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Bobblehead locations:Collect hidden Bobbleheads in the corresponding locations to add 10 skill or 1 stat:StatsAgility: Greener pastures disposal, in the officeCharisma: Vault 108, in the cloning labEndurance: Deathclaw sanctuary entranceIntelligence: Rivet city, on table in the science labLuck: Arlington cemetery north, in the basement below the stairs in the arlington housePerception: Republic of dave, on a bookshelf in the museum of daveStrength: Megaton, in lucas simms houseSkillsBarter: Evergreen mills – market bazaarBig Guns: Fort constantine – CO quartersEnergy Weapons – RavenholdExplosives: WKML broadcast station – sealed cisternLockpick: Bethesda – Bethesda offices eastMedicine: Vault 101 – Dad’s deskMelee Weapons: Dunwich building – virulent underchambersRepair: Aerefu – Evan kings houseScience: Vault 106 – Living quartersSmall Guns: National guard depot – National guard armorySneak: Yao guai tunnels – Yao guai denSpeech: Paradise falls – Euology’s padUnarmed: Rockopolis – Head directly west from casey smith’s garage, look for tattered banners strung upV.A.T.S.:To survey the area around you for foes you missed, hit the VATS button repeatedly as you make your character spin.Surviving falls:To survive a jump off of a really high building activate V.A.T.S. just before you land and attack something.Unlimited good karma in Megaton:Go to Megaton, where you’ll find the church for the Children of the Atom. Go to the priest who is by the bomb or in their building. Give him donations, and you?ll get karma.Increasing your experience:To quickly increase your experience, set the game’s difficulty to very hard; next, hack the computer or do some lock picking.More space:When running out of inventory space, find a companion character to help you.Locating Dogmeat:To find Dogmeat, go to the scrapyard, northeast from megaton, and over the river.Stowing goods on dead bodies:Place your own goods onto a corpse and get them later.Clover the slave girl:At Euology in Paradise Falls you can buy a slave girl named Clover. She costs 1000 caps and uses a knife and sawed off shotgun.Gifts in Megaton:To get random people to give you gifts every time you return to Megaton you must own a house in Megaton and have a rating of at least Paladin.The terrible shotgun:To unlock the terrible shotgun, go to Evergreen Mills near Casey Smith’s gas station and kill Smiling Jack. It does around 80 damage when fully repaired.Infinite mutant karma:Go to big town at night; The town will be attacked from a super mutant raiding party; slay each super mutant to acquire more karma.Conserve your AP:When battling a foe or group of foes, aim at them in VATS, but don’t shoot. You’ll keep your AP but still be aiming at the part of the foe’s body you were in VATS.Hidden sniper rifle cache in Megaton:There is a sniper rifle and other supplies hidden in a rock near Megaton.Infinite experience points:To earn easy experience points, go to Craterside Supply in Megaton with a few frag mines. Place a mine close to the wall that the mercenary is leaning against. Quickly pick it up to earn 5 experience points. Repeat as desired.Easy XP and caps:To get easy XP and caps, save all pre-war books you find and go to the Arlington library. At the southeastern corner there is an NPC that will buy them for 100 Caps each. In addition you will gain 10 experience points for each book sold.Fat Man Gun passcode:To get the Fat Man gun passcode, collect all of the Keller family transcripts. The Fat Man gun shoots eight mini-nukes at once.Ghoul mask:To unlock the Ghoul mask, complete the Tenpenny Tower quest. The Ghoul mask makes Feral ghouls completely ignore you.Pimp clothing locations:Find the following articles of clothing in the corresponding locations:CLOTHING – LOCATIONTenpenny – Tenpenny tower.Eulogu Jones – Paradise falls.Shadey Hat – Wasteland survival guide mission.Mr. Burke – Megaton or pre-war business wear.Prototype medic power armor location:Set the difficulty to “Very Easy”, and go to Old Olney in the northeast section of the map. On the southern-most street of the town is a grate on the sidewalk. Step on it, and it will open out from underneath you. Go through the sewers and you will find a ladder on your left. Keep going straight to find a brotherhood of Steel Initiate wearing the armor. The armor talks and will inject you with med-X when your limbs are crippled.T-51b power armor location:After completing the “You’ve Gotta Shoot Them In The Head” mission return to Mr. Crowley once you have all four keys. Follow him out of underworld, and take back the keys. Go to Fort Constantine and enter the little house on the left named the “CO Quarters”. Go downstairs, and use the key on the “launch control bunker” door. You will find doors for all the keys. The T-51b is in the last room under glass. Use the computer to free it.Floating Brahim glitch:Go to Megaton. Down the slope will be a Brahim on the right. crouch up beside it after it sees you. Press action on it repeatedly which will push it, making it suddenly float up in the air.Unlimited Caps and supplies:To get unlimited Caps and supplies, you will need around 3,000 caps and two of the same weapon; one weapon in very good condition and the other in bad condition. Go to the merchant and purchase everything desired. Then, sell the merchant both of the weaopns. Buy back the cheap one and then sell it back. The merchant will give you the weapon in good condition every other time that you sell it and buy back the cheap one. You can now sell it back to the merchant for 3x what you bought it for. Repeat this until you have all you Caps back and everything that the merchant owns.Easy items:To easily get items, you will need a Sneak skill of 60 or higher. Go to Fort Independence with some scrap metal and speak to Protector Casdin. Tell him that you have junk(scrap metal) that you want to give to him. He will then offer you 5.56mm rounds, Stimpaks, RadAways, and frag grenades. Save the game. Steal the scrap metal back from Protector Casdin and then sell it back to him again to repeat the process.Hacking, Speech, and Stealing:In case you are to fail when hacking a computer, pick pocketing, lock picking, or starting a dialogue with a Speech bonus, make you save the game before attempting it. If you fail, then simply reload the saved game file.Lock Picking Tip:To avoid breaking bobby pins when attempting to pick a lock, before the bobby pin is about to break, exit that screen and then return to it.Stealing Tips:-To steal an item when there are a lot of people around, get it in your crosshairs and the pick it up. Then, walk to an area without any people, drop it, and steal it. For example, use the Bottle Cap Mine in the Craterside Supply on the work bench, pick it up, then drop it at the end of the desk to the right, next to the two metal boxes. Enter Sneak mode, get next to the desk once your indicator says hidden, and steal it.-To steal items without getting caught, get in Crouch mode when the “hidden” description is displayed on the screen. Some heavily guarded items require a high Sneak skill; use the “Grab” ability to steal those items. Then, move to a darker part of the room until “detected” changes to “hidden”.Pick Pocketing Bombing:Place a grenade or mine in someone’s pocket and it will become live; exploding after a few seconds.Extra weapons in Operation: Anchorage DLC:When in control of your strike team, you can get weapon loadouts from a terminal. Give the weapons to the Quartermaster, and return to the terminal to get anouther loadout. Drop all the weapons and talk to the Quartermaster; he will give you the weapons back, but without ammo. Go to the ammo dispenser to restock and pick up the dropped weapons. Repeat as desired.Infinite Experience in Big Town:To get unlimited Experience in Big Town, perform the following steps. You must have a high Speech skill:1.) – Go to Big Town and find the NPC named Pappy.2.) – Select the dialogue choice ?You came here with Bittercup, right?? If this dialogue choice does not come up, find Bittercup, exhaust all of her conversation chains, and then try speaking with Pappy again. [Speech 100%] should appear next to the dialogue choice if your Speech skill is at its highest.3.) – Selecting the dialogue option successfully will earn you six experience points. Repeat as desired.Cheaper Stimpaks:Instead of paying 37 Caps or more for Stimpaks, go to Tenpenny Tower. Go to the bar, save the game, hack the terminal, and activate the 50% VIP Discount and 10% Holiday Discount to get everything on the menu for what it is worth. You will be able to purchase the following items for the corresponding Caps:ITEM – CAPSBeer – 2 CapsStimpak – 25 CapsVodka – 20 CapsWhiskey – 10 CapsWine – 10 Caps Extra inventory space:-You can use your followers to store extra inventory. Just trade them what you don’t need.-You can also place items onto enemy corpses. Since the corpses remain almost indefinitely, you can drop items onto the corpse of an enemy and return at a later time to recollect them.Avoid exceeding weight limit:If you more items than you can carry, grab a 55 gallon drum and drop the items inside it. You will be able to carry the drum. You will have to pick up the drum again when you reach your destination.Followers:There are 8 followers in the game. You must have a certain Karma level for most of them. Get the following followers in the corresponding locations:FOLLOWER – LOCATIONButch – In Rivet City, after completing Trouble on the Homefront [Neutral Karma]Sergeant Rl-3 – A robot who can be bought of a wasteland wandering salesman named Tinker [Neutral Karma]Fawkes – Must be saved in Vault 87 [Good Karma]Star Paladin Cross – Found in the Citadel [Good Karma]Jericho – Found in Megaton [Evil Karma]Clover – A slave bought in Paradise Falls [Evil Karma] Charon – A ghoul whose contract must be purchased Ahzrukhal in The UnderworldDogmeat – A dog found in the Scrap YardUnique Weapons:The following is a list of unique weapons and how to obtain them:The VengeanceIn the Deathclaw Sanctuary (northwest corner of the world map), follow the caves down and be prepared for many a Deathclaw encounter. In the southeastern corner of the caves is a pool of blood under a column of rock. In this pool there is a heap of gore with the Vengeance, an overpowered Laser Gatling Gun.Waser WifleAfter getting access to Little Lamplight, you?ll find a child named ?Biwwy? who will sell you the Waser Wifle, an augmented Laser Rifle, for 500 caps. If you have the Child at Heart Perk, you can get it for free (choose ?You said you didn?t need it, why not just give it to me for free??).Abe Lincoln?s Repeater RifleEnter the Museum of Natural History and go to the lower levels. In the Museum Offices, there is a central room with a gun case. Lincoln?s Repeater Rifle is here, a strong Hunting Rifle that uses .44 rounds.The KneecapperIn Girdershade, in the southwest corner of the world map, the town letch, Ronald, has a Sawed-Off Shotgun named the Kneecapper. You?ll have to kill him to get it, passively (via a pissed off radscorpion) or actively (a shot to the head).Terrible ShotgunIn Evergreen Mills, in the southwest corner of the world map, you?ll find a heavily protected raider hideout, including a Super Mutant Behemoth. Inside the center building is a series of caves where the raiders have set up a brothel and a bar. One of these raiders won?t attack you, and his name is Smiling Jack. He?s a trader, but you should trade him a bullet to the head for his Terrible Shotgun, a better Combat Shotgun.The FirelanceOne random event while exploring the capitol wastes is an inexplicable explosion. Head to this area to find the Firelance, a souped-up Alien Blaster and some scattered ammo.Jack the RipperThis upgraded Ripper can be found at the lower-middle of the S-shaped map of the Deathclaw Sanctuary. It?s on a dead Enclave Officer in a pile of bodies, next to a giant ant.Sydney’s 10mm “Ultra” SMGInside or just the outside Museum of History in Downtown DC you’ll find a Super Mutant-fighting Ghoul named Sydney. She asks for help defending the area from Super Mutants. You can help her and if she dies, take her “Ultra” SMG or just kill her and steal it.A3-21’s Plasma RifleIn the “Replicated Man” sidequest, don’t to turn Harkness in to Dr. Zimmer. Instead speak with Harkness and chose to unlock his repressed memories. Once you do this, speak with him again and tell him that he should not kill Dr. Zimmer, but instead tell him to run away. He will thank you and give you his old (albeit more-powerful) Plasma Rifle! You may be able to kill him for it too.Smugglers EndOnce you gain access to the Brotherhood Citadel you can take, search or lockpick anything that you want. When you are in the Solar room you can lockpick the Elder Lyons safe (if your lockpick skill is high enough) and find 300 caps, other misc. items and Smugglers End, a powerful laser pistol.O1′ Painless rifleIn the Republic of Dave, in the northeast corner of the world map, kill Dave to get his key and access to his safe. Inside is the Ol’ Painless Rifle.Xuanlong Assault RifleThis powerful Chinese Assault Rifle is located on the body of Jiggs in the diner ner the Jury Street Metro Station. This location can be discovered via the Museum of Technology mini quest, Jiggs’ Loot.Reservist’s RifleThis is dropped by the Drifter in Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel (upper west of world map). It is an augmented sniper rifle.Victory RifleThis augmented Sniper Rifle is in a Very Hard locker in the Sniper Shack to the west of Rockbreaker’s Last Gas (Middle west of worldmap).Protectron’s GazeThe Mechanist has this augmented laser pistol. Get it by giving him the Antagonizer’s costume. Note: this results in negative Karma.Miss LauncherThis powerful missile launcher also is 5 WG less in weight than its normal counterpart. Find it in the storage room in the lower level of Fort Independence.Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese PistolFound in the east wing of L.O.B. Enterprises in a Very Hard Locked case on a desk upstairs, the Zhu-Rong is a pistol that will ignite flammable substances.BlackhawkThe augmented Scoped .44 Magnum can be obtained from Agatha after completing both Agatha’s song and an additional Sheet Music fetch quest (in the Springvale school). You must request a reward from here in the dialog tree for this.The BurnmasterIn the very bottom of Falls Church/Mason St. Metro you will find a radiated ghoul camp; here you will find the Burnmaster, an improved Flamer.StabhappyStabhappy is an upgraded Combat Knife in the “Raid Shack”, a house of Raiders. Just head directly East from the Bethesda Ruins and you will see a fenced in house called the Raid Shack. Kill the Raiders inside and one of them carries Stabhappy!Fisto!In the MDPL-13 power station, enter the door on the right. You will be in an office and on the table in the center of the room is Fisto! the upgrade to the Power Glove. Beware of Ghouls.Fawkes Super SledgeWhen you first meet Fawkes after freeing him from the locked door, talk to him and trade equipment with him. He will already have an item called the Fawkes Super Sledge in his inventory which you can take from him.The BreakThe Break is a unique pool cue which can be found laying on top of the pool table outside of “Eulogy’s Crib” in the middle of Paradise Falls.Board Of EducationThe Board Of Education is a unique nail board located in one of the abandoned shacks in the “Clifftop Shacks” area just outside of the Oasis. It is laying next to a skeleton lying on one of the beds.Junders’ Valid PointsJunders’ Valid Points are a set of unique spiked knuckles. They can be obtained from the body of Junders Plunkett after you kill him. his hideout is located inside Arlington Cemetery and is on the top of a hill. (Note: if you have enough good karma and have the note stating he is a wanted man, his dead body will also contain his finger which can be redeemed for a nice 1000 cap reward. If you don’t have the note is can be found on the body of a dead Regulator on the steps of the nearby metro station).Butch’s ToothpickSlightly more powerful switchblade, can be gotten from Butch after the Trouble at the Home Front quest. Kill him or ask him to follow you.Vampire’s EdgeThis sword is locked in a hard locked cabinet named “sword cabinet” in Vance’s room upstairs in Meresti Station.The ShockerFound in the flooded metro, the Shocker is a more powerful power fist (24 damage if 100% repaired).Occam’s RazorOccam’s Razor is an augmented combat knife found on the CO in the very bottom of Ft. Bannister.EugeneEugene is an improved Minigun which can be given to you by your choice after completing the side quest Reilly’s Rangers. Reilly rewards you for helping them you have a choice between Eugene and armor.The StrikeIn the slaver camp of paradise falls (you may have to go there in the main quest), on a pool table outside in the main are (outside the shops Eulogy Jones’ pad and the slave cages)there will be an augmented version of the pool cue. Beware of slavers, people with good karma.Highwayman’s FriendIn Canterbury Commons, located in the far middle east part of the world map, you will find a Tire Iron called the Highwayman’s Friend. The weapon is on a shelf in the back room of Dominic and Machete’s house.Terrible ShotgunIn Evergreen Mills (NE of Girdershade) There you will discover a raider hangout including full bar and brothel. A fellow named Smiling Jack resides here and will not shoot you. Kill him for the Terrible Shotgun, a souped up Combat Shotgun.Experimental MIRVThis gun is a unique variation of The Fat Man that shoots 8 mini nukes at once. It is the most powerful weapon in the game and can be found on a table in a secret room in the armory of the National Guard Depot. There is a computer that asks for a 4 digit passcode. The passcode can only be found by piecing together the Keller Family Holotapes. It comes with 5 mini nukes.The InfiltratorThis high powered Sniper Rifle can only be found in The Pitt add-on. In the Arena, beat the final challenger and search his body for the Infiltrator.Alien Blaster?Obtained from the body of a dead alien lying a few feet away from his crashed spaceship. The alien crash site is found north of MDPL-13 Power Station and northwest of the Greener Pastures Disposal Site. It has unique ammo as well, the Alien Power Cell, which is incredibly rare. The chance of a critical strike with this gun is nearly 100%. It can be repaired with the Firelance, but degrades rapidly. Its damage is 100.Colonel Autumn’s Laser pistolThis gun is a modified, fully automatic version of the standard laser pistol with a rate of fire comparable to the Gatling laser. It has a 30 round magazine, uses minimal action points, and is repaired with the common laser pistol. The weapon does 75 damage while using the same Energy Cell ammo as a standard pistol. This version is also lighter than a standard laser pistol, with a weight of 2. This unique pistol is considered a quest item and cannot be dropped. The only way it can be removed is by using it as spare parts to repair a regular laser pistol, but this will destroy it permanently. Also, since it is a quest item, the weapon can only be repaired manually. It is located from Citadel to the Jefferson Memorial’s rotunda.MesmetronThe guard at the front entrance of Paradise Falls has it. He will give it to you if you ask him if he needs help.Colonel Autumn’s 10mm PistolThis is a unique pistol that does double the damage of the standard variety. It can be repaired using standard 10mm pistols and is obtained from Colonel Autumn’s body at 100% condition the Jefferson Memorial rotunda during the “Waters Of Life” quest.Dart GunThe first part of the schematic for the Dart Gun is at the MDPL-05 Power Station, on the northwest tip of the Capital Wasteland. Another part is obtained from Hannibal Hamlin after completing the Lincoln Memorial quest for the slaves. The last schematic is located in a locked chest at the Boutique Le Chic in Tenpenny Tower. Parts required are as follows: a toy car, surgical tubing, paint gun, and Radscorpion poison gland. The Dart Gun cripples your target’s legs and thus is very useful when used on fast melee opponents such as Deathclaws. It also poisons your target for eight seconds.ShishkebabThis is a schematic weapon built from the following: a motorcycle gas tank, motorcycle handbrake, lawnmower blade, and pilot light. One of its schematics is found with Vance, who gives one to you after the Blood Ties quest. Lucky Harith, the wandering merchant, has another. There is a final set near a workbench in a Red Brotherhood Outcast shack, to the southwest of SatCom Array NN-03d. The shack does not appear on the map, but is at the base of the hill the array is built on. Every schematic obtained increases the condition of the weapon when it is built. Its damage is 40 plus 10 fire damage over five seconds.TenderizerThis is a unique sledgehammer found at the Anchorage War Memorial, inside the storage room with the broken door. It can be repaired with sledgehammers. The Tenderizer damages enemy armor on each hit by 5 points and is the only “enchanted” weapon.Bottlecap Mine hint:This is a schematic weapon built from the following; a lunchbox, a cherry bomb, a sensor module and ten bottle caps. The schematics are obtained from Moira in Megaton, Knick-Knack in Little Lamplight, Herbert Dashwood’s sale in Tenpenny Tower, and Jocko’s Pop

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