Kalypso Digital Announces Dollar Dash

Kalypso Digital Announces Dollar Dash

A First-of-Its-Kind, Dollar Dash Promises Thrilling Competitive Multiplayer For Digital Platforms

Leicester, UK – August 17, 2012 – Acclaimed video game publisher Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. today announced that Dollar Dash will arrive in North America later this year for PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade , and Windows PC.

Dollar Dash is a frenetic, multiplayer digital game that has players in the role of a cartoon thief who must make use of extravagant weapons to grab bags of cash and deposit it in a getaway vehicle before it disappears. Developed by Candygun Games, Dollar Dash offers a huge amount of customization and personalization as players attack, defend, and outrun their fellow thieves with comedic tactics to achieve victory.

“Kalypso is committed to publishing great digital games and we are confident that Dollar Dash brings forth a vibrant world that will have players shouting with joy as they battle opponents with exotic weapons,” said Jonathan Hales, Managing Director, Kalypso Media Digital Ltd.

Dollar Dash will launch with drop-in and drop-out online and offline multiplayer for up to two to four players, three laugh-out-loud game modes, 18 colorful and unique maps, and a host of trophies, crazy weapon upgrades, and customization items.

For more information on Dollar Dash, visit: http://www.dollardashgame.com.

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