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Secret Gamerpics:To unlock a Gamerpic of a demon, beat a level on Nightmare difficulty. To unlock a Gamerpic of a Doom Marine, get a 100% kill rating on a level on Hurt Me Plenty or higher difficulty.Secret room in Level 2:Go to the dark section inside the red door area and punch the wall behind the green armor at the back of the dark area to find a secret section.Run faster:While running, touch a wall to move faster. Nightmare mode:Cheat codes cannot be used in nightmare mode. It is similar to a regular game, except the monsters are stronger and harder to kill. Enemies will keep appearing non-stop on each level; you must try and get to the end before more appear.Enemy descriptions:The following is a list of enemies and their corresponding descriptions:ENEMY – DESCRIPTIONFormer Soldiers – They resemble your old friends, but now they just fire pistols at you. They drop clips for the chaingun and pistol when killed.Former Sergeants – Meaner and tougher. They carry shotguns and do more damage then soldiers. They drop shotguns when killed.Imp – This creature throws fireballs and takes more bullets to kill.Demon – Appear in most areas and can rip your head off if you are not careful. If you see more of them, use the chaingun.Cacodemon – These creatures are ugly and have one big mouth. If they see you, they will fire lightning balls from their mouth. Use your rockets.Mancubus – You have to use more then a chaingun to kill them. Use ammo with caution.Arachnotron – Fires plasma energy at you. Use your rifle.Spider Demon – The ultimate enemy. Has a super chaingun mounted on her body. Use your plasma rifle or rocket launcher. Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKNeophyte (20 points) – Beat any level.Episode One (25 points) – Beat Episode 1 on the “Hurt Me Plenty” or higher difficulty.Episode Two (25 points) – Beat Episode 2 on the “Hurt Me Plenty” or higher difficulty.Episode Three (25 points) – Beat Episode 3 on the “Hurt Me Plenty” or higher difficulty.Episode Four (25 points) – Beat Episode 4 on the “Hurt Me Plenty” or higher difficulty.Rampage (35 points) – Beat all levels on UltraViolent mode.Nightmare (10 points) – Win a Nightmare level in single player.Rookie (10 points) – Get 50 kills on Xbox Live.Destroyer (10 points) – Get 100 kills on Xbox Live.Scout (5 points) – Find a secret area of a map.Hoarder (5 points) – Find all items in level.Clean Slate (5 points) – Kill all monsters in a level on the “Hurt Me Plenty” or higher difficulty.

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