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Crazy Taxi: Secret Push Bike:To unlock the Secret Push Bike, press LB RB, LB RB, LB RB at the character selection screen.Crazy Taxi: Avatar Awards:Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:AVATAR AWARD – HOW TO UNLOCKAxel’s Hawaiian shirt (male) – Play Crazy Taxi for 10 hours. Vintage Crazy Taxi T-shirt (male) – Play Crazy Taxi for 5 hours.Crazy Taxi: Another Day mode:’Another Day’ will appear at the bottom-left of the screen. This mode changes a couple things in the game, including your starting point and new fare locations. Press the R button at the character selection screen, then press R a second time and hold it down while you choose your cabby.Sonic Adventure: Unlockables:Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:BONUS – HOW TO UNLOCKAmy – Talk to her in the Casino as Sonic after finishing Sky Chase.Big – Defeat Chaos 6 as Sonic.E-102 Gamma – Defeat Gamma after finishing Sky Deck as Sonic or Tails. Alternately, finish Twinkle Park as Amy and watch the FMAs after it.Knuckles – Defeat him after finishing Ice cap as Sonic or Tails.Miles Tails Prower – Finish the C mission of Emerald Coast action stage as Sonic.Play Emerald Course in chao race – Beat the rest of the four courses.Super Sonic – Succesfully complete the game as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big and E-102 Gamma. Super Sonic will be avaliable only in Adventure Mode.Sonic Adventure: Easy rings for Black Market:After obtaining the Light Shoes (and Crystal Ring to speed up the process), go to the Casino area and step on the button to make the rings appear. You can do this repeatedly for more starting rings. Note: The ring limit can exceed 999, but you cannot tell exactly how many you have. Listen for the extra life sound to keep track of them. When you are satisfied, go to Emerald Coast and complete the level without getting hit. You will be awarded with however many rings you collected at the end. Go to the Chao Garden, then the Black Market, and spend your hard earned coins.Sonic Adventure: Chao puzzle:You must have 3 controllers and the 3rd one must have a memory card for this to work. Start up the game with all 3 controllers plugged in and get into Adventure mode as any character. Now press START on the 3rd controller. Something on the memory card’s screen will come up saying “CHAO PUZZLE”. Press START again to begin. It is a 3×3 slider puzzle with a random animated Chao doing something for a picture. Use the D-Pad to select the piece you want to move and press A to move it into the open area. You can also move two pieces at once. Press B for a different puzzle. Press START again to quit. There are 15 levels and every 5 you complete there is a congratulatory message from a Chao. After you beat the 15th it will start you at level 1 again.Sonic Adventure: Clean Pause (any mode):Pause the game and hold X Y to clear the game of the pause screen.Sonic Adventure: Hidden Sonic Adventure Art:You can find some cool hidden Sonic Adventure arts made by SonicTeam themselves by putting the GD-ROM inside the computer’s CD-ROM drive. Access the folder inside it and view the .bmp pictures there.Sonic Adventure: “DX” Metal Sonic:In the “DX” expansion pack, unlock Metal Sonic by collecting 130 Emblems, then select Trial mode and choose Action Stage.Sonic Adventure: Avatar Awards:Unlock the following Avatar Awards by performing the corresponding tasks:AVATAR AWARD – HOW TO UNLOCKSonic’s Hi-Speed Shoes – Play for 10 hours. Vintage Sonic T-shirt – Play for 5 hours. Sonic Adventure: Duplicating the Black Chao Egg:-On the Egg Carrier as E-102, when you let Amy out, the cell next to her’s has an orange-spotted black egg in it. Jump on the button in front of the cell to open it, then take the egg and exit from the prison area.You will then be in the Hedgehog Hammer room. Drop the egg into the middle of the platform where there is a round grate. The egg will fall right through the floor. Return to the prison area and there will be two black eggs now in the cell. (NOTE: you can only duplicate the egg once, so take one egg and hatch it in the chao garden, then go back and clone it again!)Sonic Adventure: Free rings hint:As Tails, go to any place with grass and wack the dark green weed with your tail. If you are lucky, a ring or extra life may appear. As Knuckles and with the Silver knuckle gloves, go to a place where you can dig and in most places (especially places with plants) you can uncover up to 20 rings.Sonic Adventure: Upgrade locations:Find the following upgrades for the indicated character by searching the corresponding locations:SonicUPGRADE – LOCATIONlight speed shoes – go to station square after defeating egg hornet and go to the area previously blocked off by police go down manhole and jump up to the ledge that says “exit” to get the light speed shoescrystal ring – after getting the light speed shoes go into the hotel and up the stairs and do the spin till he sais “ready?” and then walk on the button that opens the door to the elevator and the one that does the rings (this one may take some practice)sacred light – after you beat “ice cap” continue down the cave till you come to the end and go down the hill till you get to the end it is on the flat rockTailsUPGRADE – LOCATIONjet anklets – at the twinkle park entrance there is a stream coming in from the ocean follow it into the sewer fly up the hole in the celing enter the room to the left and they will be on the benchrhythm badge – when you get to the echidna city go to the wall to the left of where you start and search up and down the wallKnucklesUPGRADE – LOCATIONshovel gloves – go to the hill where you fought the egg hornet go up the stairs to tailses house walk around it untill you see the emblemon the ledge under the ledge there is a cave go in it and to the left there will be a branch the wall will close behind you get the gloves dig by the shiny flying thing and bring the object to the monkey and put it down to get back outbattle gloves – in the aztec forest (present) fly from off the ledge to the right and climb the wall till you get to the other ledge by big’s house and on that ledge the gloves awaitAmyUPGRADE – LOCATIONwarriors feather – beat eggmans high score in “hedgehog hammer”long hammer – beat your high score in “hedghog hammer”E-103UPGRADE – LOCATIONjet booster – when robotnick tells you to go to the ammunition room in egg hornetlazer gun – after the egg hornet transforms, go to the sewage roomBigUPGRADE – LOCATIONpower rod – go to big’s house lift up bed hop inlures – they are all obvious except for the one in the cage room amy was held inLures – all of these lures are easily found, axcept for the one in the room where they held amy hostage in the egg carrier.”Crazy Taxi” achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAmazing Driver (30 points) – You have cleared 3-1 through 3-S of Crazy Box. Arcade A-license (15 points) – You have got A class license in Arcade mode. Arcade B-license (10 points) – You have got B class license in Arcade mode. Arcade C-license (5 points) – You have got C class license in Arcade mode. Arcade S-license (20 points) – You have got S class license in Arcade mode. Crazy Driver (40 points) – You have cleared Special 1 through Special Stage of Crazy Box. Original A-license (15 points) – You have got A class license in Original mode. Original B-license (10 points) – You have got B class license in Original mode. Original C-license (5 points) – You have got C class license in Original mode. Original S-license (20 points) – You have got S class license in Original mode. Skillful driver (10 points) – You have cleared 1-1 through 1-S of Crazy Box. Superb Driver (20 points) – You have cleared 2-1 through 2-S of Crazy Box.”Sega Bass Fishing” achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKLure Collector (20 points) – You got the 14th and final Lure by placing 1st in all 5 Stages of the Professional Tournament. Amateur Winner (10 points) – You won the Amateur Tournament. Challenge Winner (15 points) – You won the Challenge Tournament. A Gift Lure (10 points) – You got a new lure in ARCADE MODE. Unbelievable Size (20 points) – You caught a bass that weighs more than 20 lbs. Arcade Winner (10 points) – You cleared ARCADE MODE. Top Water King (15 points) – You caught over 50 basses in ORIGINAL MODE by using Top Water lures. Perfect Angler (30 points) – You won all the stages in the Professional Tournament. I Love Fishing (20 points) – You caught a total of 500 basses. Professional Winner (15 points) – You won the Professional Tournament. Masters Classic Winner (20 points) – You won the Masters Classic Tournament. Ranker Killer (15 points) – You caught over 30 Huge basses in ORIGINAL MODE.”Sonic Adventure” achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKMiles “Tails” Prower (10 points) – Become friends with Tails. Knuckles the Echidna (10 points) – Become friends with Knuckles. Amy Rose (10 points) – Become friends with Amy. E-102 “?” (10 points) – Become friends with E-102. Big the Cat (10 points) – Become friends with Big. Sonic the Hedgehog (10 points) – Clear the Sonic story. Super Sonic (20 points) – Clear all characters stories. The Fastest

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