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Gamerpics:To unlock a Green T-Rex and a Red T-Rex Gamerpic, simply download the game and play it once.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAdrenaline Boost (15 points) – Beat level 1 of the T-Rex campaign.Mike’s Prot?g? (25 points) – Beat any level in a single player campaign.Speed of Sound (20 points) – Beat level 3 of the truck campaign.A New Hope (20 points) – Beat level 6 of the T-Rex campaign.Hungry Hungry Dino (15 points) – Eat 40 trucks.DestructoMatic Rex (10 points) – Destroy all buildings in a single campaign map.Extinction Event (10 points) – Win a multiplayer game.Supercharged (25 points) – Beat level 4 of the truck campaign.Tricked Out (10 points) – Beat level 6 of the truck campaign.Tough as Nails (15 points) – Beat level 5 of the T-Rex campaign.Speed of Light (20 points) – Beat level 5 of the truck campaign.Employee of the Month (15 points) – Make 40 deliveries.

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