to the nearby door (as if about to start the intermission sequence). Then, have the other player climb down the ladder, but climb immediately back up as the other player enters the door to start the intermission sequence. This will lock the ladder and trap the player up the ladder with the turrets. The other player will not be able to continue any further or climb back up to join the other player. Leave level boundary on Angry Titan:On Angry Titan, when you are trying to kill the Corpser, get the Corpser back to where you have to make him smash the clamps–but don’t let him smash them. When he does the move where he holds up three of his legs, stand as far as you can off the left clamp. When he hits near the clamp, you will fly off the map into the lava and will be able to walk around. However, you will only be able to go a set distance until he roars and sends you back into the front of the lava pit. This will require several attempts. When you finally do it you, can still kill the Corpser. This will not work if the Corpser smashes the clampLeave level boundary on Clocktower:Host or join a game online at Clocktower, then go to the middle area of this map (not upstairs). Go to the east or west area of the middle area, depending on your spawn point, and go to the larger area that is a bridge. You will see a pickup truck with a weapon in the back. Take cover on the back of the truck, in front of the bed, then wield your lancer and blindfire it into the bed of the pickup truck. Then, do a bad active reload. While bad active reloading, jump into the bed of the pickup. If done correctly, you will fall off the bridge and can run around under the map in the river. Note: This may require a few attempts. Get under the level on Fuel Depot:Walk into the large warehouse in the middle of the level. Walk in front of it see a large shelf with a few racks on the left side, in the middle of the warehouse. Shoot all of the loose objects off the shelf until you see a small yellow object. Look closely behind the shelf to notice a small indentation that leads to the left that you can climb on top of, leading you to a higher platform. Kick the yellow object into the top left corner of that indentation, then take cover against the object. It will appear as if you are taking cover against a wall. Climb over the wall and you will be under the level. Note: Once under the level you cannot get out. Leave level boundary on Gridlock:You can fall into darkness on Gricklock just like on Clock Tower. This can be done at all three trucks, but is best if you try not to do it at the one closer to the spawn where you must turn right, as it is “lower” than the others. While you are in darkness, it is possible to reappear on the map by looking down and walking in any direction. Note: This is not guaranteed to happen. If you reappear, it will be at the ledge of the map, near the plant boxes.Dancing Locust on Imaginary Place:Host a private coop game online. Note: You must have someone that knows what they are doing, and if you do single player the CPU will engage the Locusts. Once you have a friend in the room, work on the campaign or just load the chapter ‘Imaginary Palace’ on Act 4. Make sure you have a sniper rifle. When you first get inside the mansion, clear three Locusts upstairs and plug up an emergence hole downstairs. Afterward, go in the back of the house to get to the secret labs. Once there, reach a gate that you must use the wheel to open by turning it. Once it is open, stop. Your partner must not engage the Locusts– have them just sit back and relax. You must travel down the stairs until you reach two Locusts. One will be trying to kick open the door leading to the wine cellar while the other will be just sitting back. Sit in the doorway of this small room and make sure you have your sniper rifle out. Get a headshot on the Locust while? trying to kick the door open. The Locust who is sitting back will run start dancing back and forth between the door the now dead Locust was trying to kick open, and the southeast corner of the room. You may have to do this a few times until this happens. Leave level boundary on Subway:To get out of the Subway map in multiplayer mode, find the rock staircase by one of the buildings and look for a concrete block facing the middle of the staircase. Run along the right side of it and tap A to roll onto the rocks. Then, go to your left and tap A again or walk onto the staircase. Go to the top and walk to your left. Walk through the trees and over the rocks.Leave level boundary on Train Wreck:Play on co-op and reach the point where the Berserker arrives. Have one player travel to the back while the other goes near the button. Wait until the Berserker kills the player at the back of the train, then press the button. When this is done, your friend will respawn out of the level boundary. He can shoot and walk around, but will eventually die. You can reach the checkpoint before he dies and can bring him to the checkpoint. Float in mid-air on Tyro Station:On the multiplayer map Tyro Station, there are stairs on each side of the train tracks. On one of the sides, take cover at the wall across from the top of the stairs and move the Analog-stick Forward. It will show that you can jump over. When you jump over and land, remain still and you will start floating up. Wait a while and you will be able to walkaround on top of the wall. Leave level boundary on Tyro Station:Go to where the Torque Bow is found (on default weapons), then take cover on the wall away from the train tracks and run back and forth on the little “C”-shaped wall part until you “pop” up. Press A to get off the wall, then walk along the “invisible” wall away from the level. Do not worry as you cannot fall off. When you go back slightly, you can see to your left or right (which ever side you went on) behind the rocks. Go to one of the giant pillar objects and tap A in a diagonal direction to dive. You should get through. If desired, you can get through to where it is all black. You will fall for about a minute and end up on top of the grenades, and thus will die.Climb out of train tracks faster on Tyro Station:While in the train tracks on Tyro Station, you can normally get out by climbing up–provided the wall is not blocked. If you go into cover, click the Right analog-stick to crouch, and press Up A behind a wall blocked by sandbags, you can climb through them. This allows for a rapid escape from the oncoming train and to catch opponents off guard. Note: A great place to test this is near the middle of the tracks where there is a structure with the small roof with the sandbags between the two pillars. There is one on both sides.Blocked open door glitch:When trying gain access to the courtyard in the back of the Fenix Estate, you will encounter a door that can be kicked but won’t open. If you use the Torque Bow to fire an arrow at the lower left-hand corner of the door, you will trigger the propane tank that is on the other side, but not set it off. Now, kick the door again and it will open. You can now use a grenade to seal off the Locust Emergence Hole as well as grab the ammo that is in the courtyard. Then, head back out and go up the stairs to the left of the door. Go around the hallway and to reach the two big open windows. Press Y to zoom in on the door and it will still be wide open, but the game will say that it is blocked. This also works with the frag grenade, but it is difficult to do because of the grenade bouncing off the walls.Chainsaw goes through anything:Your Lancer’s chainsaw ability can go through anything if you get close to it and rev it up, including doors, walls, and boxes. Make an enemy explode with the chainsaw:Run up on an enemy and have the Lancer in your hands while pressing B to chainsaw them. As soon as you start to chainsaw them, press RT Y. You can now run around while they explode. You can also be host while doing this.Shoot blanks glitch:With your Lancer out, fire a few bullets and active reload while pressing RT RB B. If your Lancer is shooting “blanks”, immediately switch to your shotgun. Fire one shot and if it does not register, you have done the glitch. You can also do this with a pistol, except switch to your pistol when your Lancer is shooting blanks. Increase weapon damage until all of your ammo runs out:Take out your pistol, fire one shot, and switch to your shotgun. The moment you switch to your shotgun, hold RB until you get the reload screen on your shotgun. Get an active reload and all of your weapons (and not just your shotgun) will have bonus damage permanently. This can be repeated. However, you must make sure that your pistol cannot be reloaded (i.e., the ammo in your clip is full). Remote detonate chainsaw with the shotgun:This trick works after the second patch. Have your Lancer out and find a weapon that is sitting on the ground, then pick up the weapon and stand over the Lancer that is now on the ground. Immediately press B X, but only once. If your controller does not rumble, you have not done it correctly. If your controller did rumble and blood has started shooting at your screen, switch to your shotgun and fire only once. No ammo should have been wasted. To everybody else, you will only be walking around with your shotgun out. However, as soon as you touch someone on the other team, they will convulse as if being chainsawed but will not die. When you switch back to your Lancer, they will explode. If you get killed before that happens, then they will still die. Until you make them convulse, do not roll or roadie run. The glitch will make you get stuck. No gun glitch:You must not be host for this to wok. To drop your gun, walk up to a weapon that you can swap with (cannot be grenades or a pistol) and hold X. Immediately after you press X, hold B. This will cause you to drop your gun. While you have no gun in your hands, you cannot shoot or punch– but you can still switch weapons. Rapid fire Longshot, Boomshot, or Torque Bow:With a Longshot, Torque Bow or Boomshot, fire the weapon. When the active reload bar gets to the broad area, press RB B and immediately fire the weapon. If done correctly, you can keep shooting without reloading. The shots from this glitch do not do any damage, but can be a distraction.Super jump glitch:Note: You must be online and not the host. Take out your Lancer and stand a few feet away from a cover object you can jump over, then press Forward while tapping A B. If done correctly, you will super jump over the object. Sometimes the glitch will cause you to jump over nothing at all.Crabwalking:This glitch allows you to run and shoot at the same time. However, it may take a few attempts to master it. Also, this glitch only works at Gridlock and you must not be the host. Run out of the little area you start in and notice the boxes that can serve as cover on your right or left, depending on which side you are on. It is the side always next to the ocean. Take out your Lancer and move towards any one of the three boxes. You should see some stairs where the bottom of the box meets going up toward the top of the box. Look at the far corner of the box and run towards it, then press A B. If done correctly, you should be at the corner of the box taking cover, but you should be floating in the air above the stairs. Then, tap the Left Analog-stick Down. You should be crouching above the corner of the box while still in the air. Next, move the Left Analog-stick to the outside of the box, but do not tap it. At the bottom of your screen, you should see a picture of your character rolling out of cover. When this appears, tap A. Your character should just move slightly, but still be in cover. Now, hold RT to blindfire shoot. It should take awhile for it to finally shoot but, once it does, get out of your cover by moving Left Analog-stick. Do not dive out of cover. You should be out of cover and, if you move, your character should be shaking. This is supposed to happen. To you, it looks like you are just shaking, but to your opponents and teammates, it looks like you are running. You can now shoot and run at the same time to fake out your opponents. However, do not press A, B, X, or Y. You can only shoot, reload, and move, but this is extremely effective.-It is also possible to crabwalk on the Clock Tower map, where the Boltok pistol spawns .Kick downed player:When online, if you down a player, press X B to kick them. Note: The host can only do this once.Kung-fu flip hint:This trick can only be done online and as long as you aren’t the host. Take out your pistol (recommended) or another weapon besides a Lancer and take cover over something you can jump over. Hold the Right Analog-stick so that the camera is over your head, then release it while holding the Left Analog-stick Up. While still holding Left Analog-stick Up, quickly move it Down and press A and the same time. Your character should look as if he is hovering and walking backwards. Keep holding the Left Analog-stick Down, then press A B. This cannot be done too fast or slow; the timing must be perfect. Your character should flip up in the air. Note: The best place is to try it in is Gridlock, at the side near where the river is are three ledges. Try the trick on the last ledge closer to where you spawn on the western side.Bloody lancer glitch:When you have a lancer equipped, pick up any other gun and walk back over your lancer– but do not pick it up yet. Immediately press B, X, A. If done correctly, your character will have the lancer sound playing and will look bloody for a few seconds.Keep train car doors open:You can make one of the two doors on the train car before the fight with General RAMM stay open. Open either door and go to the other door. As the screen darkens, press X to open the door. Note: You must allow the screen to darken first before pressing X. The door will stay open during your fight with General RAAM. You can go back to collect ammo and/or weapons, but the Kryll that appear from the sky can get you while you are in this train car. When Dom says “Kryll”, you will die if you stay in this train car.Multi Chainsaw hint:Two or three players can chainsaw the same target. It looks pretty funny to the players on screen.Invisible man glitch:This trick works on any level on Campaign or Co-op mode. Take out your sniper and press LT X B click Right Analog-stick. Note: You may need to repeat this for it to work.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKPrison Breakout (10 points) – Completed tutorial level on any skill level.Completed Act 1 on Casual (10 points) – Complete Act 1 on Casual.Completed Act 2 on Casual (10 points) – Complete Act 2 on Casual.Completed Act 3 on Casual (10 points) – Complete Act 3 on Casual.Completed Act 4 on Casual (10 points) – Complete Act 4 on Casual.Completed Act 5 on Casual (10 points) – Complete Act 5 on Casual.Mercenary (10 points) – Completed all acts on Casual.Completed Act 1 on Hardcore (20 points) – Complete Act 1 on Hardcore.Completed Act 2 on Hardcore (20 points) – Complete Act 2 on Hardcore.Completed Act 3 on Hardcore (20 points) – Complete Act 3 on Hardcore.Completed Act 4 on Hardcore (20 points) – Complete Act 4 on Hardcore.Completed Act 5 on Hardcore (20 points) – Complete Act 5 on Hardcore.Soldier (20 points) – Completed all acts on Hardcore.Completed Act 1 on Insane (20 points) – Complete Act 1 on Insane.Completed Act 2 on Insane (30 points) – Complete Act 2 on Insane.Completed Act 3 on Insane (30 points) – Complete Act 3 on Insane.Completed Act 4 on Insane (30 points) – Complete Act 4 on Insane.Completed Act 5 on Insane (30 points) – Complete Act 5 on Insane.Commando (30 points) – Completed all acts on Insane.Time to Remember (10 points) – Recover one-third of the COG tags.Honor-Bound (20 points) – Recover two-thirds of the COG tags.For the Fallen (30 points) – Recover all of the COG tags.My Love for You Is Like a Truck (30 points) – Defeat a Berserker on Hardcore.Broken Fingers (30 points) – Defeat a Corpser on Hardcore.A Dish Best Served Cold (30 points) – Defeat General RAAM on Hardcore.Zen and the Art of Reloading (10 points) – Perform 25 perfect active reloads.Zen and the Art Part 2 (20 points) – Perform 5 perfect active reloads in a row.Clusterluck (20 points) – Kill 3 enemies at once 10 different times.A Series of Tubes (20 points) – Host and complete 50 ranked matches.Dom-curious (10 points) – Completed 1 Co-op chapter as Dominic Santiago.Domination (20 points) – Completed 10 different Co-op chapters as Dominic Santiago.I Can’t Quit You Dom (30 points) – Completed all acts in Co-op as Dominic Santiago.Don’t You Die On Me (10 points) – Revive 100 teammates in ranked matches.Fall Down Go Boom (20 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Boomshot.Pistolero (20 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a pistol.The Nuge (20 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Torque Bow.I Spy with My Little Eye (20 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Longshot.Don’t Hurt ‘Em (20 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Hammer of Dawn.It’s a Massacre (10 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the Chainsaw.Curb Appeal (20 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with the curb stomp.Capital Punishment (20 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with an execution.Is It A Spider (30 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with grenade tag.The Money Shot (20 points) – Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches with a headshot.Always Remember Your First (10 points) – Finish playing a versus ranked match.Don’t Hate the Player (10 points) – Finish with the highest points in a ranked match.Mix It Up (30 points) – Win a ranked match in every versus game type.Around the World (30 points) – Win a ranked match on every versus map.Can’t Touch Me (20 points) – Win 10 ranked matches without losing a round.Seriously… (50 points) – Kill 10,000 people in versus ranked match total.All That Juice(Requires Annex mode

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