Wednesday | July 29, 2015

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Black Ops 2 Preview-
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Call of Duty: Blacks Ops 2 Review

If the insane numbers of hours gamers collectively sunk into the original Black Ops are an indication of anything it’s that the game series...
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PES 13 Review

Since it’s undoubtedly going to be an issue anyway, I’ll just start off by saying that yes, PES 13 is comparable to the upcoming...
DmC Devil May Cry
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DmC: Devil May Cry Review

While some devout gamers are perturbed by the upcoming addition to the Devil May Cry series, others are absolutely ecstatic.  DmC isn’t necessarily a...
Tomb Raider 2013
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Tomb Raider 2013 Review

We’re just about due for another Tomb Raider game aren’t we?  The upcoming Tomb Raider title (currently slated for a 2013 release) is actually...
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The Sims 3: Pets Review

If you’re an animal lover and a fan of the Sims games you have reason to rejoice.  The Sims 3: Pets is everything gamers...