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Contra: 30 lives:To get 30 lives, at the title screen press UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A.Contra: “Tunnel Runner” achievement hint:Reach the final station before the end and wait for time to expire. You will die and the clock will reset, letting you easily make the time requirement.Rush ‘n Attack: Alternate sound effects:To unlock alternate sound effects, at the main menu, press UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, ATrack and Field: Bonus points:Unlock 1,000 bonus points in the following events by performing the corresponding tasks:EVENT – TASKEvent #1: 100 Meter Dash – Cross the finish line at the same exact time the other player (or CPU) does. A leprechaun awards you both 1,000 points. Event #2: Long Jump – Accomplish three identical jumps. A leprechaun awards you 1,000 points. Event #3: Javelin Throw – Get good speed and just before the foul line throw the javelin but do not release the throw button. The javelin goes up and off screen, hits an alien and awards you 1,000 points. Event #4: 110 Meter Hurdles – Cross the finish line at the same exact time the other player (or computer) does. A leprechaun awards you 1,000 points. Event #5: Hammer Throw – Unknown. Event #6: High Jump – Hit the bar twice (foul) on the first two attempts, then jump the bar properly until you qualify. A mole will award you 1,000 points.”Contra” achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKArmory (10 points) – Collect all different weapon power-ups.Team Work (10 points) – Score 100,000 points in an Xbox Live Co-op game.Untouchable (10 points) – Get to the first tunnel without losing a life.Tunnel runner 1 (10 points) – Beat the first timed tunnel with 33 seconds or more left.Infiltration (15 points) – Destroy the alien tower at the end of the water level.Tunnel runner 2 (15 points) – Beat the second timed tunnel with 55 seconds or more left.Well Equipped (15 points) – Collect three different weapons in the second tunnel.Tough Guy (20 points) – Get to the second tunnel without obtaining a single weapon upgrade.Proficient (20 points) – Beat the second tunnel with a score of 100,000 or more in Arcade mode.Partnership (20 points) – Beat the game in Xbox Live Co-op mode.Bulletproof (25 points) – Beat the game in Arcade mode using only 1 credit.Full Assault (30 points) – Beat the game in under twelve minutes.”Rush ‘n Attack” achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKBravery (15 points) – Use only your knife to beat the Harbor Level.Fair Fight (10 points) – Reach the mortar without defeating any unarmed soldier in Missile Base.Good Start (10 points) – Beat the Missile Base.Knife Master (20 points) – Beat all levels using only your knife and no powerups.Mad Marine (30 points) – Rescue the POWs twice.Not Bad (10 points) – Get a score of 50,000 or more.Reflexes (15 points) – Beat the Missile Base without dying.Stamina (15 points) – Beat the Bridge Level.Stealth (15 points) – Beat Missile Base, deafting less than 18 enemies.Teamwork (20 points) – Score 200,000 or more playing an Xbox Live co-op match.True Marine (20 points) – Rescue the POWs in less than 10 minutes.Victory (20 points) – Beat the Enemy Prison Camp. “Track and Field” achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKGood Form (10 points) – Complete a legal jump in the Long Jump event with an elevation of exactly 45 degrees.Consistent Throwing (10 points) – Complete three consecutive throws over 65 meters in the Javelin Throw event.Super Sprinter (10 points) – Complete the 100 Meter Dash in less than 10 seconds.Fast Track (15 points) – Beat your opponent by more than a second in the 110 Meter Hurdles event.Legendary Leaper (15 points) – Jump longer than 9 meters in the Long Jump event.Big Thrower (15 points) – Throw the javelin further than 80 meters.Speedy Jumper (15 points) – Complete the 110 Meter Hurdles event in less than 12 seconds.Bird Catcher (15 points) – Spear a bird.1st Place (20 points) – Complete the first 6 events and be in 1st place.Hercules (20 points) – Hurl the hammer further than 90.00 meters.Human Spring (25 points) – Clear a 2.38 meter jump in the High Jump event.Perfection (30 points) – Qualify on every individual attempt in the first 6 events.

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