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Cheat Codes:First, find Cheato by entering the witch’s head on Spiral Mountain. For every five Cheato pages found, one cheat will be revealed. Some cheats are also revealed by finding the hidden mystery eggs. Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes in the Mayahem Temple:CHEAT FUNCTION – CHEAT CODELevel select – CHEATOJIGGYWIGGYSPECIALInfinite health – CHEATOHONEYBACKInfinite air and health?? ?HONEYKING or CHEATOKCABYENOHInfinite eggs and feathers – CHEATONESTKINGInfinite Glowbos – GLOKINGInfinite Mega Glowbos – SUPGLOKINGDouble feather carrying capacity – CHEATOSREHTAEFDouble egg carrying capacity – CHEATOSGGEAll mini-games, Bosses, and movies in Replay mode – CHEATOPLAYITAGAINSONAll replay sub-options unlocked – CHEATOPLAYITAGAINSONNo damage when falling – CHEATOFOORPLLAFBanjo moves faster – CHEATOSUPERBANJOFaster enemies – CHEATOSUPERBADDYUnlock Music Test in Jolly Roger Bay jukebox – CHEATOXOBEKUJEggs home in on nearest target – HOMINGJiggy hints given by signs in Master Jiggywiggy’s house – CHEATOYGGIJTEGView ending sequence(must have less than 90 Jiggies) – CHEATOJIGGYSCASTLISTUnlockable Egg Bonuses:Unlock the following bonuses by collecting the corresponding amounts of secret eggs(must be same type) in Banjo-Kazooie. Then, take the eggs to Heggy’s Egg Shed in Banjo-Tooie:BONUS – EGGSBanjo-Kazoooie theme – 2 eggsHoming Eggs – 3 eggsBreegull Bash – 4 eggsMultiplayer Jinjo – 5 eggsStop ‘n’ Swop II items:Collect all six secret eggs in Banjo-Kazooie and take them Heggy’s Egg Shed in Banjo-Tooie. Wait for the eggs to hatch to unlock Stop ‘n’ Swop II. Unlock the following Stop ‘n’ Swop II items by performing the corresponding tasks:ITEM – HOW TO UNLOCKAnd The Winner is… – Get the Gold Egg from the Banjo-Kazooie game pak located at the waterfall in Spiral Mountain.Better Than A Slap – Get the Silver Egg from the Banjo-Kazooie game pak located to the right of the entrance to Jinjo Village from Spiral Mountain by using Grip Grab.Calmer Chameleon – Transform into all of Humba’s transformations.Heroic Failure – Die 40 times during the Boss Replay Challenge.Lucky Loser – Get the Bronze Egg from the Banjo-Kazooie game pak located in the damaged grate that you obatin by destroying it with a grenade egg and flying into it at Spiral Mountain.Now Who’s Boss – Beat the Boss Replay Challenge in under 15 minutes.Oh No, Not Again… – Have Heggy hatch all Stop ‘n’ Swop Eggs. Character Parade movie:To unlock the Character Parade movie in the Replay mode menu, get a 100% game completion.Jiggywiggy’s Super Special challenge:To unlock Jiggywiggy’s Super Special challenge, beat all of Jiggywiggy’s challenges.Gamerpics:To unlock a secret gamerpic, collect a secret egg in Banjo-Kazooie and take it to Heggy’s Egg Shed in Banjo-Tooie. Wait for the egg to hatch. To unlock another secret gamerpic, collect all doubloons in Jolly Roger’s Lagoon.Mystery Pink Egg hint:To find the location of the mysterious Pink Egg from?Banjo-Kazooie, go back to Spiral Mountain and find the hole located above the tree stumps where the speed shoes are located. In the hole are metal bars enclosing a Banjo-Kazooie?Game Pak. You need Grenade Eggs to destroy the metal bars. Go up to Gruntilda’s Lair to find a Flight Pad so you can fly to the hole and break open the Game Pak and aquire thePink Egg.Mystery Blue Egg hint:Go back to Spiral Mountain and use the Flight Pad to fly up to a waterfall with a hole in it. Jump all the way through the rushing current to find the Game Pak. Head to where the Game Pak is located, then do a backflip near the waterfall inside there. While hanging from a crack, slide to your right, go under the waterfall, and press?A. If done correctly, you can get up and just walk through that tunnel to find it.Ice Key hint:The Ice Key is hidden inside another Game Pak. You will need the Grip Grab move to get it. Go to Jinjo Village, behind the Green Jinjo’s House, and find the sandy spot. Find a crack in the wall. Go up on the platform near there to reach it and climb your way across to a hole. Be careful around the plants that bite you. When you reach the cave, you will see the Game Pak.Double Honeycomb trick:Run up to an opponent and, if you accidentally get hit by him, run and do a barrel roll on him. He will be propelled in the air. Jump through him while your Honeycomb count is still onscreen and he is still in the air. Your meter will go up by one Honeycomb. Then, get the Honeycomb that you receive for defeating him.Four Honeycombs hint:Once you have Dragon Kazooie, find a Beehive with red eyes and shoot it with an Ice Egg. Walk up to it and stand still, then press?B?to use your Fire Breath technique on the Beehive. This is very useful if you have little energy remaining. Infinite Fire Eggs hint:-Just get Dragon Kazooie and try to shoot Fire Eggs. You will never run out, for obvious reasons.-Enable the “Double egg carrying” code and head to “Madame Grunty’s Fortune Telling Booth” with full Fire Eggs. Keep going in until she has given you extra Fire Eggs five or six times. Then, go to the Inferno as Kazooie alone and kill your self two to three times. You should now have infinite Fire Eggs.Infinite ammunition against Lord Woo Fak Fak:Enter his locker as the sub, and use your torpedoes. Jet Force Gemini?posters:Look carefully inside Bottle’s Houses. Inside his little sister’s room and his brother’s room you’ll find pictures of the stars of?Jet Force Geminion the walls.Find Code Chamber sooner hint:Begin a single player game. In the first world,when you can use Mumbo Jumbo, control the Golden Goliath and lead him to the huge doors near the entrance of the world. Kick the doors open, then make a left in “Jade Snake Grove” and make a left into the muck. Collect the Jiggy that is there and continue to the right. You will find an area with two dart spitting enemies. Walk of the temple that they are protecting and kick the door. That is the “Code Chamber” where you can enter Cheato’s codes.Double jump hint:Banjo can jump twice when he doesn’t have Kazooie. To do this, he has to know how to swing his backpack around. Press A to jump in to the air, then press B to swing his backpack around while in the air. Immediately after this, press A again. If done correctly, Banjo will jump again in the air.Avoid being shocked on metal tubes:When climbing vertical pipes that have obstacles like electric shocks coming out of them, you can avoid these by going to either side of the pipe.Getting items without Glide hint:During the game you sometimes need to use Glide to get certain Jiggies or other prizes. Instead of having to wait until you learn Glide to get those items, use the following trick. If you have Clock Work Kazooie eggs, shoot them at just the correct angle so that they will go where desired without exploding. In Grunty Industries for example, after you shoot all the “Rare” blue barrels in the Quality Control room, the Jiggy will go behind the production line and you will need to use Glide to reach it. However, if you use a Clock Work Kazooie egg on a crate just below the platform that you stand on when you get into the room and shoot it at just the right angle, it will break on the wall? and release a Clock Work Kazooie that you can use to pick up the Jiggy.Knowing Minjos from Jinjos:Shoot the Minjo or Jinjo. If it moves, it is a Minjo. If it does not move, grab it. If you have 9/9 black Jinjos you will get a Jiggy. Randomized Jinjos:For random Jinjo colors in different locations, start a new game after already completing one. For example, if you complete a game with Banjo’s picture at the game select screen and start a new game on the picture with Kazooie’s face, all of the Jinjo colors will be randomized. For example, the white Jinjo may be relocated on top of the water pipe in Glitter Gultch Mine instead of its previous location in The Mayan Temple level.Obtain out-of-reach items:To get items like Cheato pages, Jiggys, and empty honeycombs that are out of Banjo and Kazooie’s reach, shoot a clockwork egg on whatever ledge the item is on, then collect it with the remote-controlled bomb.Longer jump with Detonator hint:When using the Detonator, walk around. When he is in the air and going back down to the ground again, jump to get an extra-long jump.Unfriendly Bottles hint:After you defeat Gruntilda and the credits roll, continue on the same file and go to Bottles’s house. The door will be closed and cannot be opened, no matter how many Grenade Eggs you throw at it. The other way to get into his house, the gate near the entrance to the Plateau (close the Master Jiggywiggy’s temple and the entrance to Mayhem Temple) will also be closed. King Jingaling, however, still likes to keep in touch but won’t reopen the gate/door to Bottles’s house. Dragon Brothers strategy:In Hailfire Peaks, make the fire dragon destroy the block to reveal a flight pad. Fly up to the volcano. When battling against the fire dragon, make sure you have plenty of Ice Eggs. Hide behind the canon while he shoots flames at you and fire an Ice Egg into the small hole in it to hurt him. He will then stick out his tongue and drive it around the arena. Simply jump to dodge it. The canon can only take three turns of firing; move on to the next one. Repeat the process until he gives up. For the ice dragon, make sure that Kazooie is a dragon so that you can get infinite Fire Eggs. Start the battle the same way as you did with the fire dragon, but shoot into the hole of the canon with fire eggs to damage him instead. He will stick out his tongue and drive it around the arena. Eventually the canon will lose power. Move on to the next one, but be very careful because his aim is extremely accurate.Note: The first dragon you fight is easier than the second, no matter which dragon it is. For instance, if you fight the ice dragon first, the fire dragon will be more difficult, and vice versa. Mingy Jongo strategy:Use invisibility feathers and keep running into him to defeat him.Boss rush strategy:Defeat all the Bosses including Hag One, or enable the CHEATOPLAYITAGAINSON code. Go to the “Replay” option, choose “Bosses”, and fight the first one, then the next. Repeat this process until all the Bosses are defeated. Note: In Boss mode your strength will be drained.Restore eggs and feathers in Caldron Keep:After you win the Tower Of Tragedy quiz, go to the gun chamber and find Dingpot. Jump inside of him and he will restore all your eggs and feathers so you will be prepared to defeat Grunty. Tooty appearance in Cloud Cuckoo Land:In the block of cheese there is a milk carton. On one of the sides there is a missing person notice of Tooty, Banjo’s sister.Getting into the Jellycastle in Cloud Cuckoo Land:Use Sack Pack to get inside the Jellycastle.Mega-Glowbo in Glitter Gulch Mine:The Mega-Glowbo can be found in Glitter Gulch Mine. Go to Mine Entry 1 and walk over the wooden plank above the yellow water, then enter the next door and jump into the water. Perform the Talon Torpedo on the rock with Kazooie’s image on it and enter that hole to find an Ice Chest. The Ice Key is located on the cliff above the sand in Jinjo Village. Inside the Ice Chest is the Mega-Glowbo, which you can give to Humba Wumba to receive a transformation that changes Kazooie into a dragon.Kazooie as a Dragon in Glitter Gulch Mine:Get the Ice Key from one of the Banjo-Kazooie game paks, then go to the waterfall caverns in Glitter Gulch Mine. Use Talon Torpedo on the rock with Kazooie on it and you will find a safe that is opened with the Ice Key and contains the Mega Glowbo. Go to Wumba’s hut in Pine Grove and you will turn Kazooie into a Dragon.Easy Cheato Page in Glitter Gulch Mine:When you first enter Glitter Gulch Mine you can see a Cheato Page on top of the wooden entryway. As you climb down the rope, you will also notice the Springy Step Shoes. These are not available for use yet and you must wait until you get to Terrydactyland. There is, however, another way to get this Cheato Page. As you climb down the rope to enter Glitter Gulch Mine, climb about half way down, place your back towards the Cheato Page, jump off towards it, then use Kazooie to help make a precise landing on top of the wooden entry way. You should then be able to retrieve the Cheato Page without ever having to use the Springy Step Shoes (obtained in Terrydactyland).Cheato page in Grunty Industries:Go to the Workers Quarters In Grunty Industries and shoot a grenade egg at the bathroom door to find the toilet from Banjo-Kazooie. Do a Bill Drill to unclog him and get a Cheato page.Train in Grunty Industries:Once you get into Guntry’s Industries, go to the right and look for the train switch. Once you open the train station, take the train inside to the building — it is the only way in. Mumbo Jumbo wallpaper in Grunty Industries:-Go to the Workers Quarters in Grunty Industries and go to the area with the bunny on it. Look on the wall to find Mumbo Jumbo wallpaper and a picture of Mumba Wumba.-Jump through the Mumba Wumba picture to find a hidden sign.Bathroom conversations in Grunty Industries:Use the Split-Up Pad near the main entrance and head to the workers corridors. Destroy the camera to remain safe and walk up to the female bathroom. A worker rabbit will ask you to get her out because the door is jammed, but there is no way to help the poor rabbit because the door cannot be opened. Note: The comments made by the female rabbit get slightly crude if you continue to listen to her. Also, you can only talk to the female worker rabbit if you go there as Kazooie (not Banjo alone, or Banjo-Kazooie together).Transport Holes in Mumbo’s and Wumba’s Huts in Hailfire Peaks:In Hailfire Peaks you can find transport holes in a breakable wall in Mumbo’s hut and an invisible passage through Wumba’s blue cloth hanging on the wall. The two passages lead to each other. Note: There is also a secret passage in Mumbo’s hut in Jolly Roger’s Lagoon.Reaching Chilly Billy in Hailfire Peaks:As soon as you get in the fire side of Hailfire Peaks, look to the left to find a big square stone. On top of it is a big crack. Make sure you are on top of it and that Chilly Billy is mad and is throwing fireballs at you to make him blow up the big square stone, revealing a flight pad. Go on it and fly to the mountain. Go on the platform there while making sure you have some Ice Eggs. Then enter the door in front of you.Jinjo doll in Hailfire Peaks:Go to the icy side of Hailfire Peaks and get Mumbo, then warp to the lower icy side. Go in front of Wumba’s Wigwam to see a path to your right. Walk up that path, but be careful since it is slippery. Break the ice cube with the Mumbo pad in it and use Mumbo’s magic to revive the alien father. He will ask you to find his children. Go back to play as Banjo, warp to the lower icy side, and climb down the “hill” you are on. At the bottom, turn right. Go through the hole you’ll see in the wall. Grip-grab The ledge and go across. Then, at the end of the ledge, drop down. There will be an ice block there. Break it with Bill Drill. An alien child will jump out and will be holding a Jinjo doll.Jiggy into Grunty Industries in Hailfire Peaks:Go inside Wumba’s Wigwam where you will turn into a snowball, then go on a Warp Pad to the upper area of the fire side. Go left and up a ramp a little farther ahead on the right. Next, go down the ramp on the ice side until you get to a building’s roof. Go on a button that you can step on and watch a Jiggy go into Grunty Industries.Jiggy in Hailfire Peaks:Turn yourself into Banjo only, then go to any Warp Pad and go to the upper area of the fire side. Go left until you run into a body of hot water, then hold Z and press C-Down (for Nintendo 64). Jump into the water and get the fish, then take a Warp Pad to the upper area of the ice side. Go directly to the pad, turn right, go down the ramp, climb up the first stairs, and go into igloo. Finally, feed Boggy the fish to get a Jiggy.Giant Banjo in Hailfire Peaks:Enable the “Unlimited health” code, then go to Hailfire Peaks and turn into a snowball at Wumbas. Go out, grow a little, and burn yourself on the fire outside her house. Go back in and wait until you grow to full size, then jump back into the pool and Banjo will be big.Go behind the temple in Jiggywiggy’s Temple:Go to Jiggywiggy’s Temple and walk behind him, then go through the carpet on the wall behind him and you will be behind the temple. There is nothing special there — just three signs.No time limit Jiggywiggy’s Temple:Fail a puzzle three times. Every time you fail, he will point out that he is disappointed with you and ask you to redeem yourself. Answer “Yes”. After the third time you fail, answer “Yes” and allow the game to set it up again. Before you start he will say “You have failed many times…do you want me to aid you by taking away the time limit?”. Answer “Yes”.Treble Clef in Jinjo Village:Find a hidden Treble Clef on top of the red Jinjo house.Make the pirate Black Eye fall out of his chair in Jolly Roger Lagoon:Press B two or three times and he will say “One more push of that button and I will run ye through” before falling out of his chair and giving you two doubloons.Pictures in Jolly Roger Lagoon:In the back room where Captain Blackeye is located you can find a picture of Shark Island with a hole in it and a picture with a Pink Egg.Grunty’s sister in Jolly Roger Lagoon:Go to Pawno’s Emporium in Jolly Roger Lagoon to find a box with a B-K on it. Behind that is Grunty’s sister.Pigs in Jolly Roger Lagoon:-Look closely at the pig with two arms in Jolly Roger Lagoon to notice that he drops his tube and his underwear will be showing. If you go in the Temple Of Fishes you’ll find another pig and his name is Chris P. Bacon (crispy bacon).-On the fire side, if you take the snowball from the icy side, you can cool down the hot water at the very beginning and give it to the pigs in Jolly Roger Lagoon.Hidden doubloons and empty honeycomb in Jolly Roger Lagoon:In Jolly Rogers Lagoon you can find doubloons under rocks. On the ground where the monument is (or split up pads if you already blew it up), there are larger rocks than normal. Do a Bill Drill on them to find hidden doubloons and shock spring pads. On the shock spring pad in front of Jolly Roger’s store, spring up onto the roof and use your Talon Trot (where Tooie walks up steep slopes) to walk up the roof. Then, go onto the chimney to find a second spring pad and spring up to the groove in the mountain, shimmy across until you get to a pipe, then drop down on the pipe to find an empty honeycomb you can later trade for extra health. It may require a few attempts to get to the empty honeycomb.Get to Smuggler’s Cavern in Jolly Roger Lagoon:When you enter the Inn, turn to your left to find a window. Look in first person view through the window, then shoot a grenade egg at the barrel that is marked gun powder. A door will blast open. Go into the door at the side of Jolly’s Inn to find a hole in the ground that leads to Smuggler’s Cavern.Dancing Jolly in Jolly Roger Lagoon:Save Jolly’s partner and fix the jukebox, then play any song and eventually he will begin dancing.Silver egg in Mayhem Temple:Enter the treasure chamber where a person is worrying about a gold statue. Go to where the crazy honeycomb hive with red eyes chases you to find a red spot in the wall. Approach the red spot to see a narrow path. After you walk down this path you will end up in a chamber with a silver egg. Note: This is one of Terry’s eggs.Easier flight pad in Mayhem Temple:Do the Golden Goliath spell and kick the rock by the first dart-shooting stone. The flight pad will be then be open before Grenade Eggs or Bill Drill.Jiggy in Mayhem Temple:To get the Jiggy from the snake in Mayhem Temple, climb up the temple near Wamba’s Wigwam. There is a sleeping snake guarding a Jiggy. There are areas in the bottom right corner that you can step on without waking up the snake. Then, tiptoe over to the snake and grab the Jiggy.Easier Code Temple entry in Mayhem Temple:In Mayhem Temple, summon the Golden Goliath with Mumbo and use him to go outside the Code Temple. Stand directly in front of the door and press B to kick the cracked door (or vent) and break it, revealing the entrance to the temple. This gains you faster entry to the temple, rather than playing until you get grenade eggs in WitchyWorld.More bubbles (air underwater) in Spiral Mountain:Go back to Spiral Mountain after getting the Beak drill maneuver, then go to the rock that is near one of the path’s around Spiral Mountain. Perform the Beak Drill on the rock to find a fish inside of it. Pick up the fish by walking over it and then jump in the water.Get past electric fence in Witchy World:-First, turn just into Kazooie and go to the jump pad with Kazooie’s foot print behind the closed ticket booth (near the mother bear that is looking for her children). Jump on it but head towards the fence and go around the ticket booth. When you reach the full point of the jump, have Kazooie flap his wings and go towards the fence. This may take a few tries but it will eventually work. You must go to one of the posts. Note: This will not work when Banjo has Kazooie on his back.-You do not have to use Kazooie to get past the fence. Simply shoot a grenade egg at the center fence and it will blast off.Hitting the bell in Witchy World:Go to the Cactus of Strength and hit the bell with the following attacks; “The Bill Drill” , “The Beak Buster” (learned in Banjo-Kazooie) and “The Grenade Eggs” (only use one).Mr. Pants! easter egg:In Hailfire Peaks, go to Boggy’s igloo and check out what he’s watching. Hint: pants.Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKKnocked Out Klungo (20 points) – He’s out for revenge; not once, not twice, but three times. You need to beat him once.Treasure Hunt (20 points) – You’ll probably end up with many more, but to achieve this you need just one of each.All Beaten Up (20 points) – Kill any 20 bad guys with any of these attacks – Mumbo’s wand, your Pants Attack or the Daddy T-Rex.A Merry Old Soul (20 points) – You’ll find Old King Coal in Chuffy’s boiler and he’s a bit on the grubby side. Scrub him out!Hatch the Future (20 points) – Separate our heroes for the first time, or hatch a Banjo-Kazooie Stop ‘N’ Swop Egg with Heggy.Calamari Bonanza (20 points) – Don’t be suckered! You’ll have to freeze every single octopi.It Lives! (15 points) – Miracles do happen! Bring Sabreman back to life.After The Storm (10 points) – Ahhhh, a pretty rainbow. You did that, you old softy!My Nemesis (10 points) – Do it properly this time! Get rid of Grunty and save us from her rhymes. Off with her head!Points Make Prizes (15 points) – Balloons of any color will do, get 60 points worth or more and you’re a winner? sort of.They think it’s all over… (15 points) – Win a Colosseum Kickball final. The worst scorers rule at this game, so you should be good at it!Shoot Em Up! (15 points) – It’s great fun exploding these little lovelies! Any 20 Ulcers, Clinkers or Mines will earn this.

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