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Unlockable Characters:Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:CHARACTER – HOW TO UNLOCK4 Color Meat Boy – Collect 80 bandages. 4Bit Meat Boy – Collect 60 bandages. 8Bit Meat Boy – Collect 40 bandages. Alien Hominid – Collect 30 bandages. Commander Video (Bit Trip) – Complete the Warp Zone in World 1. Flywrench – Complete The Fly Guy! Warp Zone in World 4-18. Gish – Collect 10 bandages. Jill (Mighty Jill Off) – Complete the Warp Zone in World 2. Meat Ninja – Have 100% game completion. Note – Leaderboards will be disabled while playing as this character. Ninja (N ) – Collect 100 bandages. Ogmo (Jumper) – Complete The Jump Man! Warp Zone in World 3-16. Pink Knight (Castle Crashers) – Collect 90 bandages. Spelunky – Collect 70 bandages. The Kid (I Wanna Be the Guy) – Complete The Guy! Warp Zone in World 5-7. Tim (Braid) – Collect 50 bandages. Play as Brownie:To play as Brownie, defeat the Boss at the end of the Salt Factory. Then, press RB(3), B(3), X at the character selection screen. Select any character except Gish or Alien Hominid. Glitch levels:Defeat the Boss of any chapter. Replay the levels in that chapter to randomly encounter a glitched version of Bandage Girl. Reach her to unlock a new Glitch level in that chapter.Teh Internets:
Note: This requires an active connection to Xbox Live and a Gold
membership. Collect 20 bandages in the main game. A message will state
that you have unlocked “Teh Internets”. Go to the chapter selection
screen and select that option at the far-left to access Team Meat and
new levels.Tofu Boy:Select a level and type “petaphile” at the character selection screen. Select Meat Boy and you will start playing as Tofu Boy. Note: This code does not work on Glitch levels, Boss levels, or Warp Zones. Tofu Boy is a joke character in response to PETA’s parody of Super Meat Boy, Super Tofu Boy. Tofu Boy is weaker than Meat Boy. He moves slower, does n ot jump as high, and has less distance from jumping off a wall. To stop playing as Tofu Boy, pause game play and select another character.Brownie gamerpic:
To unlock the Brownie gamerpic, defeat Brownie in a race.Avatar Awards:Unlock the following avatar awards by performing the corresponding tasks:AVATAR AWARD – HOW TO UNLOCKSuper Meat Boy (male and female) – Complete the Light World. Super Meat Boy T-shirt (male and female) – Play the game for a few minutes.?
Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKNostalgia (15 points) – Find and unlock a warp zone. Living in the Past (20 points) – Find and complete 5 warp zones. The Commander (10 points) – Find and unlock Commander Video. Tin Boy (5 points) – Complete 10 levels consecutively without dying. Iron Boy! (10 points) – Complete a full chapter without dying. Sticky fingers (5 points) – Collect 10 bandages. Business Time (10 points) – Collect 50 bandages. The End (65 points) – Complete the main game. The Real End (20 points) – Complete the Dark World. I’m A Golden God! (20 points) – Get a 100% game completion.Suffragette (10 points) – You’ve beaten the Cotten Alley all by yourself!The Kid (10 points) – You unlocked The Kid.

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