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Xbox Cheats Title – Fairly OddParents: Breakin’ Da Rules

Secret Passage on Vicky Virus level:When you get done with the challenge stay in the hovercraft. Go straight, after turn left, after turn right, you should see a passage with crowns.Collect all the crowns and go to the end of the passage. Turn left. You should see more crowns get them keep going straight and exit. Unlock bonus movie:Find and collect four crimson chin cardsBeat Vicky in the Ultimate Challenge: After you start the challenge, dodge her fire balls then have her jump on the star. After, have her jump on the X, followed by the hand, the book, and the hat.Completing Vicky’s H.W. Level 2:Collect 5 start, then wish for a hammer. Turn right, if you are facing the ships and turn left if you are not facing the ships.

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