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Achievements:ACHIEVEMENT – HOW TO UNLOCKAdam (1 points) – Create a male character.Berserk (1 points) – Hit the scoreboard in archeryDo as you like (1 points) – Create a Custom Competition.Early bird (1 points) – Make a false start in single player.Eve (1 points) – Create a female character.Sleepy head (1 points) – Get a timeout in single player.Staggering (1 points) – Knock over five hurdles in a 110m Hurdles race in single player.Team player (1 points) – In a cycling team pursuit race in single player, switch the leading rider four times.Flight artist (3 points) – Perform a perfect flight at diving in single player.Greyhound (3 points) – Run in someone’s slipstream for a minute in a middle distance race in single player.Golden grip (3 points) – Perform a perfect grab in swimming in single player.Splash-proof (3 points) – Perform a perfect entry at diving in single player.Turning point (3 points) – Perform a perfect turn in swimming in single player.Pole position (3 points) – Perform a perfect run-up in Pole Vault in single player.Ready for take-off (3 points) – Perform a perfect take-off at Pole Vault in single player.High flyer (5 points) – Perform a perfect start off the diving platform in single player.Grasshopper (5 points) – Jump over all hurdles in a 110m Hurdles race in single player.All good things come in threes (6 points) – Perform three perfect jumps in a triple jump in single player.Hot stepper (10 points) – In High Jump, run up with only perfect steps in single player.Great timing (10 points) – Throw with great timing in all throwing events in single player.Eagle eye (15 points) – Get 30 points in one round of archery in single player.Artemis (15 points) – Win a gold medal in both archery events in single player.Athene (20 points) – Win a gold medal in all throwing events in single player.Aiolos (20 points) – Win a gold medal in all cycling events in single player.Poseidon (25 points) – Win a gold medal in all swimming events in single player.Hermes (40 points) – Win a gold medal in all running events in single player.Bronze age (40 points) – Collect 40 bronze medals in single player.Silver mine (50 points) – Collect 35 silver medals in single player.Halfway there (40 points) – Train three skills to 50 percent.Almost there (50 points) – Train two skills to 75 percent.Over the finish line (60 points) – Max out a skill.Gold rush (70 points) – Collect 30 gold medals in single player.Do it yourself (90 points) – Win the career.Zeus (100 points) – Win a gold medal in all events in single player.Sharpshooter (100 points) – Get 90 points in three rounds of archery in single player.All-rounder (100 points) – Maximize all of your skills.Highest, fastest, farthest (100 points) – Win all Competitions.

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